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Wave Financial

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About Wave Financial

Wave Financial is a financial service that was launched in 2009 in the USA and Canada. Wave Financial is focused on small businesses and entrepreneurs. It aims to be the simplest, all-in-one financial management solution for small business owners can’t live without. Wave Financial provides different financial services to its clients: bank accounts, omline payments, ACH, free accounting softwear, invoicing softwear, and mobile invoicing.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 9, 2022


I started using Waveapps in April to utilize their invoicing feature aswell as accepting payments. I used their software to send one invoice, and once the cusomter paid, the money was depositied in my account. A couple of weeks later, I sent out another invoice using their site, however this time, Waveapps canceled my invoice, returned the funds to my customer AND THEN, I received an email from Emma from the risk team stating that she cancelled the payment and refunded my customer. I was not given any notice regarding this, once it was done, they emailed me. I have tried asking them why my payment was cancelled and why I cannot use their invoicing system anymore. This company has terrible service and an even worst customer service team. I DO NOT EVER RECOMMEND.. IF YOU LIVE IN THE US, USE SOMEONE LOCAL.


May 6, 2022

This once used to be good now useless

This once used to be good but then they took away the bank reconciliation and then in a really crazy move they removed customer support. It's now useless and I've migrated to Coconut.


May 5, 2022

I had been using waves apps for almost…

I had been using waves apps for almost a year and for the most part everything was great up to this last week where I picked up the biggest side job I've ever done my customer deposited $11,500 on Friday money was supposed to be made available on Monday I received the email on Tuesday advising me that they need further documentation for me as in a estimate contact information for the person I was providing the service for and so on which I did I then received an email on Wednesday and letting me know that I can no longer use credit cards on my wave app account now I'm potentially going to lose this job and the 29 others I was supposed to receive from the same building don't waste your time there customer service is non-existent they're horrible at communicating and just plain out rude. If the option was to give them no stars I would


Apr 20, 2022

For the love of god, do not use this provider.

You'd be better off collecting cash payments for your online business as with wave you may never see your funds again. Their support is completely unhelpful and blames everything on their 'risk' team, giving no visibility into the issue. Almost certain that this business is a scam and I urge anyone reading this to explore any and all other options for online payment solutions before working with Wave.


Mar 31, 2022

Automatic payments / scam to holds money for 2+ months

Wave turns on "automatic payment" option as a scam to collect money and hold on to it for 2+ months. When a customer paid my invoice through Wave I did not receive the funds. They made no attempt to contact me. When I reached out to them via chat they sent me the following statement: "We're reaching out to let you know we have reviewed your account, and unfortunately are unable to continue providing payment processing services for your business." With no further explanation. I am a US based Sol Proprietor with over 10 years in operation. Their email continues: "Bank payments will be held for 65 days. If it has not returned in that amount of time it will be refunded back to the account holder. If they require the funds sooner, they will need to initiate a return from their bank directly." What this means is that Wave gets to hold on to my clients money for 65 Days? And its MY responsibility to contact my client and tell them to cancel the payment through their bank? Absolutely reprehensible. Wave should warn their customers upfront before enabling the automatic payment option and should be responsible for directly refunding payments within a reasonable time - not months.


Mar 26, 2022

Serious security flaw with this app

Serious security flaw with this app: you sign up to connect your business bank account to the app, but it insists on connecting and "having access to" ALL other accounts you may have at that bank -- mortgage, car loan, unrelated business, etc. You would think a Canadian firm would be a little more attuned to privacy than that. Wave, it is a great app, but FIX THE SECURITY AND PRIVACY ISSUES. You have NO business accessing any account other than the one we authorize. Oh yes -- and there is NO ONE at Wave to contact about it by any means.


Mar 25, 2022

Not long had a Wave account and I…

Not long had a Wave account and I unfortunately had 3 fraudulent transactions appear which is being looked into. No updates from the company about this. A new card sent out which I can't activate due to technical issues. I've never had such issues or wasted so much time looking over my account with any other Credit Card company.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Wave Financial Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Wave Financial provides the following services: Accounting Firms, API integration, Mass Payouts, Merchant Accounts, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance, US allowed, ACH, ApplePay, GooglePay.

At the moment, Wave Financial rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 1.7.