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About KOHO

KOHO is a Canadian fintech company launched in 2017. As an online-only financial service, KOHO offers some very customer-centric financial products. Some of their product features include unlimited features, instant and bonus cashback, and round-up saving options, among many other exciting, customer-focused banking features.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 8, 2022

big time short staff

big time short staff, with coming out with more features but not enough staff to assist in anything major everything is Automatic, but to try to talk to them they are absolutely slow call your local bank on a weekend they answer call koho you cant its all done in the chat in the app or website everytime you sign in with a new device it asks for a damn two factor Auntentication code well cant do that if you dont have your phone with you so how do i access the app you just cant so this is my last credit building months and im gone service sucks really bad i even offered my help to staff them up, as i know 100's of people that needs jobs or two jobs as food is rising and utilities are rising and lots of people needs jobs, the Government is going to make everyone go to disibility or income support as there will be now jobs avail, but for turning everything Automated Robots will be joining us in the future as theyre will be no cops to save us its going to be Robots see how Government like to control us all people need to put there foot down at the Government so we all can keep humanity at work stop with all the damn automated stuff, OMG how are people going to survive if no one works


May 7, 2022

I had transactions on my card that…

I had transactions on my card that wasn't from me they didn't d0 nothing unless company expects me to send emails to the place that the fraud happened from reading some of the reviews it wouldn't surprise me if it is being done on the inside or there selling our information there not to be trusted stay away


Apr 30, 2022

I love koho at first I didn't but now I…

I love koho at first I didn't but now I do I have been with koho 2 or 3 years I rate them 5 star because they truly protect my money unlike PC Financial if u need help like if it's an emergency u must wait for them to message you back so don't get into an emergency I love the fact that I can live chat and I don't have to call I love that I am able to work on my credit score save money and send e-transfer and cancel and it's all free I love all the staff I have nothing but positive things to say however u need patients with koho because it's very slow but u never have to worrie about NFS fees so awesome thanks!!


Apr 24, 2022

STAY AWAY if you want to keep your money.

I have unauthorized transactions and Koho support won't answer me. I of course immediately locked my cards, but by then it was too late and almost $60 had been stolen from me with a whole bunch of micro-transactions around ~$12 each from WWW LOFT COM. I'm so happy I only had $60 in there because they tried to charge me another 23 times! Nobody else uses my card and I have no idea what is. I pay for Koho Premium, which claims to have "Priority Support", but obviously that's a lie because I've been waiting 2 days for them to deal with these unauthorized transactions and nobody has responded. I used to trust these guys but after reading these reviews and my most recent experience, I now know that this is a scam company. STAY AWAY.


Apr 21, 2022

Dishonest and Unethical Business

I have been using KOHO Premium Card for over 6 months. On Saturday, April 16th, 2022 I tried to log into my account and it says to Call Customer Service. When I contacted KOHO in the app, this was their response "Our team has ultimately made the decision to keep the account closed. Under the Fair use Policy in your KOHO Cardholder Agreement, we do reserve the right to close or suspend the account if we believe the account isn't being used as intended. For security reasons, we're unable to go into detail regarding the decision and we do apologize for the inconvenience". I have over $2500 dollars in there and cashback of more than $600 and they have NOT address those funds at all. I have tried to call their number many times and have left multiple messages with no return phone calls. I have gone through the APP and Customer Support just ignores me with NO response. NO warnings of what I did wrong, no resolution or mention of the funds sitting in my account or how they will give it back to me. I went through People's Trust who is the issuer of the PrePaid Visa KOHO Card and went up their chain of escalation and won't stop until I reach to Ombudsman. I now have KOHO reaching out to me to refund my money BUT KOHO said that of the $600 cashback that is sitting there, they can only refund me $350 because as they were going through my account, I was awarded cashback for ATM withdrawals and E-transfers. I told them that that is their back end issue and has nothing to do with me. I am assuming this is the reason why they cancelled my card because they caught their own mistake that would have otherwise cost them money. This unethical company never gave me a reason why they cancelled my card so I have to assume that they did this purposely once they found out the mistake on their end with the cashback. Reputable companies own up to their mistake and not create stress for their customers who are travelling abroad. STAY AWAY FROM KOHO AS THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. WISE DOES THE SAME AND IS WAY A BETTER COMPANY THAT IS PUBLICLY TRADED.


Apr 20, 2022

I’m taking legal action against them

I’m taking legal action against them. they suspended my account over two e-transfers that were supposedly flagged and provided me with ZERO proof of that. i called the sending institution who said KOHO needed to call. told them this and they refuse. the CRA direct deposited my child tax into my account and i notified them DAYS before. still telling me it’ll be DAYS before i receive an e-transfer. what kind of company takes days to return a clients money? called four times and sent four emails. no communication.


Apr 19, 2022

Avoid at all cost!!

I'm gonna take legal action against them, they locked me out out of nowhere with a balance inside & if I knew I would have withdrew it the day before. Locking me out for reason "Not used as intended." Um. I have tons of transactions & was using it without issue. Ever since I asked what they'll do with my balance. I was told it would be sent to me, 5-6 days go by and I contact them using every communication method like chat, email. Days after day they became unresponsive. I'm like I sent you two piece of ID, they'll get their punishment momentarily. I'm not the one to play wit when it comes to locking me out with my money.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of KOHO Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. KOHO provides the following services: Card Programs, Card providers, Cash withdrawal, Debit cards, Loans, Merchant Accounts, P2P, Payroll Cards, Prepaid cards, Savings Account, Wire Transfer Acceptance.

At the moment, KOHO rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 1.8.