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About PayPal

PayPal is an online payment system that makes paying for things online and sending and receiving money safe and secure. 9 million merchants rely on PayPal to build, run, and grow their business. Merchants get the tools, products, financing, and support they need to help establish or grow their business – from processing payments and building a website to shipping and marketing. PayPal offers business loans that can provide merchant funding to help them start and drive future growth.


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  • AFN

    (Afghan afghani)

  • EUR


  • ALL

    (Albanian lek)

  • DZD

    (Algerian dinar)

  • USD

    (United States dollar)

  • AOA

    (Angolan kwanza)

  • XCD

    (East Caribbean dollar)

  • AUD

    (Australian dollar)

  • GBP

    (British pound)

  • ARS

    (Argentine peso)

  • AMD

    (Armenian dram)

  • AWG

    (Aruban florin)

  • AZN

    (Azerbaijani manat)

  • BSD

    (Bahamian dollar)

  • BHD

    (Bahraini dinar)

  • BDT

    (Bangladeshi taka)

  • BBD

    (Barbadian dollar)

  • BYN

    (New Belarusian ruble)

  • BYR

    (Old Belarusian ruble)

  • BZD

    (Belize dollar)

  • XOF

    (West African CFA franc)

  • BMD

    (Bermudian dollar)

  • BTN

    (Bhutanese ngultrum)

  • INR

    (Indian rupee)

  • BOB

    (Bolivian boliviano)

  • BAM

    (Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark)

  • BWP

    (Botswana pula)

  • NOK

    (Norwegian krone)

  • BRL

    (Brazilian real)

  • BND

    (Brunei dollar)

  • SGD

    (Singapore dollar)

  • BGN

    (Bulgarian lev)

  • BIF

    (Burundian franc)

  • KHR

    (Cambodian riel)

  • XAF

    (Central African CFA franc)

  • CAD

    (Canadian dollar)

  • CVE

    (Cape Verdean escudo)

  • KYD

    (Cayman Islands dollar)

  • CLP

    (Chilean peso)

  • CNY

    (Chinese yuan)

  • COP

    (Colombian peso)

  • KMF

    (Comorian franc)

  • CDF

    (Congolese franc)

  • NZD

    (New Zealand dollar)

  • CKD

    (Cook Islands dollar)

  • CRC

    (Costa Rican colón)

  • HRK

    (Croatian kuna)

  • CUC

    (Cuban convertible peso)

  • CUP

    (Cuban peso)

  • ANG

    (Netherlands Antillean guilder)

  • CZK

    (Czech koruna)

  • DKK

    (Danish krone)

  • DJF

    (Djiboutian franc)

  • DOP

    (Dominican peso)

  • EGP

    (Egyptian pound)

  • ERN

    (Eritrean nakfa)

  • ETB

    (Ethiopian birr)

  • FKP

    (Falkland Islands pound)

  • (none)


  • FJD

    (Fijian dollar)

  • XPF

    (CFP franc)

  • GMD

    (Gambian dalasi)

  • GEL

    (Georgian Lari)

  • GHS

    (Ghanaian cedi)

  • GIP

    (Gibraltar pound)

  • GTQ

    (Guatemalan quetzal)

  • GNF

    (Guinean franc)

  • GYD

    (Guyanese dollar)

  • HTG

    (Haitian gourde)

  • HNL

    (Honduran lempira)

  • HKD

    (Hong Kong dollar)

  • HUF

    (Hungarian forint)

  • ISK

    (Icelandic króna)

  • IDR

    (Indonesian rupiah)

  • IRR

    (Iranian rial)

  • IQD

    (Iraqi dinar)

  • IMP[G]

    (Manx pound)

  • ILS

    (Israeli new sheqel)

  • JMD

    (Jamaican dollar)

  • JPY

    (Japanese yen)

  • JEP[G]

    (Jersey pound)

  • JOD

    (Jordanian dinar)

  • KZT

    (Kazakhstani tenge)

  • KES

    (Kenyan shilling)

  • KWD

    (Kuwaiti dinar)

