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Wave Crest Holdings Ltd
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Wave Crest Holdings Ltd


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About Wave Crest Holdings Ltd

Wave Crest Holdings Ltd is an electronic money institutionfocused on digital payment solutions for businesses. Wave Crest Holdings Ltd offers corporate payments for Europe, corporate payments for the Americas, commission payment solutions for insurance companies, brokers and fund managers, driver payout program to businesses. Incorporated in Gibraltar, Wave Crest Holdings Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. WaveCrest Holdings Limited (WaveCrest) is in the process of surrendering its e-money licence to the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

Additional Information

  • Since January 2021, Wave Crest Holdings Ltd can not conduct its activities in EEA member states. Wave Crest Holdings Ltd do not participate in deposit guarantee schemes.

  • WaveCrest Holdings Limited is in the process of surrendering its e-money license to GFSC

Trustpilot reviews

Scam firm claim to be British Gas and…

Scam firm claim to be British Gas and requested Mpan numbers etc. claimed their was a mistake by BG on the supply number and questioned usage. Once told we had arranged a new supply hung up. Scam firm with dubious tactics not sure if their intentions but for sure not operating within the law. In 2022 firms like this making calls from UK landlines should be not operating!!!!!! Don’t get pulled in with their games!!!


Feb 11, 2022

These people shouldn't exist

These people shouldn't exist


Feb 9, 2022

Customer service was very rude and very…

Customer service was very rude and very abusive I have made a complaint to the police and they are now looking into it


Jan 31, 2022

A scam wanted to give me a £199…

A scam wanted to give me a £199 refund from talk talk got suspicious as not with them wanted debit card details .said you have my address send cheque, they couldn't do that, told him he was a scammer then hung up


Jan 6, 2022

Just had these guys phone me to tell me…

Just had these guys phone me to tell me i had €48k in an account i had set up back in October 21 with a company called Celux. Seeing as i had only invested €250( that was the first mistake) i smelled a rat straight away, so just played along with them to see exactly what they wanted. Turns out they wanted to refund this €48k as Celux broke some banking rules and are no longer trading. Now for the good bit, to get this €48k i had to deposit 5% ie € 2400into account then they would refund all the money - yeah right ho. Chap seemed a bit upset when i called him a scammer and told him to do one.


Dec 17, 2021

Keep calling me from different…

Keep calling me from different extensions (smart because I can only complain with my phone provider if I’ve been called twice from the same number), despite asking them not to.


Dec 16, 2021

Stop calling Australia.

Stop calling Australia.. scammer company woiever the you are..

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At the moment, Wave Crest Holdings Ltd rating on Finscanner is 1.2 and on Trustpilot is 1.3.