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About Yolt

Yolt is a financial service that helps to manage the money of its customers in one App easily and safely. Yolt was launched in the Netherlands in 2016. Yolt enables users to bring all their accounts together into one mobile App. Yolt can collate current accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards of different banks and card companies to see account balances. Yolt also can analyse the data from spending and advice better deals on credit and financial services. Yolt offers prepaid debit cards to top up Yolt account with funds and use the card to make purchases.


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Trustpilot reviews


Oct 24, 2021


You invest time in a company and the they pull the plug.


Oct 16, 2021

Been blocked out of my account for 4…

Been blocked out of my account for 4 days when there’s money that I need in there, all I’ve done on the app is use it for what it’s for to save and transfer money and now my money is gone when I’ve got bills to pay. As soon as I get the money I will never use yolt again.


Oct 14, 2021

Money now missing?!

After seeing the news about Yolt closing. I followed the advise and transferred the remaining balance of my Yolt account into my current account (which was linked to my Yolt account.) The money left my Yolt account but hasn’t arrived into my current account and it’s been over a week. I contacted Yolt online, they told me to phone their 0800 helpline number, which rings and then says ‘Sorry it’s not possible to connect your call, please try again later.’ I’m concerned my money has been lost?!


Oct 1, 2021

Absolutely horrendous experience

Absolutely horrendous experience. Yolt randomly blocked my account with no explanation. Once you open your account they require so many documents and now I’m trying to retrieve my money, they’ve made the process harder. Customer service are atrocious, almost like robots. They don’t even take the time to listen to customers, they almost read through a script. Honestly I bank with good banks and I’ve never experienced a bank just blocking your account like that and trying to steal money. Till this day I haven’t got my hands on MY money. I need a explanation! Send me my money. If this has happened to you, ask them for a Subject Access Request. This allows you to see all the information they have on record about you. Read the reviews, we are being real! This is not a joke, stay well away.


Sep 18, 2021


Terrible, wouldn’t recommend to anyone. They will block your account for no reason. I made a few transactions to pay for my birthday plans as it is on Tuesday and they blocked my yolt account. I have rent to pay for in 2 days and now I’m uncertain if it will be solved by then. DO NOT trust this company they are money grabbers! They will make your life a living hell.


Sep 18, 2021

They have blocked my account for…

They have blocked my account for literally no reason at all. All my money is being held and I've literally no way of accessing anything with two young kids. I'm having to go to a food bank this weekend which is humiliating as they said it can be 10 days for this to be dealt with and in that time there is no way I can get anything from my account. My wages are due to be paid on Monday and this has caused me unbelievable distress especially when this has happened for no reason at all. I seriously wouldn't recommend at all as they leave you destitute with no explanation it's vile.


Sep 16, 2021

Absolutely AWFUL

Absolutely AWFUL. They blocked my account because I tried to make an online payment, erm isn’t that the whole point to track your spending. It’s rubbish, I contacted them and all they said was they were sorry and that it’s under review!! Like what on earth! I’m FUMING because I have an upcoming payment being transferred into my yolt account and now I have to chase it up because they’ve decided to block my account for NO REASON. I have funds in that account that I want back ASAP. Don’t bother with this your better off budgeting yourself, it’s a joke of an app, will leave you blocked for no reason and at any time, with no access to any of your funds. Don’t bother wasting your time.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Yolt Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Yolt provides the following services: API integration, Card providers, Debit cards, Mass Payouts, P2P, Prepaid cards, Savings Account, SEPA Transactions, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance, Wealth Management.

At the moment, Yolt rating on Finscanner is 4 and on Trustpilot is 3.1.