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About Nerdwallet

NerdWallet develops a financial platform to help people find the right credit cards and mortgage rates. NerdWallet provides the tools, information, and insight people need to navigate all of life's financial decisions. NerdWallet offers excellent money-tracking tools, mobile apps, and personal finance tips, but it also has minimal transaction management and a sprawling site layout.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 1, 2022

Ran a credit application without permission

I agreed to check if I prequalify for a loan through One Main Financial and I acknowledged that it was not an application and that it wouldn't take a hit my credit. As it goes through the prequalification process, it checks for "prequalifications" of more companies than One Main Financial. Then I receive an e-mail from one of the other companies that was processed for a supposed prequalification check. It was a number to an actual application that they processed without my consent. I used to really like Nerdwallet up until now.This is not ok. Do not use.


Mar 24, 2022

Misleading referral company

Misleading referral company


Mar 17, 2022

Bait and Switch

After exploring this site and processing and getting pre-qualified offers, I applied for a personal loan with SOFI to cover my family's upcoming surrogacy expenses. Even though I have excellent credit and income, and was pre-qualified on your site and the SOFI's site, my application was denied (and reported). The inducements to apply on your site and the SOFI site say these loans are based on Annual Income. The SOFI website says the loan is based on Annual Income. The SOFI application says the loan will be based on Annual Income. There is NOTHING in the fine print or anywhere else that says otherwise. There is an asterix next to Annual Income on the SOFI application that lists only exceptions like child support, alimony, outside income. But it's a Bait and Switch. It's actually not "Annual Income" at all - the loan is actually based on taxable income - after all IRS allowed expenses, child or other tax credits, standard deductions, business expenses, investments, etc. What a shameful and cruel scam.


Feb 26, 2022

Time wasting scammers

Time wasting scammers. Loads of these sites about. After your personal information.


Jan 5, 2022

Thanks very much truspilot for what you…

Thanks very much truspilot for what you do. I have changed my mind after reading the reviews on here regarding loan agency. I will never ever borrow money.


Dec 7, 2021

Didn't let me upload all my banks

After getting all their spam, junk mails, and clutter on a Iark I signed up on this site. It's a mistake these days with all the advanced hacking, data leaks, and potential Identity theft to be putting your financial info out there in cyberspace. In the very least you will be getting a bunch of spam phone calls. It is well settled that the third party doctrine is in effect (google this) where if you put your data with a third party you have no resonable expectation of privacy. See: United States v Miller 425 U.S. 435 (1976). and Smith v Maryland 1979. Campbell v United States 2012 cert. denied. Riley's Searches of Third Party Clouds 19 Berkeley J crim l. 154, 191-195. A person really opens the door to trouble putting your financial info on these commercial sites. I bank at 3 places. My local bank I use more or less use as a check cashing booth. (0.0% interest). I only keep about $100 in this account. I was able to upload this account to nerd wallet no problem. Nerd wallet site also let me upload my Capitalone charge card and 360 savings which isn't very exciting either. The site started calculating my net worth, payments, and whatnot making it look like I spend way more than I make. Nerd wallet didn't even let me upload my annual income to their figures. Their site wouldn't let me upload my CDs, my VA pension, or investment accounts. They've never heard of Capitol Federal or the Insbank where the bulk of my assets lie. Maybe thats a good thing. From here on out I flag emails from Nerd Wallet as spam in my email. The site tells you they make money from sales off their site. To me this means they need us more than we need them.


Dec 2, 2021

Reviews are really paid for…

Reviews are really paid for advertisements. First they recommend a bank as giving quotes without being contacted. After providing all of the information required, I get to a page requiring my contact information if I want a quote. They also give a highly favorable review to, which dicked me around asking for information over and over again, only to turn around and state I did not qualify based on information they had from the start. I have over an 800 from all three credit reporting agencies.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Nerdwallet Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Nerdwallet provides the following services: Card Programs, Card providers, Credit cards, Debit cards, Debit cards (virtual), Exchanges, Loans, Marketplaces, Multi-currency Account, OTC Platforms, P2P, Payroll Cards, Prepaid cards, Safeguarding/Custiodian Accounts, Savings Account, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance, ACH.

At the moment, Nerdwallet rating on Finscanner is 3.6 and on Trustpilot is 1.4.