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About Remitly

Remitly is a leading digital financial services provider for immigrants, enabling users to make person-to-person money transfers in over 135 countries. Remitly helps the millions of immigrants around the world. Remitly is an international payments company that leverages digital channels, including mobile phones, to send money internationally. Remitly's digital products are fundamentally faster, less expensive, and far more convenient for customers to send money across borders.


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  • AFN

    (Afghan afghani)

  • EUR


  • ALL

    (Albanian lek)

  • DZD

    (Algerian dinar)

  • USD

    (United States dollar)

  • AOA

    (Angolan kwanza)

  • XCD

    (East Caribbean dollar)

  • AUD

    (Australian dollar)

  • GBP

    (British pound)

  • ARS

    (Argentine peso)

  • AMD

    (Armenian dram)

  • AWG

    (Aruban florin)

  • AZN

    (Azerbaijani manat)

  • BSD

    (Bahamian dollar)

  • BHD

    (Bahraini dinar)

  • BDT

    (Bangladeshi taka)

  • BBD

    (Barbadian dollar)

  • BYN

    (New Belarusian ruble)

  • BYR

    (Old Belarusian ruble)

  • BZD

    (Belize dollar)

  • XOF

    (West African CFA franc)

  • BMD

    (Bermudian dollar)

  • BTN

    (Bhutanese ngultrum)

  • INR

    (Indian rupee)

  • BOB

    (Bolivian boliviano)

  • BAM

    (Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark)

  • BWP

    (Botswana pula)

  • NOK

    (Norwegian krone)

  • BRL

    (Brazilian real)

  • BND

    (Brunei dollar)

  • SGD

    (Singapore dollar)

  • BGN

    (Bulgarian lev)

  • BIF

    (Burundian franc)

  • KHR

    (Cambodian riel)

  • XAF

    (Central African CFA franc)

  • CAD

    (Canadian dollar)

  • CVE

    (Cape Verdean escudo)

  • KYD

    (Cayman Islands dollar)

  • CLP

    (Chilean peso)

  • CNY

    (Chinese yuan)

  • COP

    (Colombian peso)

  • KMF

    (Comorian franc)

  • CDF

    (Congolese franc)

  • NZD

    (New Zealand dollar)

  • CKD

    (Cook Islands dollar)

  • CRC

    (Costa Rican colón)

  • HRK

    (Croatian kuna)

  • CUC

    (Cuban convertible peso)

  • CUP

    (Cuban peso)

  • ANG

    (Netherlands Antillean guilder)

  • CZK

    (Czech koruna)

  • DKK

    (Danish krone)

  • DJF

    (Djiboutian franc)

  • DOP

    (Dominican peso)

  • EGP

    (Egyptian pound)

  • ERN

    (Eritrean nakfa)

  • ETB

    (Ethiopian birr)

  • FKP

    (Falkland Islands pound)

  • (none)


  • FJD

    (Fijian dollar)

  • XPF

    (CFP franc)

  • GMD

    (Gambian dalasi)

  • GEL

    (Georgian Lari)

  • GHS

    (Ghanaian cedi)

  • GIP

    (Gibraltar pound)

  • GTQ

    (Guatemalan quetzal)

  • GNF

    (Guinean franc)

  • GYD

    (Guyanese dollar)

  • HTG

    (Haitian gourde)

  • HNL

    (Honduran lempira)

  • HKD

    (Hong Kong dollar)

  • HUF

    (Hungarian forint)

  • ISK

    (Icelandic króna)

  • IDR

    (Indonesian rupiah)

  • IRR

    (Iranian rial)

  • IQD

    (Iraqi dinar)

  • IMP[G]

    (Manx pound)

  • ILS

    (Israeli new sheqel)

  • JMD

    (Jamaican dollar)

  • JPY

    (Japanese yen)

  • JEP[G]

    (Jersey pound)

  • JOD

    (Jordanian dinar)

  • KZT

    (Kazakhstani tenge)

  • KES

    (Kenyan shilling)

  • KWD

    (Kuwaiti dinar)

  • KGS

    (Kyrgyzstani som)

  • LAK

    (Lao kip)

  • LBP

    (Lebanese pound)

  • LSL

    (Lesotho loti)

  • ZAR

    (South African rand)

  • LRD

    (Liberian dollar)

  • LYD

    (Libyan dinar)

  • CHF

    (Swiss franc)

  • MOP

    (Macanese pataca)

  • MKD

    (Macedonian denar)

  • MGA

    (Malagasy ariary)

  • MWK

    (Malawian kwacha)

  • MYR

    (Malaysian ringgit)

  • MVR

    (Maldivian rufiyaa)

  • MRO

    (Mauritanian ouguiya)

  • MUR

    (Mauritian rupee)

  • MXN

    (Mexican peso)

  • MDL

    (Moldovan leu)

  • MNT

    (Mongolian tögrög)

  • MAD

    (Moroccan dirham)

  • MZN

    (Mozambican metical)

  • MMK

    (Burmese kyat)

