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PNC Merchant Services
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PNC Merchant Services


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About PNC Merchant Services

PNC Merchant Services is the end-to-end Payment Processing Solutions provided by PNC a financial service company from the USA. PNC Merchant Services offers payment processing experience from single-outlet boutiques to super-regional retailers with thousands of locations. PNC Merchant Services offers a variety of pricing options, helping to make it easy for customers to find a solution that fits their business needs. Customer Service Center and POS Help Desk are standing by with highly trained professionals who are committed to resolving any issue on the very first call.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 24, 2022

Avoid this bank at all costs

Avoid this bank at all costs. I called PNC bank about suspicious activity on my account. Someone who is not authorized to use my account was allowed to deposit s few dollars into my account via an ATM without any security at all. They did not need a PIN number or my card just my account number. PNC confirmed that they could not tell where it was done from since it was not a PNC ATM, this could have been done in China for all I know. Point is it was allowed zeroesecurity and then they kept asking me if I wanted to dispute it, really?? I tell you unauthorized activity and you have to ask 5+ times if I really was to dispute it? Allowing a deposit with no security is like letting a thief come look in your front window and check the door lock without a concern. And to not even have a clue where it was done from, relly??? The bank branch where I live the make you set an appointment to talk to them about your money and they don't even try to keep the appointment. All around PNC is an epic failure in banking and customer service.


May 24, 2022

I dislike PNC BANK very much

I dislike PNC BANK very much. First of all, on many occasions the ATM machines have issues. Some nights they won't accept deposits, and other times you can't even withdraw your money. Also, many of the branches ATM'S are in dark areas that are not well lit up and could be an accident waiting to happen. I see a huge difference between them and Chase. I also just had my account hacked and PNC tried to blame me for one of the charges to Spectrum. They said because I use Spectrum that I must of did that charge. Really? I wasn't in Sacramento the day that person hacked my account. your jobs and dig a little deeper. You don't need to pin things on your customers. I am planning on closing my account soon enough. I don't recommend PNC bank. They are horrible and have shotty customer service. The ATM'S always have issues, it's not a good place to do banking at all. My fiance banks with Key Bank and he loves it.


May 21, 2022

I wish could give this bank a double…

I wish could give this bank a double zero. And let's get this straight. I only use this bank cause my state requires me to for my small business. If it wasn't for the state they would probably have no business.At least not mine. I have issues w them on a wklyl and sometimes twice a wk. Everything from broken ATM's To poor customer service kn the get absolutely no where with.nothing accomplished. Thanks for just wasting my time. Just talk circle around you. They allow double charges to go throw and wait 10days to get MY MONEY back.and I'm not talking $200 But yet they grab that service fee w no problem in the begin of the month,for what yous don't do nothing. I tried to shop around to close this account. But there all the same. I diffently hate banks, and this is exactly why?It my hard earned money not yours. LEAVE IT ALONE.DONT TOUCH MY MONEY


May 16, 2022

Post-Pandemic PNC Bank is Awful

We loved PNC prior to the pandemic. Once places started to reopen, PNC "executives" determined that not all branches need to have tellers. Of course, this affected the one by my office. You can only deposit at the ATM machine, & 50% of the time the ATM machine is down so you have to drive to another location. As soon as I get the OK from my boss, we will be shopping for a new banking relationship with another bank.


May 16, 2022

Rude Incompetent and disrespectful

Aware we were almost done with the car payment we placed a call to ask for the pay-off amount to ensure we were sending the right amount. Last payment of $406.95 was made on 02/11/2022 (monthly payment was $380). As with other accounts we were waiting for the car title but never received so on 03/14/2022 another call was placed to ask them about the title. Customer service checked my account and after a few minutes I was told everything was in order that if I want the car title I need to request it at my county or local DMV. Recently I was notified that there was a event to my credit report which affected my credit score; when I checked my credit report I noticed the loan in question (PNC Bank/BBVA) is sending them a report as I owe them money. Like I owe them for March payment and this event is affecting my credit score negatively. I was never late to payments and I did my due diligence to call and ask for a pay-off amount. Wanting to clarify this situation I called again 04/15/22. On this day, I got transferred on multiple occasions and after a little over 2 hours I was told that it shows I owe money but that someone will call me to clarify the situation with me. Also my contract that i sign on 1/21/2016 stated that my monthly payment is $370.07 but them pnc change to $380.00 without explanation. If someone show up and repocess my car for this I will contact an attorney,  I still waiting for my tittle. I contact them numerous of time with no resolution This situation is not the best for customer satisfaction. I got a call from Lori Middendorf she was rude disrespectful and mean. I pay all my bill on time and they ruin my credit. I believe they did fraud to me. Very dissatisfied


May 16, 2022

If i could give zero i would

This is the worst bank ever. Fees out the butt, horrible employees, wait times and branches.


May 12, 2022

I called to speak to a bank rep

I called to speak to a bank rep. After the call a pnc app appeared on my phone. I did not put it there. This same bank rep has been involved in changing my bank voicing code. I put it in when opening accounts and it did not work. He entered it on the computer. He gave me a new code. Now it works. Who put the app on my phone?

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