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About Masthaven

Masthaven Bank was founded in 2004. At that time, the company only offered secured lending and bridging loans. After receiving a banking licence in 2016, Masthaven expanded into retail banking and now offers savings accounts, bridging loans, mortgages, and development finance. Masthaven is committed to providing solutions tailored to individual clients and treating their lending decisions as such. Masthaven also offers a commercial bridging loan that can help customers buy a commercial property until they can arrange something more long-term.


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Trustpilot reviews


Mar 13, 2022

Waste of time and money…

Was given advice from our broker about using Masthaven for a bridging loan. Was very sceptical after reading reviews, but was assured everything would go okay. We bent over backwards and did everything they asked us to do with getting surveys etc to be let down after 4 months. Was very disappointed a would never recommend anyone to use them. In fact I wouldn't even give them one star. By the way they are not doing bridging loans so don't bother looking at them


Feb 6, 2022

This is the worst company ever

This is the worst company ever, unhelpful, incompetent staff. They kept us hanging on and started asking daft questions almost like what colour my partners favourite underwear was and my favourite socks, even worse wanted personal details about my accountant!!!!! They only deserve -20 stars. They also took the survey fee on almost £600.00 up front a d no survey after nearly 3 months was arranged. Thankfully I had a massive row with what seemed like a child and did get my money back. Please please don't have anything to do with this complete bunch of cowboys. I'm very surprised that the FCA hasn't shut them down. AVOID.


Jan 18, 2022

Proof of identification…

I was asked for proof of identification so, after a phone conversation assuring me that whatever I sent would be returned after a couple of days, I sent my driving licence by recorded mail. It took many phone calls before I got my driving licence back, 6 weeks after I sent it.


Jan 5, 2022

Very Poor communication,terrible…

Very Poor communication,terrible customer service and attitude. Choose wisely. Be it on your own head if you use this company.


Dec 20, 2021

Legals were tortuous

Masthaven were all good for the bridging loan we used them for. The terms were good and their administration efficient. However, their lawyers Brightstone Law were an absolute pain. They were pedantic, nit-picking and went to a level of enquiry well beyond what was appropriate for a residential property. For example, they insisted on hard copies rather than email of documents from our lawyers as if we were in the 1980s. I have sold and bought a few houses in my time, but this lot made this the most stressful transaction ever. I couldn't work out if it was because they were using untrained tick-box staff or their anal-retentive actions were driven by a gravy train of fees from their client.


Dec 15, 2021

Easy to set up my new fixed term a/c at…

Easy to set up my new fixed term a/c at a great rate of interest. THEN when I tried to transfer money from my Lloyds a/c my online banking has been suspended as they do not approve this bank! Has anybody else had this problem?


Nov 24, 2021

Awful company

Awful company. Took 4 months of them asking for the same information over and over, and copies of documents they had already received. Get to the final hurdle and they decline at the last minute. This was from the same bank statements they had seen 4 months before and said everything was fine. Joke of a lenders. Never again !!!!!

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