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One Finance Britain Ltd
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One Finance Britain Ltd

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About One Finance Britain Ltd

One Finance Britain Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on providing e-wallets and payment cards. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, One Finance Britain Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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  • providing e-wallets and payment cards

Trustpilot reviews


Apr 5, 2022

Amazing 🤌

I've been with them since October 2021. The reps are nice. The banking experience has been amazing. It's a good bank if you are average joe or if you have OCD like me. 100% would recommend. 😁


Dec 30, 2021

A really nice online-banking experience.

I've had One for about 6 weeks. It took some time to transfer all of my direct deposits to One and to set up automatic payments for my credit cards, etc. (as it would with transitioning to any new bank), but One has features nobody else has. First, there is generous interest earned on money in the Save "pocket" (1%) and even better interest (3%) on money in the Auto-Save "pocket". Second, being able to set up multiple pockets, and SHARE them with other ONE users is awesome. I set my daughter up with a ONE account, and we share a pocket so I can instantly send her money when she is off at college. Similarly, I set my mother up with a One account and can send her money instantly as well. No waiting days for money to become available to them... it is really "instant". Also, getting my pay 2-days early by direct deposit is super helpful. There is also a free credit line with up to 1-month to pay interest free, low credit fees (1% per month), and no additional fees. And the One App is first rate and easy to use. The down side? One promises it will have mobile check deposit functionality soon, but it is not yet available. That, and a traditional "bill-pay" service (also in development, apparently), are the only features One is missing. With those features, it will be the hands-down winner for internet banking.


Dec 21, 2021

Do NOT sign up for this bank

Do NOT sign up for this bank. They will not accept handwritten checks via mobile deposit from old people who make handwriting mistakes. My grandmother is 99, almost 100 years old, and she accidentally put 2023 instead of 2021. So, she does what EVERY check writing person does and changed the 3 to a 1. One Finance refused to accept it and wants me to have my old grandmother write another check. Gonna close my accounts and move somewhere else. My credit union accepted the check without any issue at all. THAT is how you do service.


Dec 6, 2021

Disappointed with One

I have been extremely disappointed with One and am in the process of closing my account. They don't seem to want my money. It took them almost three times as long as my new Marcus account to complete the external link with my credit union. After that was done with the small amounts in and out, I followed their instructions to do a transfer less than $500 the first time. That went through okay. The site stated that you could do subsequent larger transfers. I tried to initiate THREE subsequent transfers to fund my One account and ALL of them were cancelled by them. I've given up. Two good points though. The debit card did come quickly. And I did get good and quick responses from their email help account. Good luck if you decide to go with One.


Oct 28, 2021

Terrible customer service that will not…

Terrible customer service that will not listen to any customer concerns. They have a full discretion interest rate that their contract gives them the power to change it at any time with no warning. Highly recommend staying away


Oct 8, 2021

What a refreshing take on banking...

What a refreshing company that is adapting to a changing demographic. I really love their products. They offer 3 percent on direct deposit (no one else does this). They offer 1 percent on up to 25k--very few do this and definitley none of the major banks are even close. Chase bank and Bank of America pay around .05 of a percent--yikes. They have phone support, chat, and email support. I have access to more ATMs than I ever did with Chase or B of A. I suppose the momentary downfall is that you can't deposit cash. I rarely interact with cash so it's a non-issue for me. I hope they grow and do well. Also, Zo from Customer Service was helpful to a small issue I had and was able to resolve it quickly and with class. Well done, One!


Oct 4, 2021

I was a customer of Simple for many…

I was a customer of Simple for many years. When they were bought, I switched to One. I've waited months for them to delivery on promises, but they haven't. I can't pay my rent with this bank. Seriously. No checks. No bill pay. No integration with payment apps. You can only withdraw $500 a day. I'll be switching accounts asap and recommend that you steer clear if you want to actually be able to use your money.

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