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About Osper

Osper offers mobile banking for families. Osper is a prepaid debit card for children that parents can review and control from an app on their phone. It offers a safe MasterCard prepaid debit card and a simple mobile banking app with separate logins for young people and parents. All money on Osper is safely managed by a European regulated bank.


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2.5 GBP

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  • GBP

    (British pound)

Additional Requirements

  • To use the service, young people must be at least 8 years old and must sign up with a parent or legal guardian. Their parents or guardians must be U.K. residents with a debit card from a U.K. bank.

Trustpilot reviews


Mar 25, 2022

An absolute must have card for children…OSPER

An absolute must have card for children up to 18. As the parent account I am able to load money straight onto the card. Great in keeping track of where when and how money is being spent. Lots off features on the app including blocking card should it get lost..disabling on line spending ..also disabling contactless feature plus many other features The customer care agents are very easy to deal with and are a great team who always respond to messages very quickly. A card you can trust for your child/children


Feb 18, 2022

Osper is a great introduction

Osper has been a great starting point for both of my girls from a young age up to them becoming teenagers. Easy to use and good access for both parents and children. I would totally recommend! Love the fun cards too 😊


Feb 17, 2022

My daughter lost her wallet and a…

My daughter lost her wallet and a member of the public found it and phoned Osper to report it. Osper shared the person’s phone number with me so I was able to collect the wallet and reunite it with my daughter. Osper locked the card but have now unlocked it to complete the happy ending to this story. I can’t think of another financial institution that would have gone to the trouble is passing on the number of the person who found the wallet. I am very grateful for excellent customer services from Niju and team.


Feb 4, 2022

It’s been a pleasure watching my son…

It’s been a pleasure watching my son learn about money via his Osper card. Which he’s found very easy to manage. He’s even been able to buy us lunch! My son is now old enough for a bank account, so we’ve cancelled his card. The customer service team have been excellent in helping me do this. I would highly recommend Osper to anyone looking for a first bank account and cash card 👍


Jan 20, 2022

Awesome introduction to handling money.

I set up an Osper account for both my boys when we started giving an allowance. It’s been an excellent tool to help them understand and keep track of their money. To have their allowance deposited weekly and have an app that they can keep an eye on is awesome. You can easily load with money and block use too! My eldest has moved onto a regular bank account now but my youngest will still use his for a few years yet. Thanks Osper!


Jan 8, 2022

Great for kids even better for their parents

I set up an Osper card when my son was £14 and it was invaluable helping him to manage his money but also to help him out in financial emergencies which happened quite frequently when he started going out - such a life saver The support has always been superb and it is an incredible easy app to use so I would highly recommend it


Dec 1, 2021

Osper Support

Been trying to contact Osper support for 3 days now, each time I get an automated email asking if I'm trying to cancel then another what appears to be copy past email, after which i get zero response

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