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About Lance

Lance is the first smart business banking account for the self-employed. Banking services are provided through Blue Ridge Bank. Lance automatically allocates personal income, tax withholding, business expenses, and profit for individual businesses. With basic bookkeeping, entry-level accounting, and taxes done, self-employed workers now have everything they need to grow financially-compliant and stable businesses.


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    (United States dollar)

Additional Requirements

  • You have to be a US citizen to open a Lance account.

Additional Information

  • Lance is optimized for the self-employed. If you're a freelancer, a side-hustler, or anyone who uses a 1099 form, Lance is your best option for a business bank account.

Trustpilot reviews


May 14, 2022

Each account I attached to it they were…

Each account I attached to it they were denied stating Suspicious activity on the account.

I love the access that I have to…

I love the access that I have to allocate my funds between the stacks. The fact that I have the option to allow Lance to take care of my taxes makes it easier for me to conduct business and not have to worry about not staying up on my taxes. And finally the fact that I can send invoices and give my customers a link to pay their bill thru the app and from their personal devices makes them more comfortable and apt to not have to put their personal credit card information in my device.


May 10, 2022


Thanks. I think your doing great.

I’ve mesycustomer support and the…

I’ve mesycustomer support and the issues haven’t been changed


May 7, 2022

I just Filled my LLC and lost lance while not even working.

I have slowly been switching from W2 wage based income to now this year looks to be a full freelance employment tax year for myself as well as my spouse. I have been out of work about a month with an injury during witch time I made the choice to file my own LLC it is C&G Textiles LLC I went to go check out the updates I saw in an email as we all know the self employment payment processors market is crap stripe is everywhere PayPal is unreliable and these half one and the other have be charged a higher rate for a half ass put together platform yes I’m talking about Goldman Sac’s Persona! App so of course if I had that new lance Acc I can only really speculate but I’m positive u likely won’t have such high fees or take 4 days to process a debit card payment all and all I have had my lance account from the start of my self employment life change though one thing you failed me on is debit card support apparently u have two kind of support staff the ones who help with virtual debit cards then the other respectively with that said I got angry after finding my lost physical Lance debit card I just took a sharpie and wrote the virtual debit card number on the canceled physical card this of course makes it harder to use the account for purchases but your ability to get most ACHs out in less then 6hours I just tapped over my lance card so my sharpie virtual/physical lance card would remain almost as useful as a replacement debit card but overall I understood my plan for lance in the long was just to take the money we make pass it through to me and do ACH for my spouses pay and bam as we make more money I’m able to put a finger on overall income and with that the kind of tax liability we may have and if it’s a package I’ll do my invoices with lance stop persona and get my taxes paid and accept payments under one subscription. I need to find something that fits if it’s not lance that’s your choice just give me the respect of an email not when I successfully log in I see my account is closed. Meanwhile now it’s super late and I was trying to take a payment to see if I could have gotten rid of that Persona app.. I prefer my ownsite is new but check it out if the choice is final please tell me what’s suspicious and do u think the way lance operates example not canceling and sending new cards virtual or otherwise if that could have caused this “suspicion” For me lance has been the thing I know I would need when it mattered here’s that once appon of time.


May 6, 2022

Closed my account right away

Closed my account right away


May 3, 2022

Really bad service

Really bad service

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Lance Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Lance provides the following services: Asset Management, Card providers, Debit cards, Professional Services, Savings Account, Tax Advisory, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance.

At the moment, Lance rating on Finscanner is 3.2 and on Trustpilot is 3.7.