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About Tangerine Bank

Tangerine, a subsidiary of Scotiabank, is an online bank; meaning it doesn’t operate brick and mortar branches. Tangerine has five “cafés” in some urban centres. Otherwise, all banking is done online at, with the Tangerine Mobile Banking App. Tangerine isn't like a typical bank. They don’t have expensive brick-and-mortar branches, which means Tangerine can pass those savings on to its clients. Some of the banking services are free, and the biggest selling point for many is that there are no monthly or annual fees. Tangerine Investment Funds Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tangerine Bank.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 24, 2022

Terrible terrible service

Terrible terrible service. I tried signing in to my account, they send me the security code to input. I input the code as sent and I get a message Sorry for the Inconvenience, call this number. I do and I'm on hold , finally get to talk to someone and explain the situation and get put on hold for 30 minutes and still no one has answered. I call back and get another guy who says there are notes there from security and that there has been a hold on my account for 6 days. I asked why and one of the reasons is because I need to go to shoppers for a second time to verify my address. I explained that is the reason I'm trying to sign in is to activate my card that funny enough I received at my address on record. Too much BS for me so I think Ill stick with Simplii Financial.


May 20, 2022

Worst bank in World

Worst bank in World, they put a hold on payroll cheques for 1 1/2 weeks, their website specifies 5 business days when in reality its significantly more. I talked to payroll and rbc managment and they said the money has been reducted from payroll account and sent to Tangerine on the second day of the hold. So for one week they just hold my money and dont allow me to use it despite me having more in my tfsa than the deposited cheque. During this hold they charged me several fees amounting to over 100 despite the fact i actually have money in my account. Customer support when you can actually get a hold of them is 0/10 ive called them over 40 times so far and not once have they actually been helpful. These people are scammers do not trust them with your money! Their a 'no fees' bank with alot of fees, ridiculous, how are they even still in business.


May 19, 2022

Aucun problème avec Tangerine

Je suis avec Tangerine depuis longtemps ( même de temps de ING). Jamais de problème, aucun frais de service à tous les mois. Avec ma carte de crédit, j'ai une remise en argent déposé dans mon compte à tous les mois. Le seul problème est le temps d'attente au téléphone pour parler à un représentant, mais je téléphoner rarement. C'est pour ceci que je ne transfert pas mon hypothèque. Je me demande comment de processus se fera au téléphone ???


May 16, 2022

Terrible Company, Terrible Service

Sent a form in to them via fax to be filled out and sent back so I can process an application for an apartment. not sure why I can't do this over email like the rest of the world, but whatever. 5+ hours on the phone & 6-8 phone calls later they finally fax it back... incompleted & messed up fax. I call them back to get it done by EOD so I don't lose my apartment and they tell me that it will take 3 more business days because this is a new issue now. Then, despite the fact that I was not raising my voice or swearing (I was being a bit short however) the guy on the phone tells me to "calm down" and is surprised when I start yelling finally! Such a joke of a company. A simple form that would take 10 minutes to fill out and fax back has taken literally 4 business days to do and still wasn't done right. Steer clear of these guys.


May 15, 2022

The incompetence continues ... ... ...

My “online application” for a Tangerine Master Card has never worked properly. Messed-up website. So I called and I spoke with a Tangerine staff member, and together we completed a Master Card Application form, over the telephone. Very kind of her, merci. I was still suspicious that once again Tangerine incompetence would take over, and a Master Card would never really arrive, so I decided to also apply for a Royal Bank Master Card. Just for the heck of it, a few weeks later I also applied for a Bank of Montreal Master Card. Well, my Royal Bank Master Card arrived in the mail about ten weeks ago. My Bank of Montreal Master Card arrived in the mail about six weeks ago. Two of Canada’s "5 Big Banks" mailed Master Cards to me, no problems what-so-ever. According to TransUnion and Equifax, my credit score is somewhere between 833 and 847. I have paid-off my mortgage, and I earn over $100,000/year working full time. It has now been about 3 three months and still a Tangerine Master Card has never arrived in the mail. No phone call from Tangerine. No emails from Tangerine. No paper mail from Tangerine. Absolutely nothing from Tangerine. Dead silence from Tangerine. Stay tuned, I am about to apply for a Scotiabank Master Card. But don’t worry, given the relationship between Scotiabank and Tangerine, I will cut up the Scotiabank Master Card and throw it away once it arrives in the mail. I am simply making a point, and the point is simple … … … Tangerine is an insane, incompetent institution. Seriously, how can nearly 1,000 negative Customer reviews possibly be wrong ? Dear Jennifer ... ... ... you and your DimWit colleagues should send me a Master Card, and then I'll stop making fun of you. :)


May 13, 2022

I fell victim to a fake website…

I fell victim to a fake website imitating a legitimate business's website at the beginning of the year. I immediately knew it was a scam when the 'confirmation' e-mails arrived. I called the legitimate business and they told me they had no record of my order number and confirmed that there was a scam on the internet using their name with an extremely convincing website. I promptly called Tangerine to dispute the charge and to relay the information I had learned but the agent would not do anything for me. I was told I had to wait 30 days to file a dispute. I expressed concern that the fraudulent website had my CC and CVC numbers but the agent didn't seem to grasp my concern about possible future fraudulent charges. I HAD to insist that a hold be put on the CC. After 30 days passed I called back but was told to wait another 15 days before calling in again.....I did not get a case number until the third call. All in all, the process took 4 phone calls with each phone call taking at least one hour including the times spent on hold over a period of 3 months. With each phone call I got different answers to the same question. I, also, had to INSIST on having a new CC with a different number issued. The onus was always on me to follow up and contact them. Total time to resolution was about 3 and a half months. I can't understand the lackadaisical attitude I received towards the fraudulent charge and the security of my credit card information. I gave the agents the phone number for the legitimate business for them to contact and confirm that the purchase wasn't legitimate. All it would have taken was ONE phone call to the legitimate business and they could have verified the website and transaction number were fraudulent but I don't think they even contacted them. This experience has shaken my confidence in Tangerine's ability and diligence in protecting my interests when it concerns credit card fraud.


May 13, 2022

I would give 0 stars if I could

I would give 0 stars if I could. Horrible customer service. When I attempted to make a complaint, the representative gaslight me and told me that I was wrong. Kept repeating the incorrect information. I kept repeating what the issue was until I was in tears from frustration. She still was not listening to what I was saying, I gave up and ended the call. I have transferred all my money out of the account and will be closing it as soon as my direct deposits confirm that they have changed my banking information. This whole experience was ridiculous and wasted hours of my time.

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