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About Kraken

Kraken is the longest-operating crypto exchange and index provider, having been founded in 2011 and continued operations to this day, without being hacked or having any major negative events. This track record has made a name for the exchange as one of the most secure places to trade cryptocurrency. All accounts are verified before they can start trading for maximum security. Kraken is is registered as a Money Services Business in the US and Canada. It is licensed by the FCA as Cryptocurrency Multilateral Trading Facility in the UK and also holds crypto licenses in Australia and Japan.


Wallet Fees


Trading Fees


Withdrawal Fees

1-20 EUR

Payment Card Processing Fee

3.75% + 0.25 EUR

Digital Wallet Payments Processing Fee

3.75% + 0.25 EUR

Conversion Fee


Internal Fee

1-20 EUR


  • USD

    (United States dollar)

  • AUD

    (Australian dollar)

  • GBP

    (British pound)

  • CAD

    (Canadian dollar)

  • JPY

    (Japanese yen)

  • CHF

    (Swiss franc)

  • BTC


  • ADA


  • ETH


  • LTC


  • USDT


  • XRP


  • SOL


  • USDC

    (USD Coin)

  • DOT


  • DOGE


  • LINK


  • ALGO


  • ATOM




  • DAI


  • XLM


  • ETC

    (Ethereum Classic)

  • XTZ


  • AAVE


  • DASH


  • EOS


  • KSM




  • ZEC


Additional Information

  • EUR SEPA Deposit, USD Bank Wire Deposit are available

  • Futures trading is available

  • Kraken is planning a phased launch of Kraken Bank across the US in 2021

  • Kraken offers 150,000 USD grants

  • Physical cash debit card deposits are only supported for Canadian Dollars (CAD) via our Canada Post partnership

Restricted countries

  • AFG


  • DZA


  • BGD


  • BLR


  • BOL


  • KHM


  • CAF

    (Central African Republic)

  • COD


  • CUB


  • ECU


  • GNQ

    (Equatorial Guinea)

  • ERI


  • GIN


  • GNB


  • HTI


  • IRN


  • IRQ


  • JPN


  • LBN


  • LBR


  • LBY


  • MLI


  • MDA

    (Moldova (Republic of))

  • NPL


  • PRK

    (North Korea (DPRK))

  • SLE

    (Sierra Leone)

  • SGP


  • SOM


  • SSD

    (South Sudan)

  • SDN


  • SYR

    (Syrian Arab Republic)

  • TUN


  • UKR


  • GBR

    (United Kingdom)

  • USA

    (United States of America)

  • VNM

    (Viet Nam)

  • YEM


  • ZWE


Trustpilot reviews


May 24, 2022

J'ai ouvert récemment un compte chez…

J'ai ouvert récemment un compte chez Kraken pour acheter de la cryptomonnaie. Une fois le compte vérifié, j'ai procédé à un dépôt standard de 200 € et un dépôt instantané de 100 € pour me permettre de vérifier que tout fonctionne. J'ai ensuite acheté de la cryptomonnaie pour un montant de 250 €. J'ai ensuite transféré cette cryptomonnaie sur une clé Ledger, afin de me familiariser avec ces procédures. Tout a parfaitement fonctionné. J'ai donc décidé de renouveler l'opération avec cette fois deux dépôts de 1000 € instantané et 2000 € standard. 7 jours plus tard, ces sommes n'étant pas créditées sur mon compte Kraken, j'ai pris contact avec le support. Celui-ci m'a demandé d'envoyer une photo avec carte d'identité et courrier manuscrit. Je l'ai donc fait et deux jours après j'apprends que mon compte va être clôturé et que je dispose de 72h00 pour retirer les 50 € de mon solde. Les virement de 2000 € et de 1000 € vienent d'être fait sur mon compte bancaire. Je déconseille fortement cette plate-forme, pourtant recommandé par un ami, mais qui ne m'apporte que des soucis. Ticket 8127644