  • KGS

    (Kyrgyzstani som)

  • LAK

    (Lao kip)

  • LBP

    (Lebanese pound)

  • LSL

    (Lesotho loti)

  • ZAR

    (South African rand)

  • LRD

    (Liberian dollar)

  • LYD

    (Libyan dinar)

  • CHF

    (Swiss franc)

  • MOP

    (Macanese pataca)

  • MKD

    (Macedonian denar)

  • MGA

    (Malagasy ariary)

  • MWK

    (Malawian kwacha)

  • MYR

    (Malaysian ringgit)

  • MVR

    (Maldivian rufiyaa)

  • MRO

    (Mauritanian ouguiya)

  • MUR

    (Mauritian rupee)

  • MXN

    (Mexican peso)

  • MDL

    (Moldovan leu)

  • MNT

    (Mongolian tögrög)

  • MAD

    (Moroccan dirham)

  • MZN

    (Mozambican metical)

  • MMK

    (Burmese kyat)

  • NAD

    (Namibian dollar)

  • NPR

    (Nepalese rupee)

  • NIO

    (Nicaraguan córdoba)

  • NGN

    (Nigerian naira)

  • KPW

    (North Korean won)

  • OMR

    (Omani rial)

  • PKR

    (Pakistani rupee)

  • PAB

    (Panamanian balboa)

  • PGK

    (Papua New Guinean kina)

  • PYG

    (Paraguayan guaraní)

  • PEN

    (Peruvian sol)

  • PHP

    (Philippine peso)

  • PLN

    (Polish złoty)

  • QAR

    (Qatari riyal)

  • RON

    (Romanian leu)

  • RUB

    (Russian ruble)

  • RWF

    (Rwandan franc)

  • SHP

    (Saint Helena pound)

  • WST

    (Samoan tālā)

  • STD

    (São Tomé and Príncipe dobra)

  • SAR

    (Saudi riyal)

  • RSD

    (Serbian dinar)

  • SCR

    (Seychellois rupee)

  • SLL

    (Sierra Leonean leone)

  • SBD

    (Solomon Islands dollar)

  • SOS

    (Somali shilling)

  • KRW

    (South Korean won)

  • SSP

    (South Sudanese pound)

  • LKR

    (Sri Lankan rupee)

  • SDG

    (Sudanese pound)

  • SRD

    (Surinamese dollar)

  • SZL

    (Swazi lilangeni)

  • SEK

    (Swedish krona)

  • SYP

    (Syrian pound)

  • TWD

    (New Taiwan dollar)

  • TJS

    (Tajikistani somoni)

  • TZS

    (Tanzanian shilling)

  • THB

    (Thai baht)

  • TOP

    (Tongan paʻanga)

  • TTD

    (Trinidad and Tobago dollar)

  • TND

    (Tunisian dinar)

  • TRY

    (Turkish lira)

  • TMT

    (Turkmenistan manat)

  • TVD[G]

    (Tuvaluan dollar)

  • UGX

    (Ugandan shilling)

  • UAH

    (Ukrainian hryvnia)

  • AED

    (United Arab Emirates dirham)

  • UYU

    (Uruguayan peso)

  • UZS

    (Uzbekistani so'm)

  • VUV

    (Vanuatu vatu)

  • VEF

    (Venezuelan bolívar)

  • VND

    (Vietnamese đồng)

  • YER

    (Yemeni rial)

  • ZMW

    (Zambian kwacha)

Additional Requirements

  • PayPal works with these users and organization types: Mid Size Business, Small Business, Enterprise, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government.

Trustpilot reviews


May 25, 2022

Sikke noget svindel og bedrageri

Sikke noget svindel og bedrageri. Min konto er tilsyneladende hakket og informationer ændret. Jeg kan hverken få adgang eller få kontoen slettet, da jeg ikke kan bekræfte informationerne i kontoen. Sjovt nok er kontoen stadig i mit navn og med min email adresse. Men de kan ikke gøre noget. Hvad er der sket med dataloven????


