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About Mogo

Mogo is a financial technology company from Canada founded in 2003. Mogo helps its clients to manage their finances. Mogo offers a wide range of financial services including buy and sell Bitcoin. Mogo enables customers to get digital spending accounts, mortgages, prepaid cards, free credit score monitoring, identity fraud protection, and the MogoCrypto account.


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Trustpilot reviews


Apr 11, 2022

Looked into a mogo loan but didn't go…

Looked into a mogo loan but didn't go through with it, have unsubscribed from they're emails dozens of times over the past three months and continue to constantly get emails, so far its been impossible to contact a human. Just non stop harassing emails trying to pressure me into taking out a loan. Illegal and immoral practices outright


Mar 29, 2022

Don’t waste your time you will be…

Don’t waste your time you will be approved at first and then you will pay them off in full and you won’t be approved again anytime soon….


Mar 20, 2022

From best to worst...

Once upon a time MOGO was the best in the business. Great customer service and great products. And over the years have declined into garbage. They are the slowest in terms of customer service and loan processing, and the worst in terms of perks for using their service. When you sink below Money Mart, you know you are doing something wrong. MOGO used to be my go to prepaid Visa but now I use KOHO because of the cash back feature. Every loan company except MOGO seems to be able to process a loan within hours except MOGO. And even paying back a loan took over a week to ensure they kept the tab running a little longer. From riches to rags. Now that I have no loans, and no Visa card, I will never work with them again.


Mar 10, 2022

Mogo enslaves and gouges

Mogo lends you money, then gouges you each with each payment -- charging only interest, which is always at an ample 36% and up. Their representatives also make promises one week which the next week Mogo won't keep. If you deal with Mogo they'll enslave you.


Feb 2, 2022

Mogo is shady and for some reason LOVES…

Mogo is shady and for some reason LOVES TO HELP THEMSELVES IN KEEPING YOU INFORMATION EVEN IF YOU WERE DECLINED A LOAN!! AND WILL CONSTANTLY LIE ABOUT DELETING IT They have no rights in doing this for what reason they do ...who knows but myself and two other people repeatly had to send messages to delete our info and they bull face lie and tell you that they did. But sure enough u go and check login and there it is..and two years later....finally ESCULATING the matter and taking it up with the human rights commission..they will definitely paying out more then some little loan


Dec 30, 2021

Completely criminal

Completely criminal. Used my joint bank account to somehow connect to my business account despite me not them any information about that account. It was linked to my profile that mogo used to withdraw money out of my business without my consent and despite having historically only taken it out of my personal account. Oddly enough this happened as soon as they sold their corporate loan book (supposedly made of only US companies with Corp lines of credit) not even available in Canada. Still have been sorting out the mess


Dec 11, 2021

Got approved for a loan for our company…

Got approved for a loan for our company weeks ago and up until last week Monday we still could not get any feedback from Mogo. Fortunately my broker got us introduced to Ed a private lender at Capital Realty LLC, our loan got approved within 3days.. God knows we really needed that money for the business especially now because of the holidays. If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest option then banks and traditional lenders like Mogo are probably not for you. Get at edcapitalrealty atoutlook(dot)com They work with you, not matter your credit score or issues, at the same time you can get with their financial especialistas to increase your credit score. I will recommend them 100%

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Mogo Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Mogo provides the following services: API integration, Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Card Programs, Card providers, Credit cards, Crypto-friendly Account, Prepaid cards, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance, Wealth Management, ApplePay, GooglePay.

At the moment, Mogo rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 1.7.