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About Unifimoney

Unifimoney is a financial service that helps its users to manage their money. Unifimoney is a mobile app that offers a single solution to save, spend, and invest. Unifimoney optimizes personal financial management to make it effortless: maximizing passive income via interest and cashback, and creating long-term financial assets through investment, automatically and by default. Unifimoney is not a bank. Bank deposit products provided by UMB Bank n.a., Member FDIC.


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  • To use the services of Unifimoney only if a user is 21 years or older, a US resident with a current SSN or ITIN, is capable of forming a binding contract with Unifimoney, and is not barred from using the Services under applicable law.

Trustpilot reviews


Dec 17, 2021

Unifimoney is poorly designed app and…

Unifimoney is poorly designed app and not working properly Their face tecognisation functionality is poorly Working and takes forever for login Everything bank and crypto trading outsourced with Gemini No customer support - you can’t chat/message /call them App can’t track money properly There are so many other good options so please do not go for this app I use it and burned had bad experience


Jun 3, 2021

Great banking app. Been using it consistently.

Been using it consistently for awhile now. It gives me 20x what Bank of America has been giving me in terms of interest so it's an easy place to store free cash. It's also nice to just automate investments without spending time thinking about them. Has worked well. Had a lot of friends sign up as well.


Jun 2, 2021

This is a fantastic bank and investing…

This is a fantastic bank and investing app. It's been a game-changer to have my savings, spending and investing all in one app.


Mar 4, 2021

all in one

I'm using it for about 3 months now, great app, really easy to manage money, stocks and crypto. All that I use to have in a traditional bank plus everything that is necessary for our days.


Feb 25, 2021

Financial peace of mind

As someone who is way too busy building things, I always knew that I was leaving a lot of money on the table by not actively managing my money. Unifimoney has simplified that whole process as I can now just focus on what I'm best and let them handle all the money matters while knowing that I am making more than ever with just a few clicks. Highly recommended to anyone who's looking for a one-stop shop that offers as much (or as little) financial control as one wants, but always makes it easy to manage and grow one's money.


Feb 22, 2021

Great app for finance starters

Great app for finance starters. It replaces other traditional banks. Unifimoney is the new future.


Feb 22, 2021

Many features related to finance in this app

This app contains many features related to finance. The new features (especially investment ones) are added frequently.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Unifimoney Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Unifimoney provides the following services: Asset Management, Card providers, Crypto-friendly Account, Savings Account, Wire Transfer Acceptance, US allowed, Wealth Management.

At the moment, Unifimoney rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 3.9.