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New Wave Capital Limited
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New Wave Capital Limited

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About New Wave Capital Limited

New Wave Capital Limited is an electronic money institution focused on credit cards for SMEs and self-employed. In 2019 New Wave Capital Limited had total assets of 163.83 mln GBP, New Wave Capital Limited generated net income of 1.60 mln GBP. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, New Wave Capital Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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up to 100 000 GBP


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  • credit cards for SMEs and self-employed

Trustpilot reviews


May 1, 2022

They are very manipulative and…

They are very manipulative and misleading. This what they tell you once you join, without indicating it is daily interest on card withdrawal. (Monthly interest 2.20% on card spend rate: 2.84% on any cash withdrawals or transfers to your business bank account.) You will also get this when you're about to withdraw. (Requested funds will incur a monthly interest rate of 2.84% per month. This is charged to your account at the end of your billing period) Till you make a withdrawal, then you'll get this. (Just a reminder that cash transfers will accrue interest on a daily basis while the funds are outstanding, and will appear on your statement at the end of each billing period.) --- you were never told it was a daily interest till you successfully make a withdrawal!!! Be very careful with them!!! They'll lure you!


May 1, 2022

Tula was excellent

Tula was excellent


May 1, 2022

Smooth application

Applied, got approved, created the account, set up the direct debit, got access to the funds and installed the app on my mobile. All done within 15 mins on a bank holiday weekend. The business credit will help me with cashflow. Excellent processing without contact with a single person, all done online via their website. Hoping everything in future will be this smooth.


Apr 30, 2022

This company steals your information

This company steals your information from companies house to send you credit card offers and discount codes. I haven’t tried to apply and would not want to be a customer, it reeks of unprofessionalism and I wouldn’t trust them with a penny. I called them to stop the letters and they then proceeded to text the number I called on without asking permission to store that information. Please avoid and report.


Apr 29, 2022

All positive

Amazingly quick signup, flexible credit and payback options, fast delivery of the physical card and responsive customer service. This combo is frankly a rare thing these days. Long may it continue here.


Apr 28, 2022

As expected, crap service from a crap company

As expected, I’ve just received a crap response to my complaint from this crap company. They think £50 is adequate compensation for sending arrears letters, emails and texts when there was no debt on the account! On to the Ombudsman then……. Stay well clear of these charlatans.

Excellent credit card

Excellent credit card - platform is very user friendly. Web chat help is good too - get a real human quite easily. The card has a great reward plan also.

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