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About Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple is a Canadian financial service established in 2014 that offers simple tools to help its customers in wealth management. The service is good for both experienced investors and for newcomers in investments. Wealthsimple provides smart, simple investing, without the high fees and account minimums associated with traditional investment management. Wealthsimple helps to invest in a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds, and their cutting-edge technology assists to earn the best possible return while optimizing investors' tax bills. Investing is just one part of Wealthsimple's financial services. High-interest savings. Commission-free trading.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 10, 2022

Thief in Legal ways

They didn't allow my friend to access on his account, Maybe a month now. After a week they freeze the account, my friend received an email about some transactions that he never did, because he can't accessed on his wealthsimple account, he also have money in his account. Then now, they terminating him on wealthsimple and asking my friend to pay for the transactions that he never did. Is there a chance from IIROC to look into this if he make a complaint? Thanks


May 9, 2022

Not the least.

I know they are not the best, but at least I can say that my profits here are not the least.


May 4, 2022

Definitely not recommended

Wealthsimple Trade is a terrible service which is why they're offering "free trades". If you deposit/withdrawl it locks your funds for days before you can access them. Expensive currency exchange, delayed data, no after hours trading... It's basically trading with a handicap. Go with TradeZero or Interactive Brokers instead...


Apr 19, 2022

It is a dishonest practice to keep…

It is a dishonest practice to keep people losing their money. Get a refund today with.Adroitnesşs tand.


Apr 10, 2022

impossible d'envoyer une déclaration

impossible d'envoyer une déclaration document en pdf ne fonctionne pas il écrive gratuit ou donner selon nos moyebs mais nous bloque !


Apr 6, 2022

Easy to use, great customer service

I’m surprised by the comments. Customer service is super friendly and rapid. Especially Compared to my traditional bank which I can be on hold for a long long time! You can even set a call back. I am new in trading and I find this app very easy to use. I do not have premium for now and love it so far. Since I use the free version I can practice buying stocks with very low amounts since it is free for most transactions. I don’t think any other trading app offers the choice to trade without any fees! There is a lot of fraud out there with trading, so this is a safe plateforme. I also downloaded their cash application card. It gives you cash back of 1% not on your balance but for every purchase you do with it. Which is better then nothing…. traditional bank accounts don’t do this!


Mar 26, 2022

Poor service.

Had to use the chat application and talk to 3 people to get my account unfrozen when they thought there was suspicious online activity( there wasn’t). I could not access my own money for 2 weeks. They would not give me a straight answer. I moved all my money to Questrade as soon as I could access it.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Wealthsimple Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Wealthsimple provides the following services: Savings Account, Tax Advisory, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance, Wealth Management.

At the moment, Wealthsimple rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 2.9.