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About Jassby

Jassby is a free mobile wallet for families, kids, and teens to manage chores and allowances. It features a virtual debit card that kids can use at the Jassby Shop in-app or in stores where Apple Pay is accepted.


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Trustpilot reviews

22% Profit? C'mon. says that the Jassby app makes 22% profit on kids merchandise. Look it up.


Jan 8, 2022

I don't recommend

Closed my account due to what they claimed was inconsistent activity. Then asked me to contact my bank, So my bank can contact them to get my money bank. What a hassle!!! I Don't recommend it to anyone.


Dec 20, 2021

Great customer services

Great customer services


Nov 13, 2021

Our family loved the ap

Our family loved the ap! Kids are really learning the value of a dollar and responsibly.


May 20, 2021

Yep good666 gddt

Yep good666 gddt


Dec 12, 2020

A great app to teach financial skills to kids

Jassby is an app for kids to learn how to independently spend money. Personally as a teenager, I know a lot of kids that never get trusted to spend money independently. Their parents say "You will be buying useless things, when you have the financial skills, come back and we just might try giving you the money freedom". But, teacher don't teach financial skills in school, or at least, not as much as they should be to develop skills. And, is there even another place to learn that? Books? "Those books are too grown-up kind of books for you sweetie". Internet? "Internet doesn't always tells the truth sweetie". It's the parents who have to spend time and teach kids about money. They have to remember when to give weekly allowance, they have to use their credit card to pay for purchases online because kids don't have one, and they have to try and understand how to teach kids to do better at saving and spending the cash. But for some reason, a lot of parents don't think that they are suppose to help kids with this kind of stuff, or they are too tired to do it. "Sweetie, I am soooo tired right now, it's a lot of things that have to be done to teach you about financial skills, I will for sure forget everything. In Jassby, the process of learning can be eased. Kids can get a digital (and I believe as an update to the app, they will soon be sending out a real) credit card, which I already did. All of the money is in the bank, and the credit card is just a way to comfortably use the money, so if the app is not going to exist anymore, you can get your money back. {arents don't have to use their credit card, already less work! I myself bought some things on Amazon. It was the most exciting thing ever. Also, parents can set weekly allowance for kids, that automatically gives money each week (whatever amount, and whatever day you will set up). Kids can also request money for doing chores (you can decline or accept). Of course, parents will still have to set everything up, and explain how to spend money wisely to the kids, but it will be easier, and more organized. Jassby helped me be responsible for my cash. My parents found the app first, and suggested it to me, but if you are a kid and need more money freedom, suggest it to your parents. Thank you Jassby for being an awesome app.


Dec 12, 2020

issue with apple product check

the Airpod pro i bought is not able to register with apple it says purchase date not available, but no issue with apple watch

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