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PFS Card Services (Ireland) Ltd
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PFS Card Services (Ireland) Ltd


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About PFS Card Services (Ireland) Ltd

PFS Card Services (Ireland) Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on payment card services. Incorporated in Ireland, PFS Card Services (Ireland) Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


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Trustpilot reviews


Apr 27, 2022

I hope this bank is not hiding criminals but looks like they are

I am not sure how much this bank is involved but it is definately used by scammers, sent Whatsapp message from 'my son' saying he had changed his phone number, messages back and forth then said he needed help to pay for a bill that was due the next day for goods that he had purchased from afterpay, sent bank details, however became suspicious and told my'son' that he could have the money in cash and collect it, obviously no one came and I called my son on his 'old' number and he confirmed that it was not him. No money was lost so we were lucky but many have not been, and I was prepared to transfer the money. This bank is at fault as it is allowing scammers to operate within its accounts and Whatsapp are at fault as their security is not that good, how did they get my contact? Name and Shame: Mohammed Bashir account no 12630493 sort code 23-75-24 if he has an account with you he is committing fraud and you should be closing his account and reporting his activities to the police, maybe providing information so that others no so lucky will get their money back.


Apr 24, 2022


Rippers Rippers Thank to my headline for recovery process


Apr 21, 2022

ON MA VOLER 300 EURO et on ma usurpé…

ON MA VOLER 300 EURO et on ma usurpé mon identité !!! je vais le retrouver !! il utilise des faux nom pour arnaquer les gens ... BANQUE DE VOLEUR

Arnaquee par un escroc pour un achat…

Arnaquee par un escroc pour un achat sur Marketplace. Un certain Alban Sauques qui ecrit ma foi sans fautes... ce quivest rare. Je suis pourtant assez mefiante d'habitude. Comment une banque peut fermer les yeux sur de telles agissements !! Voici mes informations nécessaires pour le virement : Intitulé du compte: SAUQUES ALBAN BERNARD RENE IBAN : FR76 2183 3000 0100 0128 9047 502 BIC : PRNSFRP1


Apr 7, 2022

Money laundered to criminals

Money laundered to criminals! Been Ignored since last year 2021 August, to recall payment. No respond what so ever, only automatic replies. Directors and CEO's ignoring me, some advising to contact their customer service, its a joke. Crime registered, Detectives on board, and invoices provided from this company dont stop them from operating, while they ignore you as a victim Run from this company !


Apr 6, 2022


bonjour je pose une reclamation contre vous prepaid financial services


Apr 3, 2022

Comme beaucoup d'autres

Comme beaucoup d'autres, je me suis fait arnaqué via un Rib émanant de cette soit disante banque... et via Le Bon Coin, qui ne réagit pas.

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