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About Stocard

Stocard is one of the leading mobile wallets around the globe and one of the fastest-growing fintech startups. Stocard revolutionized how people shop, pay and access financial services.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 24, 2022

Highly recommend!

Very light and easy to use. It's cool that you can add any card. I'm glad that I finally don't need a physical wallet at all and have everything I need on my phone.


Oct 28, 2021

Lieblingsapp zum Bezahlen

Meine Lieblingsapp für's schnelle bezahlen, machen den Geldbeutel in doppelter Hinsicht kleiner :D (Bezahlen + Kundenkarten). Die App ist sehr übersichtlich und freundlicher Kundensupport (sofern er benötigt wird).


Sep 1, 2021

Da migliorare l'assistenza

Non tutte le carte vengono salvate correttamente (ad esempio il green pass dà problemi). Bisogna anche migliorare il sistema di pagamento contactless e soprattutto l'assistenza davvero lenta e pietosa


Mar 13, 2021

Ich als Firma Währe Interessiert das…

Ich als Firma Währe Interessiert das die Leute auf Möglichst Vielen Geräten Stocard nutzen Können um Viele Kunden zu Gewinnen Stocard hat kein Intetesse eine APP für die Samsung Watch zu machen obwohl viele Leute im Internet sagen das die es schade finden das es auf der Uhr keine Stocatd APP gibt was soll man von so einer Fitma halten ich nutze Stocard nicht mehr da uch eine app auf der Uhr nutze ich werde auch nie Stocard pay nutzen da man auch stocard pay auf der Uhr nicht nutzen kann Warum die Firma kein interesse hat ein Rätsel die Firma ist selber schuld dan werden viele leute stocard wie ich nicht nutzen


Nov 17, 2020

Be very careful with this company and how they use your personal data

I recently wanted to delete the app that I have had for the past year. Stocard does not offer an option to delete the account, so I had to email them. In order to delete the account, I was asked to give my full name, address, postcode, mobile number, email address, ID of the account created and then sent over a Data Deletion PDF form which I had to convert to Word, fill in with the above details for the second time and convert back to PDF and send over. This all, just to delete my account. This raises a lot of red flags around how Stocard uses the data and makes me wonder why they go through such lengthy steps to avoid someone deleting their data. In Stocard's Privacy section of the website they describe how they use triangulation to 'personalise' experiences online, in this case I clearly said that I don't feel comfortable sharing so much detail around my identity that can be used in a commercial manner. This is absolutely bonkers and I would avoid giving my data to such a company in the future. Whoever is the CSO/CIO should take their job more seriously and put consumers first.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Stocard Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Stocard provides the following services: P2P, Savings Account, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance, Wealth Management.

At the moment, Stocard rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 3.7.