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PayrNet Ltd

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About PayrNet Ltd

PayrNet Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on digital finance and payment solutions for businesses. PayrNet Ltd offers supply chain financing, trade financing, currency hedging, global and local payments to businesses. In 2019 PayrNet Ltd had total assets of 4.53 mln GBP, PayrNet Ltd generated net income of 418,743.00 GBP. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, PayrNet Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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Additional Information

  • PayrNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Railsbank that holds the regulated financial services licenses and payment scheme memberships for Railsbank. Customers contract with PayrNet for regulated services and with Railsbank for technology services.

  • PayrNet UAB (305264430) is registered in Lithuania

  • PayrNet Pte. Ltd. (201913150C) is registered in Singapore

  • PayrNet Limited (09883437) is registered in England & Wales

  • PayrNet Limited is registered under the UK Data Protection Act (ZA162716) ​

Trustpilot reviews


Apr 23, 2022

Scammers are using Railbank to transfer…

Scammers are using Railsbank to transfer funds from legitimate buyers on facebook to their Railsbank sellers accounts with fake identities. I have recently been scammed out of money and have been unable to contact Railsbank.


Apr 20, 2022

Money disepeared

They provide the business account of Neat Commerce They rejected a payment and didnt refund our customer (40K) They told they made the refund thursday 14th april but wednesday 20th april, our customer has still not been refund We wrote many mails to support, we received only automatics answers (from Oleksandra Shkolna, from Alina Sikora, from Yoghan Arumugam, Daniil Kravchenko) without an answer We called them by phone, and the person told us to write, she can t answer or to transfer a call (WOW) Be carful about this provider


Mar 28, 2022

This is the bank behind the ANNA mobile app.

This company is incompetent beyond belief, they have little or no staff and do not have any knowledge of customer service. ANNA who share the same incompetence in my opinion use this bank for their infrastructure and payments. You may wonder why your money has not landed in your account? I would question the integrity of ANNA who use these sharks and why they trust your money with them.. DO NOT BANK WITH ANNA....


Mar 17, 2022

No happy customer no my 10£ refund…

No happy customer no my 10£ refund transfer accepted for this bank no refund accepted ,confused customer service !


Mar 11, 2022

Do own my job refund

Do own my job refund ! Done !

No happy customer from ANNA bank

No happy customer from ANNA bank , this bank is not good for dispute refound , unautorisation people take monney from my ANNA bank account ! Is not the first time when I am not happy with this customer service bank !

Refund! you'll be lucky

After waiting 2 weeks for my refund to hit my FX card I decided to contact FX who advised that due to a change in card services all refunds to an old card are being held by Omnio, firstly thanks FX for that update! after jumping through hoops to provide bank statements with my IBAN I was advised a further 2 weeks later my refund had been sent for processing and would be received within 28 days so after 28 days I contacted them again and was advised they would get in touch with Railsbank regarding an update who process the refund and got no help! I'm now 3 months from the start of the process and still nowhere near getting my own money, this is really poor on FX, Omnio and railsbank parts

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At the moment, PayrNet Ltd rating on Finscanner is 4.2 and on Trustpilot is 2.