  • NAD

    (Namibian dollar)

  • NPR

    (Nepalese rupee)

  • NIO

    (Nicaraguan córdoba)

  • NGN

    (Nigerian naira)

  • KPW

    (North Korean won)

  • OMR

    (Omani rial)

  • PKR

    (Pakistani rupee)

  • PAB

    (Panamanian balboa)

  • PGK

    (Papua New Guinean kina)

  • PYG

    (Paraguayan guaraní)

  • PEN

    (Peruvian sol)

  • PHP

    (Philippine peso)

  • PLN

    (Polish złoty)

  • QAR

    (Qatari riyal)

  • RON

    (Romanian leu)

  • RUB

    (Russian ruble)

  • RWF

    (Rwandan franc)

  • SHP

    (Saint Helena pound)

  • WST

    (Samoan tālā)

  • STD

    (São Tomé and Príncipe dobra)

  • SAR

    (Saudi riyal)

  • RSD

    (Serbian dinar)

  • SCR

    (Seychellois rupee)

  • SLL

    (Sierra Leonean leone)

  • SBD

    (Solomon Islands dollar)

  • SOS

    (Somali shilling)

  • KRW

    (South Korean won)

  • SSP

    (South Sudanese pound)

  • LKR

    (Sri Lankan rupee)

  • SDG

    (Sudanese pound)

  • SRD

    (Surinamese dollar)

  • SZL

    (Swazi lilangeni)

  • SEK

    (Swedish krona)

  • SYP

    (Syrian pound)

  • TWD

    (New Taiwan dollar)

  • TJS

    (Tajikistani somoni)

  • TZS

    (Tanzanian shilling)

  • THB

    (Thai baht)

  • TOP

    (Tongan paʻanga)

  • TTD

    (Trinidad and Tobago dollar)

  • TND

    (Tunisian dinar)

  • TRY

    (Turkish lira)

  • TMT

    (Turkmenistan manat)

  • TVD[G]

    (Tuvaluan dollar)

  • UGX

    (Ugandan shilling)

  • UAH

    (Ukrainian hryvnia)

  • AED

    (United Arab Emirates dirham)

  • UYU

    (Uruguayan peso)

  • UZS

    (Uzbekistani so'm)

  • VUV

    (Vanuatu vatu)

  • VEF

    (Venezuelan bolívar)

  • VND

    (Vietnamese đồng)

  • YER

    (Yemeni rial)

  • ZMW

    (Zambian kwacha)

Trustpilot reviews


May 25, 2022

Schneller & einfacher Service

Schneller & einfacher Service


May 24, 2022


DON'T USE THIS SERVICE! Absolutely deplorable. Needed to go urgent transaction. They promised to transfer within minutes but held onto my money and told me it would take 48 hours!!! Customer service call responded to by a 12-year old who had no clue what she was even doing! Ghastly ghastly service!!!

May 24, 2022


PIRE EXPERIENCE DE MA VIE Je me suis fait arnaquée par phishing via Remitly sans être cliente. Un de leurs utilisateurs a utilisé cette plateforme pour me débiter. Leur site annonce que l'on peut annuler des transferts : c'est complètement faux si l'on n'est pas client. Quelques heures après avoir découvert la fraude, je les ai contacté pour annuler la transaction : ils me répondent que c'est impossible. 1 mois que je me suis fait arnaquer. On me promettait des remboursements, ensuite que non je devais contacter ma banque puis enfin qu'eux allaient contacter ma banque. Tout cela pour gagner du temps et jamais me rembourser. Depuis 1 mois j'essaie de les contacter, on me dit que leur équipe supérieure va me rappeler sous 4h ... J'ai attendu 1 semaine et personne ne m'a rappelé, j'ai retenté 1 semaine après, toujours le même discours et aucun rappel. Le pire dans tout ça en dehors du fait de ne pas être remboursé ? Ils n'ont même pas pu retrouver leur utilisateur qui m'a débité. Les fraudeurs ont de beaux jours sur cette plateforme.


May 24, 2022

I got problem with my transfer a lady…

I got problem with my transfer a lady name Yoosen sorted out for me until my recipient did not received it she even call me to double how it goes,i trust remitly in sending money to my love ones in the philippine try it and you will not regret.thank very much remitly my famiky got the money ASAP doesnt matter its big or small amount still they will help in time of need.


May 24, 2022

India bank account international…

India bank account international transfer money


May 23, 2022

If I could give 0 I would - SCAMMERS

If I could give 0 I would. Worst company I used. I sent money to a family member who was at the hospital on Friday with express option (10 minutes to deliver the money). We are Monday and the money still not sent to the person. I called Remitly 7 times, talked to their supervisor who promised that my money will be send In 2 hours, after it went to 24 hours, 4 hours more as promised. We are now Monday and they refused to cancel the transaction even they cannot deliver your money. DOT NOT USE THEM, time consuming, energy. I have been so patient and polite. Now I will dispute the transaction through my bank. Hopefully I get money back. Be careful with those scammer.


May 23, 2022



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