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About PaymentCloud

PaymentCloud is a merchant service provider that not only support any business type but also leads with low rates and a personalized touch. PaymentCloud has a wide range of supporting banks, a long list of chargeback and fraud mitigation solutions, and a real person to actually answer their clients' calls. PaymentCloud is good for high-risk account holders, companies that handle high volume monthly sales, and businesses large and small.


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  • Types of supported Businesses: Accounting & Tax Prep, Adult, Airlines, Bail Bonds, Bar & Restaurant, CBD, Cigars & Tobacco, Clothing & Apparel, Continuity-Subscription, Credit Repair, Debt Collection, Debt Consolidation, Digital Downloads, Document Preparation, Drop Shipping, Educational Seminars, Electronics, Guns & Firearms, Hair & Beauty Salon, Health & Fitness, High Risk, High Volume, Hotel & Hospitality, Hunting & Outdoor, Equipment, Jet Charter, MLM, Moving Companies, Nonprofit, Nutraceuticals & Supplements, Property Management, SaaS Companies, Self Defense, Tasers & Stun Guns, SEO & SEM Services, Smoking Accessories, Sports Betting Advice, Tech Support, Telemedicine, Vape & eCig, Web Design Services, etc.


Trustpilot reviews


May 25, 2022

I am leaving this review for both PaymentCloud and NorthAmericanBancard

I am leaving this review for both TMS, North American Bancard (Owner of PaymentsHub) and their reselling partner Payment cloud because they have all proven to be in on the FRAUD and I'm %100 certain that their plans throughout the Pandemic is to frustrate small business owners. Therefore if you are looking for a new merchant account, Make sure you RUN as fast as you can away from PaymentCloud and their processing partners TMS (North American Bancard) They also own, so as soon as you see any of those names, DO NOT GO FURTHER, I REPEAT DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER, else you will live to regret that decision. I will be taking it upon myself for the next 90Days to leave a review daily for both companies because that is how much time i have waited after the 90days for my reserve funds held by TMS to be released, yet they are still holding on to it, Why....? I no longer have the same business address and since i lost my accomodation, TMS and PaymentCloud have refused to have my check sent to an alternate address after 4days of them first initially accepting to have my check sent to an alternate address which i provided them and waited for NOTHING. Mind you, they were supposed to put this funds in my Bank Account, but that itself is impossibble because when they signed me up for a merchant account, My bank wanted a pre-notification, and so deposits from TMS were returend. I requested to have my bank account changed with TMS/PaymentsHUB/PaymentsCloud, even filled out a form for the changes to be processed but TMS/PaymentsHUB/PaymentsCloud did not do nothing about it, They claimed i alone can change it from the PaymentsHub protal which i tired to do, but then again, their system will not send me a CODE to my phone for verification. More than 2weeks they did not do anything to make these changes, I was already being harassed by my customers, i had to ask that they request a chargeback via their banks which they did. Some got their funds withdrawn from my bank account. Fast forward, TMS/PaymentsHUB/PaymentsCloud Closed my account and gave a 90days period for chargebacks to be paid back which has noW become 180days on 23rd May 2022 and they are still HOLDING to my reserve funding for their own negligence to fix my Merchant account. Their Reviews on Yelp, google, reddit and other review pages will guide you accordingly, too bad i came across them late, would have never attempted it.


May 24, 2022

Been with the company for a short…

Been with the company for a short period of time but since day one they are very professional and follow the rules as well. My account manager David Mellan is a great guy ! Go to him to get approved and to have a professional handle your account ! Best Regards Jeff W


May 23, 2022

Really impressed with the service

Really impressed with the service


May 19, 2022

An extensive process through a lack of communication

I started the process with PaymentCloud back in March and I only just got approved a few days ago in May. I was originally quoted the process taking a week, maybe two, not months. I also had to provide an extreme amount of information, even have someone come to my business address and take pictures. I can understand needing to provide company information given that it is within a high risk industry, but a combination of extensive wait times, constant asks from the processing banks for adjustments, sending someone to my address and all the while majority of these processes were not originally communicated to me, made the entire process frustrating. If the extensive process was better communicated to me from the start then I wouldn't be as upset about the situation, but I was overpromised and underdelivered.


May 17, 2022

Payment Cloud Inc

Payment Cloud Inc. is a wonderful company to work with. Eran is a wonderful guy and he worked hard to get me approved for the things I needed to get help with.


May 17, 2022

Nothing worked well from the beginning

Nothing worked well from the beginning. Hot sure if this company serious or just 1 man operation. Seles person was incompetent. Lued about delivering equipment and set up. Nothing is organized.


May 17, 2022

Very good customer service experience.

Very good customer service experience.

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