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About GoDaddy Poynt

GoDaddy Poynt is a payment service technology provider that was founded with the mission of fixing a broken commerce ecosystem. GoDaddy Poynt offers an all-in-one omnicommerce payment solution processing. GoDaddy Poynt sets about creating the world’s first open commerce platform to connect merchants, resellers, and developers with the hardware, software, tools, and services to grow their business without limits. GoDaddy Poynt makes the lives of merchants a little simpler, whether it’s enabling them to enhance their customer’s experience in-store, helping them meet the challenges of running a business in a digital world, or giving them the tools to manage their businesses from anywhere.


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  • For Resellers: GoDaddy Poynt Processing, GoDaddy Poynt Capital, GoDaddy Poynt Platform

Trustpilot reviews

Request# 249088

Request# 249088 They're literally just stealing money from me. Avoid at all costs. Had to do a big refund and the double ACH'ed my account and keep trying to take money out. Literally instead of 5k it turned into 10k and they can't see an issue after presenting them screenshots that i'm up to date on my balance and they still try to take 3.5k from me.... insane..... Their risk department doesn't know how to do basic math from reports i've exported FOR THEM, FROM THEIR SITE.


Dec 8, 2021

I did biggest mistake of my life

I did biggest mistake of my life I signuped from godaddy payments they terminated my account with any reason and said will refund all funds to customers within 1 business day 1month has been passed no response. Everytime i contact poynt they said they dont have any information about it and asks me to contact GoDaddy payments , GoDaddy payments are blind deafs they never reply email neither any update on call.


Jun 1, 2021

Merci Zanib (customer service…

Merci Zanib (customer service installer). Rapide et efficace! Good job!


Dec 10, 2020

Thank you Jessica for your excellent…

Thank you Jessica for your excellent customer service. It was great to get all the information and the "how to" process everything. You saved me lots of time and made everything more efficient.

Great outlook

Great outlook, great customer service also. The only disadvantage is that it's a bit slow with certain cards, I've cancelled more than 3 times transactions because it takes too long waiting for some kind of authorization.


Jul 7, 2020


Andrene was fabulous, very quick, knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you for your time today!


May 29, 2020

I am super happy. Thank you

So far, Fantastic customer service, and I love the features. Jack was my go to on the pitch and he was more than amazing. I really felt I was being heard as a client. I was also taken care of by Andrene and someone else helping me set up my terminal. Ladies, Thank you. I felt very supported. All the best and hope everyone has a great season.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of GoDaddy Poynt Acquiring with reviews from real users and our experts. GoDaddy Poynt provides the following services: Acquiring, API integration, Card processing solutions, Marketplaces, Mass Payouts, Merchant Accounts, Payment card widget, Wire Transfer Acceptance, ApplePay, GooglePay.

At the moment, GoDaddy Poynt rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 3.