May 25, 2022

Money on Hold - WARUM ?

was soll dieser Mist immer mit " is on hold..." - was soll das ? der Grund , weil ich lange nichts verkauft habe , so ein Bloedsinn , das Geld ist von Freunden fuer meine Miete und jetzt muss ich warten bis Paypal in einer guten Stimmung ist um mein Geld auszuzahlen , also ehrlich , das wars , nie wieder Paypal und das wo ich seit knapp 10 Jahren mit Paypal arbeite .


May 25, 2022


Eccezionale!!! Ho avuto un problema di frode con facebook ads dove mi è stata prelevata una consistente cifra e sono stata, nel giro di due giorni, risarcita della totale cifra Grazie Rosalba Di Grigoli


May 25, 2022


Fatto l'iscrizione di prova per un mese, scorrettamente in maniera non trasparente hanno attivato indebitamente un pagamento preautorizzato che non ne ero al corrente e si sono guardati bene di inviare un avviso di una prossima scadenza.


May 25, 2022

Paypal "supposedly" wants to help Ukraine

Was trying to send money to Ukraine for relatives to live off of since there is a war going on. Thought Paypal would be a good way to do this. ABSOLUTE WORST DECISION. The money is frozen in her account, and they are saying that it is frozen for 6 months due to "security" reasons that no one can share. We offered to show all our documents and even bank statements along with tax papers proving that this money is ours and we are relatives. But they will only say the same thing to you. Went as far as trying to reason with customer support support representative, who belittled us by saying we should have read the small print in the contract, while we tried to explain that this money is to live off of. Pleaded for them to help us, however they believe it is correct to freeze 5,000$ and deny Ukrainians a means to live off of help during this hard time for them. Customer support is absolutely terrible. Everyone understands and everyone is very polite in telling you kindly to get lost. Hope this sheds light to how Paypal is supposedly supporting Ukraine right now. Also their contract is as abstract as Picassos paintings. with vague sentences about blocking an account due to "Send or receive what we reasonably believe to be potentially fraudulent funds;" Well that is lovely, and what does that mean? Since paypal doesn't share their decisions.


May 24, 2022

Fui burlado no aliexpress e depois pelo proprio Paypal

Fui burlado no aliexpress e paguei com o paypal, abri uma disputa no paypal Nº PP-D-148861832 porque não recebi a encomenda e o paypal deu razão ao burlão e fiquei burlado também pela paypal! O vendedor forneceu o track number LV477594385CN. Comprei com envio para a morada xxxxx codigo postal 1685-xxx Famões e o vendedor enviou para morada yyyyy codigo postal 4620-yyy Lousada. O Paypal sabe a morada de entrega da compra e sabe que foi entregue em uma morada diferente entregue a outra pessoa e decide dar razão ao vendedor burlão com a justificação ( o vendedor forneceu um comprovativo de entrega valido ). Esqueçam a ilusão da proteção na compra, não funciona! Roubaram-me 55€ e tenho outra do mesmo vendedor ainda em decisão mas ja sei que vai ser igual, ao todo roubam-me 100€.


May 24, 2022

Protezione acquisti PayPal inesistente, risposta paradossale.

Aperto un reclamo su un pagamento di un servizio di spedizioni che mi ha negato un rimborso dovuto per ritardo. Apro la segnalazione come "servizio non conforme alla descrizione", ovvero una spedizione espressa garantita 4 giorni che è stata consegnata in 11 giorni lavorativi per negligenza. Dopo aver dettagliatamente esposto il problema con le prove allegate ricevo la seguente risposta: "In seguito alla revisione della transazione, abbiamo rifiutato il reclamo. È stata presa questa decisione perché nella Protezione acquisti PayPal rientrano solo prodotti o servizi che non sono stati consegnati o non sono conformi alla descrizione." Sarebbe conforme una spedizione espressa consegnata con 7 giorni lavorativi di ritardo??? Inviato in seguito un messaggio all'assistenza di cui a distanza di 20 giorni non ho ricevuto risposta. Alla faccia della tanto pubblicizzata "Protezione acquisti PayPal"!

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