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Via Payments UAB
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Via Payments UAB

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About Via Payments UAB

Via Payments UAB is an electronic money institution focused on alternative banking and payment services. Via Payments UAB offers personal virtual accounts with IBAN, business virtual accounts with IBAN, prepaid cards, international transfers, currency exchange to individuals, businesses. In 2020 Via Payments UAB total safeguarded customer funds were 18.33 mln EUR. Incorporated in Lithuania, Via Payments UAB is authorized and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. Via Payments UAB is doing business as Vialet.


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Trustpilot reviews


Apr 26, 2022

Overall quick to open & not easy to use SEPA IBAN solution

Not bad overall when working with under 5k EUR a wire; SEPA inst crediting and sending. That being said when your balance hits 20-30K EUR random compliance questions start flying by-daily with poor responses from the chat and team overall. Then when receiving 10K+ funds get stuck, you have to fill in forms and answer very odd questions .... Then after 2 months of work and around 100k in test transfers later they bombard you with BS and forms and ofc takes AGES to withdraw the funds. Whole support team - useless except 1 guy Niko who was fairly quick and experienced who eventually helped me recover my funds. the stars go to him personally. Overall quick to open & not easy to use SEPA IBAN solution


Mar 31, 2022

The most unfriendly and uneducated…

The most unfriendly and uneducated costumer service…. Held back my fund and came up with lousy excuses… took me 2weeks to get hold on my own funding. Never ever trespassing this online bank app.


Feb 14, 2022

They dont provide customer friendly…

The reply they provided below is just act of imposing their rules, but it doesnt legitimize their crippled services..I had already account with them, then all of a sudden they closed the account by not informing me in advance through the proper channels without any this the right service??? They dont provide customer friendly services:Their services are all inconvenient,troubled,crippled and insufficent:I had a verified account with them;Then all of a sudden,They froze the account which i havent got the notification from them by convenient messaging;they said they notified my by online notification which i didnt see it for 2 weeks; then i noticed it but then they said it was too late the account has been terminated..Wat is this?? what kind of service and logic is this?? it is despotism and mentality which you can only see not in europe but in old eastern block countries....therefore; their policies ,rules working manner not convenient at all..Dont risk..dont choose this company; you can find better ones on the is high risk that you might face the same restrictive policies as i did... THEY DONT UNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER,HOW COULD THE CUSTOMER UNDERSTAND THEM??

Great app

Great app, I'm very happy.


Feb 9, 2022

Very nice app for daily finance.

Very nice app for daily finance.


Aug 26, 2021

I am trying to be objective here

I am trying to be objective here, the shortcomings of this service outweights few (seemingly!) benefits (free account, relatively speedy transactions) , so spoiler alert: avoid vialet - even you are intending to use for absolutely legal money transfers. It is not worth it and you might end up either wasting time or even your legally earned money. This service seems to be made by wanna-be e-bankers, and supervised by financial authority of small, rather poor country, which means they will be forced and able to apply AML and KYC policies in a inefficient and dumb way that generates many false positives. And the inferiour quality or competence of team will drag you in a time consuming suffering both for vialet clients (who would get their accounts suddenly blocked) and the confused, clueless team of vialet. In my case, beyond the clumsiness of the app, lack of downloadable account statement, lack of fund guarantee unlike real bank, this service you should use only as temporary transit point. but exactly this apparently calls one of many Vialet's automated AML flags, where innocent, normal transactions between your own online accounts, P2p platforms, other banks of your own will evoke your transaction or account blocked, and many hours of wasted time (excused by 'KYC requirements of Lithuania' ) with this inept (they got recently fined for bad KYC/AML policies at Vialet anyway) miserable service. They do not know what they are trying to do. Ambition to provide international / cross border services, but no skills. Stay away, vialet should wind up and leave the scene of electronic wallets for more professional teams and competent jurisdictions.


Aug 5, 2021

Potential scammers who block your account to use your money on their own.

To me the last couple of reviews seems fake, but that is not the case. I opened an account with Vialet and everything was fine for +/- 10 days. When I received two salary payments (700 + 700 euros) my account got blocked due to money loundering, which is hilarious. I hope that I will get my money back from them. Please be careful with Vialet.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Via Payments UAB Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Via Payments UAB provides the following services: Agreggated Account, API integration, B2B Accounts, B2C Accounts, P2P, SEPA Transactions, SWIFT Transactions, Batch payments.

At the moment, Via Payments UAB rating on Finscanner is 3.4 and on Trustpilot is 3.2.