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Starling Bank Ltd
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Starling Bank Ltd

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About Starling Bank Ltd

Founded in 2016, Starling Bank is a new innovative British bank, focused on providing its retail banking products online. Starling Bank offers current accounts, payment cards, business current accounts, overdrafts, personal loans, money transfers.


Setup Fee


Monthly Maintenance Fee

7-15 GBP

SEPA Incoming


SEPA Outgoing


SWIFT Incoming


SWIFT Outgoing

0.4% + 5 GBP

CHAPS/Faster Payment Incoming

0-20 GBP

CHAPS/Faster Payment Outgoing


FX Fee


Internal Fee


Transaction limit

10000-25000 GBP


  • EUR


  • USD

    (United States dollar)

  • GBP

    (British pound)

  • NOK

    (Norwegian krone)

  • SGD

    (Singapore dollar)

  • BGN

    (Bulgarian lev)

  • NZD

    (New Zealand dollar)

  • CZK

    (Czech koruna)

  • DKK

    (Danish krone)

  • HKD

    (Hong Kong dollar)

  • HUF

    (Hungarian forint)

  • ZAR

    (South African rand)

  • CHF

    (Swiss franc)

  • MXN

    (Mexican peso)

  • PLN

    (Polish złoty)

  • QAR

    (Qatari riyal)

  • RON

    (Romanian leu)

  • SEK

    (Swedish krona)

  • THB

    (Thai baht)

  • TRY

    (Turkish lira)

Additional Information

  • Only for the UK residents

Trustpilot reviews


May 2, 2022

All very good.

All very good.


May 2, 2022

Bank elsewhere

Bank elsewhere. Beware of starling blocking your account for months for no fathomable reason. Terrible customer service with generic replies.


May 2, 2022

If you value your money avoid like the plague!!!

Been with this bank a while now, thought it was brilliant until money was taken from account without our authorisation, first few messages were responded to straight away but now a month into it and finally told its a 5 day response to each message we send. Upshot is someone has £48 of our money but rather than spend the next couple of months trying to get it back we've bailed to a decent bank to avoid losing anymore. Customer service is nil.


May 2, 2022

Brilliant for general banking, but customer service not great. 3. 5 stars.

On a day to day basis Starling is brilliant. The app is very easy to use and quick, and every transaction I've undertaken has worked well. There not being any fees is also a huge bonus. The reason Starling only gets three stars, however, is because its customer service isn't great. I had a relatively straightforward query to resolve and it took several attempts, and any number of misunderstandings and wrong answers, to get it sorted. I would like to have given them 3.5 stars but that's not an option!


May 2, 2022


I have been banking with Starling for four or five months now. Currently, I am living on a limited budget and I find that using the saving spaces function has completely transformed my whole relationship with money. I am much more in control, and now know exactly when I am overspending on my budget and where. The App makes it very easy to keep check on outgoings and my balance, which I now do on a daily basis. Highly recommend.


May 2, 2022

Starling is THE bank

Starling is THE bank. All the fearures and security you need and better rates than found most everywhere else. As a frequent user of Euros, the piggyback Euro account is fantastic. So easy to pay, be paid and transfer funds from sterling to euros and back. At better rates than any high st. Bank or the post office. Once abroad, its so easy to draw cash, pay bills etc in Euros having alrady had a great deal swapping some sterling into it. EVERYONE should have a Starling account, even if only as a holiday / travel funding account. Just take the one card and your phone. Sorted.


May 2, 2022

Worse customer service ever...

Starling customer service is so bad its boardline fraud. I had to reversed transactions in Feb and Starling tried to dedicate the amounts from my account at the end of April claiming the Merchant has collected, although Starling confirmed multiple time that these have been reversed. When I contacted Starling they tried to say these were a different transactions which were already settled. After multiple messages back and forth they final recredited my account. Atrocious customer service.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Starling Bank Ltd Banks with reviews from real users and our experts. Starling Bank Ltd provides the following services: B2B Accounts, B2C Accounts, Bank Account Openings, Bank guruantee, Card Programs, Debit cards, Loans, Multi-currency Account, SEPA Transactions, SWIFT Transactions, Faster payments, CHAPS.

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