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NBA Top Shot
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NBA Top Shot


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About NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot Marketplace was born when the NBA partnered with Dapperlabs, a blockchain based experience company to create the first exclusive collection of NBA digital Assets in 2020.





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  • ETH


  • USDC

    (USD Coin)

  • BCH

    (Bitcoin Cash)

  • DAI


Additional Information

  • Trading Cards, Collectibles

Trustpilot reviews


Mar 21, 2022

A Real Shame - Avoid

A real shame. This site has the potential to provide a great customer experience but it is clearly not run by the right people. It is clearly run with a profit first mindset. There are two areas that make me warn others of setting up an account. Firstly I had spent over $2K on this site but when it came to verifying my ID I was treated instantly as a criminal and threatened with an account ban. All because their online ID verification process did not process it properly. Their reason for this was to “protect NBA Top Shot members” even though I had proof it was my account and couldn’t have possibly been anyone else’s. It was a terrible experience and I was luckily enough in the end to reclaim my account but what was very clear was they lacked any policies and procedures to deal with the issue. It was more like an “ad hoc” decision which means it could have equally have gone the other way. They could have simply said no and banned my account and taking along with it all my NFT’s. Do you want this to happen to you? The second issue is I have a lack of confidence in their algorithm. It needs to be verified by an independent third party because I have received on many occasions double ups in the same pack so there must be errors. It really was a shame the customer service is run in such a manner because its a fun site. They need a proper app that runs efficiently as the site doesn’t flow as good as it could. Overall it’s an AVOID, get your NBA related NFT’s somewhere else like OpenSea.


Jan 20, 2022

SCAM behind NBA title

I can confirm what others said too: since you can't get money back they should not take it also & should be banned to be used outside of US. This is a "legit" scam !


Jan 3, 2022

You literally cannot withdraw your funds!

Quick to take your cash from anywhere in the world, they verify your international ID from most anywhere in the world... then if you go to withdraw, you can only do so if you are in the US, Canada or UK ?? Anywhere else in the rest of the world, you just lose your money, and have literally zero options. That's crap, if you can't withdraw they shouldn't take your money! BTW: For those in the US, a $25 fee to wire your withdrawal fee to you, how backwards is this country? I can transfer $10 to a mate here using my bank app, for absolute free within seconds, and they receive it in their bank within minutes, this from a little island nation in the bottom of the world... Goes down as little more than a scam in my book.


Oct 23, 2021

Big scam they all you deposit but won’t…

Big scam they all you deposit but won’t allow you to withdraw


Oct 7, 2021

Scam they don't withdraw money from…

Scam they don't withdraw money from Dapper wallet


Sep 26, 2021

Biggest scam company

Biggest scam company - they say videos are selling for 250k - 1M ! Yeah right! I could not sell any for more than $4usd , they lock your money away, when you try to get it out, they say we charge you $25 to give your money back!! What a joke!! DO NOT BUY, PURE SCAM; every replay is worth $0


Jul 26, 2021

Its a big scam nothing else…

Its a big scam nothing else…

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