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About Trustly

Trustly is a Swedish technology provider and one of the leader in digital account-to-account payments powering the shift to a cardless society. Trustly's digital account-to-account platform redefines the speed, simplicity and security of payments, letting consumers pay merchants directly from their online bank accounts. Trustly can handle the entire payment journey, setting they apart from the competition and enabling them to offer an attractive alternative to the traditional card networks at a lower cost. Trustly has more than 500 employees spread across 10 offices in Europe, the Americas and Australia.


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  • payments for E-commerce

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Trustpilot reviews


May 23, 2022

This company is an abomination

This company is an abomination. customer service: a contact form that they doesn't replay on. The will take your money but not send it and they will come up with some lame excuse here on trustpilot. They need to be closed down by law. How can a big company like this not have a contact number like a bank. I tell you why because they are a freaking scam! Just the fact that they answer here but not on there support says it all.

Avoid at all costs!

I tried using trustly to load money to my skrill wallet. While the money was taken from my bank account, the transaction failed. The support hasnt answered nor replied to me, so I now lost a lot of money! Ive failed a police report and Ill try to press legal action.


Oct 7, 2021


Katastrof Flera flygbokningssidor använder trustly med internetrabatt om man använder den betalningsmetoden. Mitt flyg ställdes in men trots en massa mejl och återbetalningslöfte har inget kommit. Trustly avsäger sig allt ansvar för de förmedlar bara! Använd inte trustly!!!


Aug 27, 2021

Bugs - Avoid on Alibaba

I made a payment through Alibaba £1300 and went to a payment window where the screen kept looping for 10 minuets. Money left my account but did not arrive on Alibaba. If this is a technical fault and it gets resolved will change my review to 5 Stars.


Jun 2, 2021

They are a scam

They are a scam. Withdrew me for 4300 NOK and not sent to customer nor returned. Illegal and under no doubt scam Stay away And HOW can KLM Dutch Airlines use them as å recommended partner?


Mar 23, 2021


YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY. I made a payment, the money is drawn from my credit card by Trustly, but the payment is NOT completed. I'm loosing my customer and my money is gone. Trustly is ignoring all my messages.... REPLY Why are you so quick to reply on Trustpilot and so slow to reply on support? This is clearly a generic response because you have not taken any time to research the case. I have contacted the merchant who have NOT received the payment and I never received any confirmation for the transaction. Still you took the money from my credit card. When I did the transaction the process went all the way to confirmation and then the browser crashed because of your lousy service. THERE IS NO SUPPORT PHONE NO. TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE!!!!


Nov 4, 2020

Bis dato war ich immer sehr zufrieden…

Bis dato war ich immer sehr zufrieden mit Trustly und seiner Dienstleistung, Auszahlungen waren noch weit unter einer Stunde schon auf meinem Konto verfügbar. Jedoch sind meine letzten drei Auszahlungen vom Casino am 1.11.20 leider, bis jetzt immer noch nicht eingegangen. Der CasinoSupport und das System bestätigen, dass die Auszahlungen allesamt BEWILLIGT , VERARBEITET & ANGEWIESEN worden sind. Die Transaktionsnummer wie folgt: Nr.1 2934510 1.11.20. um 10:46:55 150€ Nr.2 2934971 1.11.20. um 11:27:19 100€ Nr.3 2935199 1.11.20. um 11:46:53 250€ Ich hoffe dass sich alles rasch aufklärt... & Ich Hilfe bekomme. Gruß Pierre

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Trustly Acquiring with reviews from real users and our experts. Trustly provides the following services: Acquiring, API integration, Corporate Services, Mass Payouts, Merchant Accounts, Wire Transfer Acceptance.

At the moment, Trustly rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 2.1.