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OMNIO EMI LIMITED is an electronic money institution focused on proprietary payment platform for businesses. OMNIO EMI LIMITED offers prepaid cards for UK residents, virtual accounts for UK residents, travel cards for UK residents, payout management, payroll management, international payments to businesses, individuals. In 2019 OMNIO EMI LIMITED had total assets of 1.48 mln GBP, OMNIO EMI LIMITED generated net income of 205,797.00 GBP. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, OMNIO EMI LIMITED is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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  • prepaid cards for UK residents, virtual accounts for UK residents, travel cards for UK residents

  • airlines, travel companies, banking, post office and retailers

Trustpilot reviews


Mar 28, 2022

Incrediby poor Customer Service and slow Fraud Department

OMNIO offers banking services to my bank in Ireland. My bank account was hacked a week ago by a third party under false pretences. I have immediately reported this to my bank, which in turn escalated my case with Omnio’s Fraud and Disputes department. Since I completed the form and sent it back to Omnio, I have not heard from them in weeks. Every emails went unanswered, my bank cannot contact them, and each passing day more money is taken from my account by this third party. I have not other recourse but to try to reach Omnio via social media and newspaper. My acquaintance who works for a large Irish newspaper is also writing an article about my case. Hopefully this will catch Omnio’s attention.


Jan 18, 2022

Stinkers . Full Stop

This company managed the Ramsdens Euro Travel Card. They ended that service and as a result I cannot access my Euro balance on the card. Ramsdens have been very helpful but Omnio stink. They do not respond timely and indeed they only responded when I wrote to the Ramsdens MD who passed it on. They say it will be 60 days before my money is actually returned. WARNING never ever use an service managed by this bunch. I have now complained to the Financial Ombudsman.

Refund!! it would actually be nice to get your own money

After waiting 2 weeks for my refund to hit my FX card I decided to contact FX who advised that due to a change in card services all refunds to an old card are being held by Omnio, firstly thanks FX for that update! after jumping through hoops to provide bank statements with my IBAN I was advised a further 2 weeks later my refund had been sent for processing and would be received within 28 days so after 28 days I contacted them again and was advised they would get in touch with Railsbank regarding an update I'm now 3 months from the start of the process and still nowhere near getting my own money, this is really poor both on FX and Omnio part


Nov 20, 2021

The most awful service

The most awful service. I wish I checked the reviews before I booked with this company. Not only does it seem to be impossible to contact the., I have also lost a substantial amount of money due to an error on their side. How can I contact them to ask for a refund???


Nov 17, 2021

Another unhappy Fairfx refund chaser

I had a refund of €9.99 paid to my Fairfx card, sometime in July. I waited ages, couldn't see it, but checked with the issuer and they showed me they had made the refund. Contated Fairfx they rold me to chase Omnio as Fairfx was no longer dealing with them and they could not do anything about my refund. Contacted Omnio, they wanted complete details of my bank account, including IBAN, crazy, as they only need the sort code and account number but I gave it them. was told on 27th September would be done within 28 !! working days. I emailed them on the 9th November to ask where it was, and on checking my bank statement noticed it had been paid on the 10th. Have just eceived a reply to my email, very sorry, they will look into where it is! I don't know who else they are involved with, but I have cancelled my Fairfx card, shame, as I'd had it since 2008 and was quite happy with it.


Sep 22, 2021

I am still waiting for my refund

I am still waiting for my refund, I was promised 28 days it’s now been 38 days and still no sign of MY MONEY which was refunded by the merchant on 6th August!!!! Email replies are vague and just state they are working through a backlog……even though I was originally reassured there was no backlog and there would be no delay!!!!!! Absolute liars!!!!!!! All I can do now is hope and pray that the financial ombudsman manages to get my money back for me as I have absolutely no faith in getting it from this company otherwise!!!! It’s absolutely disgusting!!!!! I am desperate for this money & am having to deal with this whilst still grieving for my Mum!!!!!!! I will also never ever use FairFX again after all this either, despite being a loyal customer for almost 10 years!!!!!!!


Sep 15, 2021


I have been waiting for a refund of $1347 that was made to an expired FairFX card since 6th August. It took a week to get a response to confirm they had begun to even process the refund, I was then advised it would take up to 28 days to process. It’s now been over a month and still no refund! I am waiting for this money to pay off my Mum’s funeral costs, both omnio and FairFX know my situation and what I’ve been going through and have continually lied and ignored me! I am now having to consider taking out a payday loan to cover my mums funeral costs which is just despicable really. The refund was made by the merchant in good faith and this company are just holding onto my money when I am absolutely desperate for it! I have also made an official complaint to the financial ombudsman now too.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of OMNIO EMI LIMITED Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. OMNIO EMI LIMITED provides the following services: Acquiring, API integration, Card processing solutions, Corporate Services, Exchanges, Mass Payouts, Merchant Accounts, Professional Services, SEPA Transactions, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance.

At the moment, OMNIO EMI LIMITED rating on Finscanner is 3.4 and on Trustpilot is 1.9.