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Introducing Finscanner

Review of P2PB2B —Make Things Hap2pen

by Eugene Bazhan

4 min read

Want to exchange crypto, participate in earning deposit programs, list a token, or conduct an IEO, then P2PB2B might be a great option to consider!

Today, Finscanner will review this trading and IEO platform with a selection of over 200 different cryptocurrencies and a range of services for both users and startups. Our P2PB2B analysis covers everything you need to know about their open solutions and services, containing the latest information.

  • P2PB2B is an Estonian-based crypto exchange founded in 2018. It has basic features and tools for trading, earning deposit programs, regular gamification events like airdrop, trading competitions, referral program games. It also offers Crypto Startup Partner initiative to help their clients develop their community, support liquidity, create growth strategies.
  • The platform provides 200+ currencies paired with BTC, ETH, USD, USDT, etc. It also offers its own PACT native token designed to increase profit, save funds on commissions and get exclusive airdrops.
  • The claimed distinguishing feature of P2PB2B is support for processing speed of up to 10,000 trades every second and 1,000,000 TCP connections.


  • High trading volumes & good liquidity
  • Sound security infrastructure
  • Simplified user interface
  • Opportunity to reduce trading fees
  • High-interest rates via the Locked Earning option
  • Additional activities to promote projects or participate in airdrops and competitions


  • Lack of info about the team
  • Lack of up-to-date trade instruments
  • Low-interest rates via Flexible Earning option
  • High withdrawal fees on some assets, including BTC

NOTE: The above-mentioned pros and cons are drawn up by the Finscanner team's point of view, while other P2PB2B reviews may say otherwise.


P2PB2B operators include the company DIGITAL ONE SOFTWARE LIMITED, other parties that run P2PB2B, including but not limited to legal persons, unincorporated organizations, and teams that provide P2PB2B services. In part of providing services, P2PB2B is managed exclusively by the company UniFinance LLC, company number 292LLC2020, registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in accordance with its Terms of Services.

  • Exchange type: Centralized
  • Area of activity: Providing a virtual currency service
  • Products & Services: Trade, Earning, PACT Staking, Referral Games, Launchpad, IDO
  • Verification: Yes
  • Native Token: Yes
  • Fees: Trading fee - 0,2% (without PACT); Deposit fee-free; BTC Withdrawal fee - 0.0015 BTC. Find detailed fee information here.
  • Security: WAF, 2FA, Cold-Storage
  • Restricted countries: Trading activities may be restricted in part or in full for the citizens of the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Japan, People's Republic of China


The trading interface is pretty simple and standard. Therefore, even a beginner can easily understand how it all works. Perhaps, one of the main limitations of P2PB2B is the lack of futures/margin trading and any advanced set of tools. This might be good for the average user, but it can be a huge disadvantage for professional/advanced traders.


There are 3 options to consider: Locked Earning, Flexible Earning, Earning Pool. The annual interest rates for the locked earning are the highest, and you can choose either a 7, 14, 30, or 90-day duration; the only downside is that there are only 3 tokens available for locked earning. However, the flexible earning and earning pool options have a much larger variety of tokens available.

PACT Staking

PACT is the governance token of the P2PB2B exchange. The more the user stake PACT, the higher APY and earning bonuses he/she gets. All interest is rewarded in the form of PACT as well. The minimum amount necessary for staking is 100 PACT, and the current interest rate ranges from 16% - 40%. There is also an additional interest on Add Funds Earning Programs that will be on top of the interest.

  • The staking period is 180 days.
  • Interest is credited to the main account every 7 days.
  • If the referral joins PACT Community and participates in PACT Staking, the referrer will receive 10% from the referral's staking balance.
  • Bonus PACT will be credited to the PACT account in LOCKED status.
  • P2PB2B exchange rewards newcomers with 30 free PACT tokens.

Referral Program

The P2PB2B referral program is topped off by Referral Games. Users who recommend a certain platform to their friends are paid a certain amount of points for their activities. The points are later calculated and converted into coins according to the total prize pool. Every season, the type of coin for reward is changed.

Points are credited for the following actions of the user:

  • 100 points after an invited referral registers on the exchange and passes KYC;
  • 20 points for each project coins add funds;
  • 10 points for each add funds according to the rules of the game.

Points are credited for the following actions of the referrals:

  • 10 points for each project coins add funds;
  • 5 points for each add funds of currencies according to the rules of this game.

Currently, there are no active referral games.


The launchpad program provides users with an opportunity to invest in early startup cryptocurrency companies/projects.

For startups, P2PB2B offers the following services to help them grow and develop:

  • Setting up and developing the project's social media platforms.
  • Integrating and adding the project on the P2PB2B platform.
  • Launching the project through initial fundraising.
  • Holding internal promotions, promotions for the external crypto community, an AMA session, and performing an analysis of the overall performance.


The main criteria for determining the overall assessment are the pricing of the services, onboarding difficulty, support quality (customer service), and service popularity. In terms of the vast amount of reviews provided by Finscanner's partner TrustPilot, the overall customer experience in working with P2PB2B is the above-average score.

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Being a relatively young crypto exchange, it has already managed to establish itself in space. However, to stay competitive it needs advanced trading features and more transparency. For now, the noteworthy advantages of P2PB2B are ease of use and earning/staking opportunities.

Expert Review of P2PB2B

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“I believe P2PB2B has all potential to become a much stronger exchange. However, at the moment, the lack of information about the team can drive the potential users away from the platform. Besides, the niche of crypto exchanges is quite well developed, and in order to stand out from competitors, it is necessary to focus not only on the basic set of features but also on unique optionality. Thus, some users who may be looking for wider functions and advanced trading tools will probably be more satisfied with other platforms.

Anyways, P2PB2B is not a small-time player and users can surely rely on its trading performance and multicurrency variety. Many entry-level traders will safely find its interface very simple to use. Once again, there is room for improvement and the platform can surpass some of its major competitors.“

Are you ready to start using P2PB2B?

All you need to do is to go to the Finscanner marketplace, search for the P2PB2B profile, and hit the "Apply" button. Next, you need to set up your account and pass KYC verification. To list coin/token, the applier has to submit a request on the listing page. To launch an IEO, the applier has to submit a request on the IEO page. The P2PB2B team will respond within 24 hours.

If you still have any questions left, feel free to contact us directly today!

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