May 21, 2022

Kraken please respond - URGENT

Last week there were delays for some transactions, outside of Kraken, involving my crypto funds, presumably, with hindsight, because of the Luna/UST meltdown & everything that ensued. At the time I was worried that the delays meant that I could be experiencing a scam of some sort. I reached out to online Kraken Support asking questions about what I should do if I concluded that I was a victim of a scam, and was asked if I would like to open a ticket so I could get further information about what to do if that happened. As it turns out, it was a false alarm, and I have no worries about my funds now. To be clear, my funds are not in Kraken & there was no scam. 24 hrs later I received an emailed ticket response from Kraken asking me lots of questions about the issue that had not materialised. The email provided no information at all on what to do in the event that you conclude that you are the victim of a scam, which was my understanding of the purpose of the support ticket. I responded saying false alarm, there is no problem & my worries were unfounded. I then receive an email saying my Kraken accounts have been suspended. Why I asked? It seems that Kraken need me to answer their questions - these questions being about a problem that did not manifest, and about funds that are not sitting in my Kraken account. This makes no sense at all. Kraken is now causing me a huge problem. I need to retrieve my funds, but I am prevented from depositing my crypto into Kraken, and I do not have another wallet or exchange that I can use. I can't open another account with another exchange as I have just sent my passport to the passport ofice to be renewed so have no ID for KYC. If I am unable to access my funds because Kraken have suspended my accounts, thus removing my only current means of getting my crypto back into pounds & back to my bank account, then I will not be able to complete on an imminent business mortgage in time, which will risk both my credit file & my business. This is now extremely urgent, and as there is no response to my emails, I am hoping this may get Kraken's attention, today. Tomorrow will be too late. Chat started on 19 May 2022, 10:27 AM (GMT+0) (10:27:54) *** Kraken User joined the chat *** (10:27:54) Kraken User Hello (10:28:00) *** Coby joined the chat *** Support Ticket 8127343


May 20, 2022

Kraken still won’t give me details as to why they closed my account.

Like others have said, I too got the frustrating and confusing email that my account was closed and 'For Security purposes cannot disclose the reason for this action'. I just opened the account a week ago, did all the verification steps and waited the mandatory 72 hours with my initial purchase of bitcoin. Right after I made a withdrawal, I was not able to purchase any crypto or USD. I submitted a trouble ticket (8133897) and got the generic 'we closed your account' email but they can't tell me why! Horrible customer service, I should have read the reviews first! What are they doing with the remaining balance in my account?!?! Kraken states they can’t give details of their actions on this site, which I understand, but 3 different people from Kraken emailed me and stated they can’t tell me why they closed my account “for obvious security reasons”. What is obvious? What are the security reasons? What if my account was closed on error? They refuse to give details and this is frustrating. Wish I could give them a rating of 0.


May 20, 2022

Absolutely unprofessional staff..First…

Absolutely unprofessional staff..First the way of verification is stupid!!If you're disable with one hand and you living alone how you can get photo with 2 hands with handwritten note and I'd?? Or if your phone cam is not with really good resolution!!! So first they take your deposit and then they ask you about verification!!!


May 19, 2022

Kraken just closed my account and said that they can't tell me why for "security reasons".

Kraken closed my account with no reason given after transferring funds from bank to USDT and using the system successfully for 2 weeks until today. I tried to deposit more into Kraken yesterday and Kraken rejected the deposit attempt from my bank to Kraken even though it had worked for the same account before 2 weeks ago, and I was verified through Intermediate. I emailed support and they replied back "Unfortunately, we must inform you that we will be closing your Kraken account. For security purposes, we cannot disclose the reason for this action." ?? Like others, I originally chose Kraken (May 2022) as a crypto investing platform because I had read it has good security, and good rates of exchange / fees. And Wow! Look at all the bad reviews of Kraken with the same problematic experience as mine. I should have taken the bad reviews more seriously before joining. And notice how responsive Kraken is to these bad reviews - if they spent more time servicing current customers they wouldn't be here following up on bad service issues. Don't use Kraken! P.D: I went through all their Express and Intermediate verification steps successfully. Even after being verified they cancelled my account for no reason... 🤦 Don't use Kraken!

Buenos dias,quiero exponer un…

Buenos dias,quiero exponer un comentario ayer me bloquearon mi kraken y no me ninguna esplicacion yo envie todo los documentos que me pidieron y me dicen me no puedo abrir otra cuenta Y ,me llega a mi correo lo que acabo de comentar no se si es realidad de soporte de kraken


May 18, 2022

Fantastic exchange 10/10

Fantastic exchange. Easily one of the best. Best UI, great staking options, Very secure, Proof of reserves, the absolute best customer support. With greater regulation incoming for crypto, exchanges like Kraken that always adhere and have good practices will be the ones that last. That's the platform I would choose to go with. Thank you!

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