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About Moves Financial

Moves Financial is a financial technology company and is not a bank. Moves Financial provides small loans of up to 2500 USD to workers that are looking to start earning some extra cash in the gig economy. Banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank N.A; Member FDIC. The Moves Financial Visa® Debit Card is issued by Blue Ridge Bank N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Cash advances are provided by Moves Financial, not Blue Ridge Bank N.A.


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Trustpilot reviews


Nov 28, 2021

Better options in the market

I wouldn’t trust this company. There are better alternatives in the market.


Nov 19, 2021

I cannot caution strongly enough against switching to moves

Unexpectedly had my bank account closed while working for GrubHub. I already had a moves financial account that I hadn't used so I thought why not switch my gig deposits over and I can get a cash advance when I need one. What a mistake that was 2 weeks now still haven't been paid over $700 while the support is quick to respond they're not quick to do anything they gave me a $20 credit which was supposed to last me I guess 2 weeks to eat feed my kid work pay for somewhere to stay gas and now their error their Bank errors they have not created my account or anything and now my Thanksgiving is ruined my whole holiday week next week ruined my child taking away from me my car code because of a clerical error on their part thanks a lot please Christmas is coming up stay away from me


Nov 5, 2021

Don't trust this company

This company refused to help me secure my account after being in a data breach . I was told several times that they would change my email address on their end . Nope . They have went back on their word . If you have a problem , they won't help you . They will stop responding to you They don't care . Go elsewhere


Aug 4, 2021

great app concept, but a dissapointment/can't access the cash advance til their card arrives!

I have been looking for an app like Moves Financial for a while. WHile there is an OVER-ABUNDANCE of finance apps that will issue its users cash advances and credit building opportunities, they ALL require a checking account that basically must be verifiable using Plaid. Of course, NONE of the accounts I actually use with my employment and paycheck are verifiable this way. Plaid claims Amex serve is but it definitely isn't. As a gig worker (I deliver for uberEATS) my pay schedule is also erratic/abnormal. I am allowed to cash out my pay up to 5 times daily and i often do, meaning i have a daily or weekly paycheck. This baffles those no end. Because I like cashing out for free, why wouldn't I use Uber's special Uber visa debit card through GO Bank (branch of Green Dot)?? UNfortunately Plaid doesn't recognize Go bank, or Uber visa. it does green dot but because its not actually a green dot account that option is out too. So when I saw that Moves actually connects to your gig employer to verify how much you earn weekly and bases your approval for a spending account and/or cash advance on that amount, I was super excited. I applied for the spending account on a friday and was approved on Monday. WIth my weekly earning average I qualified for a $250 advance and in about a week they said they would start taking out about $14 a week from my direct deposit and this would continue on until the cash advance was repaid. The cash advance was issued immediately to my Moves spending account. It was then that I realized I had no way to access the money. Because they now have a spending account, and apparently will issue and send out a physical debit card upon approval to this account, they don't require albeit even give you the option of linking your own bank accounts to the Moves account. In fact I think they intend on completely replacing your current financial institution entirely. Switching your direct deposit to the Moves spending account is a requirement to accessing and being qualified for their cash advances. They have a pretty decent help center and even offer live chat assistance M_F but it closes at 5 pm EST and I'm on the west coast. I tried to use it this morning to figure out why even after PayPal had done the microdeposits to verify my account and it was a confirmed bank on my paypal account, my transactions havee all been declined. They wanted a screen shot of what it was saying and when i tried to attach it to the chat it kicked me off the chat over and over again. I wrote an email and attached the screen shots instead. We'll see if i get a response any time soon. I have no idea how long it will take for this moves debit card to arrive but i'm guessing 7-10 business days or about 2 weeks minumum which doesn't help when you need money now. Why would i want a cash advance I cannot even access for up to 2 weeks /??? THe help center has a whole section about this issue and they claim you can utilize and access your advance on any 3rd party app that will accept payment with a routing and account number . They list off paypal, venmo and cash app and give step by step instructions how to do so but this is all bull! I did all of this and non of them worked. PayPal verified and confirmed the account after 24 hours but all transactions been declined and its the BANK that is declining them. Venmo transactions and paymets declined too. and cash app wont really let you send someone money with just a bank account and no debit card. you can try. it says the institution declined the transaction. Please Moves, get it together and why the heck are we not issued a temporary virtual debit card like practically EVERY SINGLE OTHER FINANCIAL APP in the whole world does???? it's basically a major security risk to send payment using only someon'es account number and routing number. THose are pretty easily accessible and really this is outdated . Whats crazy is there is NO OTHER APP like this one that will link with my uber driver account and use the payment info off of it directly and not off the bank where the payments are deposited directly too. I want to use and love this app but i need access to that cash advance and it's not looking like i'll even access it before they start taking out money to pay it back! the irony!!


Jul 9, 2021

Moves Financial Lacks a Common Sense of Morality

Moves financial offered me a loan which i intended to uae for car repairs. They claimed i could use the account and routing numbers to access the funds. Upon trying for nearly 17 hours now, this is untrue. Most institutions- actually all- are requiring plaid except perhaps paypal. Upon trying to use plaid, neither moves financial nor blue ridge was listed. The sites that allowed me to manually enter didnt support venmo and one cited blue ridge as a security risk. Upon calling moves i was met with "we are so sorry for your trouble, but deal with it" attitude. . yes deal with the fact that they are costing me my 2 biggest money making days of the week... No compassion and obviously no sense if right and wrong since the only thing i asked was they find an alternative to fix their mistake. Nope. So i took screenshots of the whole conversation. Yes, they truly "care" about gig workers...


Feb 25, 2021

The rates are ok but the company is…

The rates are ok but the company is sketchy as hell - no address, no phone number, and the CEO posts about anti-union garbage on his Twitter so any promises this company makes seem shallow. Stay away


Feb 15, 2021

Overall - one 'Meh'!

So this is an up-and-coming competitor, but their rates aren't really something to speak about. Read the fineprint and you would be surprised. Above all though, I've been wandering about the online presence of this company. Their Twitter and Facebook just repost industry news, I see no photos of offices, staff...Is there any validity to this startup? Does this explain the subpar rates and overall policy? I tried to look for genuine experiences with the company, but even their testimonials seem to be not authentic. It seems some people have beef with the CEO - I have no idea who that is, nor do I care. However, I did perform a reverse Google search on those testimonials and all of them are stock site photos. I'd be willing to give this company a further shot if a) they offer better rates as a new entrant in the market and b) I see some GENUINE staff/customer/anything public-related information. So far this looks pretty shady, to be honest, all things considered.

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