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Metro Bank Plc
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Metro Bank Plc


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About Metro Bank Plc

Established in 2010, Metro Bank became the first high street bank to open in the UK in over 100 years. Metro Bank provides a range of retail banking products and services to individuals and business clients.


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34% annually

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    (British pound)

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  • B2C commission, fintech, banking

  • Bank accounts, Savings, Borrowing, Mortgages, Insurance, Safe deposit boxes, Private banking

  • Business accounts, Deposit accounts, Borrowing options, Insurance

  • Property industry, Healthcare industry, Hospitality and leisure industry, Charities and Not-for-profits, Trustee banking, Inward investments, Financial Services

Trustpilot reviews


May 24, 2022

Racial profiling

I booked an appointment to open a business account. I went to the Bank in Oakgrove Milton Keynes l. The staff asked for my documents i showed my British passport. Then again he asked me where i was born. I said i was born in Afghanistan but lived in UK for more than 21 years. He went inside and after 10 minutes said. I am sorry because i was born in Afghanistan we have to treat you differently. I thought he is joking. He said no this is our policy. Then he blamed on FCA. I said no thank you i dont want to ioen an account who discriminate against my race, This Bank do racial profiling i have bever seen anywhere in the world.


May 23, 2022

Terrible customer service

I went in to try to open an account. They asked for proof of address, which I gave them, and then they wanted a second document to prove my address, which I also gave them. This sparked a big discussion as to whether they could accept a letter from the NHS, including two staff members directly in front of me debating whether or not I was trying to commit fraud. They finally decided the letter wouldn't do and I'd have to come back the next day. I did this, and then they said there was no one available to open the account for me, despite the fact that I was speaking to the very woman who had been preparing to do it the day before. They also seemed to think I was totally mad to expect this kind of service in the afternoon, well within the bank's opening hours. By that point I'd had enough of their nonsense and rudeness and just went to Lloyds, where I got an account with no trouble at all.


May 23, 2022

Perfect bank so much better than other…

Perfect bank so much better than other highstreet banks


May 23, 2022

New account while you wait.....a bunch of misleading advertising

Looked online and their website offered to open a bank account at a branch without an appointment and says 'turn up at a time that suits you' and leave with your account open within 10 minutes and walk away with your new account and debit card. Checked that the Moorgate branch was listed under this offer and it was. Turned up to find they do NOT open accounts for business atall in the branch. I pointed out the ad on their site and they said NO. So if they Re that dishonest when trying to open an account imagine what running one with them will be like. They offered to take my documents and someone would contact me in a few days. I asked about the 7 day switch guarantee and they said that would not start until someone had actually opened the account. Basically a bunch of corporate liars in my opinion. Make your own judgement on the above but my advise, don't waste your time with people who run incorrect advertising to get you through the door. Let's see what thay think when they get an invoice for my time and train fare ! Pg


May 23, 2022

Good service provided by Ankita Sharma Piccadiliy store metrobank...

Visited the Picadily branch this morning to open a safety deposit box. Ankita was very professional and quickly arranged everything. Thank you.


May 22, 2022

Avoid Birmingham City Centre…

Went into Birmingham City Centre Branch. Told no slots available today to open new account. Can you come tomorrow. I asked for appointment was informed no appointment service available. Therefore went in next day this time early in the morning. Was told the same thing again. Yet there were only a couple of customers in the bank. Was offered to make an appointment, should have been given this option the first day I went in. Was also told that this is as a one off as appointments are not give. If appointments are not given how come I was told all slots are full. I was so disgusted by the way I had been treated on both days that I walked out of the branch. Very unprofessional.


May 22, 2022


Mobile app has not functioned for some weeks. Very long wait times when trying to call customer services.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Metro Bank Plc Banks with reviews from real users and our experts. Metro Bank Plc provides the following services: Bank Account Openings, Card Programs, Card providers, Debit cards, Loans, Mass Payouts, Professional Services, Savings Account.

At the moment, Metro Bank Plc rating on Finscanner is 3.6 and on Trustpilot is 2.6.