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Neo Financial
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Neo Financial

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About Neo Financial

Neo Financial is a FinTech company that provides spending, savings, and rewards programs. Neo Financial is a Canadian company that offers a cash-back rewards credit card and high-interest savings accounts. Neo is a fully digital financial institution, which means they have no brick & mortar branches. Users will do all their banking with Neo via app or by logging in to their account on the website.


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Additional Requirements

  • to live in Canada, have a Canadian photo ID, and be the age of majority in your province to apply for the Neo Card. A range of credit scores is accepted.

Trustpilot reviews


Apr 21, 2022

Best master-card + free $50 signup

Best master-card on the market. Crazy high cash back and it’s all digital and free. If you use the code V6S3D5G8 to signup you get a bonus $50


Apr 3, 2022

Disappointing, not tech savvy

So disappointing. Won't link to Quickbooks banking. They do not allow you to set up auto-pay unless you open a neo bank account and pay from that account (completely defeating the purpose of auto-pay)


Jan 5, 2022

Hudson's Bay neo MasterCard - cool new card

I got my new Hudson's Bay card, now issued by neo Financial. They are very tech savvy, so it was easy sign up and I was able to use the card immediately for online transactions and with Apple Pay, while waiting to receive the physical card. The iOS app and website are both easy to use to keep up with transactions and balance remaining. One drawback, is that they aren't yet set up to sync with budgeting software (e.g. Quicken).


Dec 6, 2021

Unacceptable Customer Support!!!

Couldn’t set up my online account and got locked out. Waited on hold for 1.5 hr and then 3 hrs. Finally got through the third time after 2+ hours - unacceptable!


Nov 28, 2021

FORCED TO get this credit card by The…

FORCED TO get this credit card by The Hudson Bay. Awful customer service. No one ever answers the 1-855 number. Today placed an order through customer service at the Bay and Khent told me my account insists on using another credit card! What was the point of going through applying and waiting for my Neo Financial Master Card?!!


Oct 4, 2021

I'm very disappointed that Hudson Bay…

I'm very disappointed that Hudson Bay is promoting this card! I've had $3,000 of incorrect charges in 3 days, and this company just say "wait and see, then chase down the Hudson Bay clerk that made the transactions". Wow. I bought some children's clothes and the clerk voided the transaction as the discount was not taken into account, and re rang the correct amount. No refund or void came through, and the incorrect and correct amounts were posted to my account. The biggest purchase $1,340 was also voided/refunded by the jewelry salesperson, but two transactions for $1,340 went to my account as well as the corrected transaction of $1,035. This stupid credit card company I got sucked into because I got a better discount, is just saying "take it up with the store, Hudson's Bay" I am, but I don't think the sales people did anything wrong, their managers checked the transactions, they were very thorough. It's this company, who I hear is having many problems with transactions double or triple posting and not giving the customers the credits the stores have issued! Apparently they know of the problem, but the customer service just keeps saying, "wait until the transactions are posted, and if something is wrong, take it up with the store." I hope this gets straightened out eventually, but I'm sickened by this and the blow off I've gotten when emailing and calling this company. DON'T get this "Neo" credit card it's a headache, time waster, and not reputable. Hudson's Bay should never have gotten tied into this card, and it is NOT a Hudson Bay card. Update - I've been requested to move this complaint from Neo finance to Neo financial. I have been refunded my incorrect transactions, after a lot of time, effort, calls, sending proofs, meeting with the Bay manager (not impressed). They Bay points to Neo and Neo to the Bay's POS procedure. Not an apology from either the Bay or Neo. No explanation.


Sep 21, 2021

Worst card ever!

Too bad zero stars is not an option. Customer service is only available during business hours on weekdays. So if you lose your card or need to contact customer service on the weekends, tough luck! Also they gave me a ridiculously high credit limit. After signing up for the card (in store) I asked that they lower the credit limit - staff told me to call customer service. When I called customer service (on a weekday haha) they told me there is no way to lower the credit limit. That is laughable. What kind of company is this? Very disappointing choice by Hudson’s Bay! I could not cancel this card quick enough!

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Neo Financial Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Neo Financial provides the following services: Card providers, Cash withdrawal, Debit cards, Debit cards (virtual), Loans, P2P, Savings Account, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance.

At the moment, Neo Financial rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 2.6.