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LATOKEN is developing a one-stop multi-asset trading platform, and the goal is to become a leader in the crypto trading market entering Top-20 crypto exchanges by trading volume. $300m+ daily turnover More than 300.000 registered traders 320+ crypto pairs available for trading Low trading and withdrawal fees New trading pairs are being added every week Besides crypto trading, eligible LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages. Security Token Offerings (STO) are also available on LATOKEN crypto exchange. Other features of LATOKEN Platform include: Instant exchange (LA DIRECT) Advanced trading features Crypto/fiat gateway


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Trustpilot reviews


May 3, 2022

Great and excellent service

Great and excellent service


Apr 21, 2022


WARNING - THIS IS A SCAM EXCHANGE They are promoting scam IEOs. They are promoting IEOs promising growth of 100% to 500%. They are cheating and lying to founders and employees. They are misleading founders to think they will have successful IEOs while it never happens. They will not disclose who are the shareholders or directors of the company. We urge you to stay away from LATOKEN and not entrust them with any of your funds! LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency exchange aimed at those who prefer a very wide range of coins to trade from, and boasts low fees among seemingly attractive features. It was launched in 2017 and in October of that year completed its ICO, raising $19.6M in Ether by selling its LA token. To this day, LATOKEN have not provided concrete evidence or documentation that presents viable token economics which justify the value of the token and its title of "utility token", although they are constantly trying to convince users that it is one. LATOKEN's User Experience is average. No KYC is required to start trading (a bonus for some and concern for others) and the website quality is fair. Customer support are quick to reply and answer your question. The platform's performance is average at best: many outlets claim LATOKEN is reporting fake volume numbers which are coordinated by the exchange itself to boost its rankings. If true, it must mean that the representation of the platform's performance is questionable - The trade matching engine might appear to withstand a heavy load, but if and when "real" volume comes along we have no way of determining if the infrastructure upon which the exchange is built is capable of handling such situations without hiccups. At the start of 2021, LATOKEN currently offers many features, including the following: the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency using a credit card, the ability to invest in startups via their IEO market, and the ability to list an IEO. They have signup bonuses for new users as well as a referral program. Their app is available in both the Apple and Android app stores. They have numerous trading pairs listed, although some display little to no trading volume. The LATOKEN team is large and most are based in Moscow. However, we have received personal testimonies from former LATOKEN employees detailing the sad reality of working at the company: Daily scrutiny from higher ranking employees, a mafia-like behavior by top executives and unheard of business practices endorsed by the company. After cross-examining these type of reports from many different sources, we are sad to report that we believe the human factor at LATOKEN is unworthy of doing business with. LATOKEN manages to create a considerable social media presence, providing promotions to encourage trading, listing new coins frequently and maintaining several communication channels. Our Trust in LATOKEN's ability to safeguard user funds is extremely low. While they were never hacked, LATOKEN's regulatory status is quite unclear: it is incorporated in Singapore, where crypto laws could be seen as a bit "loose". They do keep some user funds in cold storage, although they don't mention how much. Additionally, there seems to be a significant amount of users who report that the exchange is making it hard for them to withdraw their money, with the withdrawal system either not working or withholding user funds altogether, and no real help offered or given by the customer support team. We do believe something in the "let-users-withdraw-their-own-money" workflow is broken or at least not functioning as well as it should, and it also might even be a deliberate attempt by the exchange to take money out of users’ pockets. Finally, we have directly received reports from projects who worked with LATOKEN alongside internal employee testimonies which describe the terrible state of affairs inside the company, the way they deliberately try to scam money out of projects and into their own pockets and so for us - LATOKEN is currently best avoided.


Apr 17, 2022


Hello, I was nearly on the way to loss my LAtoken account, due to 2FA Authentication. But, with your assistance (and that of Google) I get back this account like I signed up with it. Thanks a lot.


Apr 6, 2022

la app no me abre me dice que hay un…

la app no me abre me dice que hay un problema de captcha


Apr 5, 2022

Hibásan utaltam a Coinbase-ról a…

Hibásan utaltam a Coinbase-ról a Latoken számlámra,, és a Latoken csapat gyorsan megoldotta a problémám.


Apr 3, 2022

Invio ogni mese dei token TKG al mio…

Invio ogni mese dei token TKG al mio wallet su Latoken ed ogni mese, invece di vedere i miei token accreditati in pochi minuti, come avviene in qualunque altro exchange, sono costretto ad attendere giorni e giorni inviando screenshots delle mie transazioni ad un fantomatico payment team che solo dopo minacce di denuncia accredita i TKG sul mio wallet. La cosa più drammatica è che avviene puntualmente ogni mese. L'unica risposta che ricevo è: ci scusi per l'incoveniente e abbia pazienza risolveremo il suo problema. Sono stanco ed ho deciso di denunciare l'accaduto.


Apr 2, 2022

Dolandırıcı smart trade go ile…

Dolandırıcı smart trade go ile çalışıyorsunuz. Paramızı aldılar sistemi kapattılar ödemiyorlar.

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