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About GoBank

GoBank is an online bank that offers cash and direct deposits, photo checks deposits, an ATM network, and more.


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Trustpilot reviews


Mar 27, 2022

if i could give a zero i would

if i could give a zero i would. activated my card but was never able to register the card. when you call the customer service people are not helpful at all its like they don't know how to do their job they always say its nothing they can do so why even have a customer service line when you cant help the customer. I've called 3 times and couldn't get any help all 3 times . don't waste your time its the worse


Mar 9, 2022

GoBank totally sucks

GoBank totally sucks, The Uber Debit Card was registered; but never has worked. Go to Customer service on line, or call, and they keep asking me the information "Card number" "Social and DOB" only be told "we can not find that information" like Uber's crap hole, reckless, Consumer careless, customer service. GoBank aka Green Dot Banking, is totally unreliable,




Feb 4, 2022

I also wish I could rate ZERO

I also wish I could rate ZERO! My card was connected to Uber. The card expired, I wasn't sent a new card and I had moved. I had a forward with the USPS to my new address. GoBank was not able to forward, apparently. I called them to update my address. They said they would do that and never did. They said they'd send a check for my remaining balance. They never did. I called them again and they said they would update the address and send a check. They never did. Either the customer service is incompetent, or the entire company is corrupt. For sure, they are liars. Never do business with this company. They will take your money!!! As time passes, you can't even speak to a person. The phone tree cuts you off. This is no way for a legitimate company to operate.


Jan 23, 2022

Yea same here I haven’t ubered in in…

Yea same here I haven’t ubered in in 2-3 years and I got cyber hacked. All the stimulus checks were put into the account apparently, that is what the IRS told me, so I called go bank they told me that account was hacked/compromised, the person that hacked and stole all my money changed my username, password, address, phone number, so go bank suggested me to file a dispute so I opened a dispute on 11/9/21, for 9k. then I call on a different date, send a letter to the PO Box in California, sent emails, with proof of who I am, they then tell me it’s still pending, and my new claim is amount is up to 13k. At this point I have the local authorities, detective, because go bank has sent my dispute paperwork with my personal information to a address in the IL, and go bank now tells me the dispute is now up to 22k.


Jan 19, 2022

I wish I could give a ZERO

I wish I could give a ZERO. My uber Go Bank card was closed. There was approximately $18 left. A check was mailed approximately November 17,2021. I no longer reside a the address so the the check was returned. As a former retired USPS employee. My new address would of appeared on the returned mail since it wasn't forwarded. Fast forward to January 10,2022. I started inquiring via phone about the issue. Problem #1 why do I have to go through CHAT. I DID THAT AND IT WAS HORRIBLE.I wasn't provided any case number or further instructions. Problem #2 why do I have to push another option to speak to a live agent. I finally got through and was able to correspond with someone that needed my new license and a utility bill. USPS gave you my new address. If you felt that you needed my confirmation. How come this whatever kinda of bank this is didn't reach out to me via new address(which was printed on returned check),email, or telephone. Problem #3 I did what they ask and even had a case number. I haven't got ANY CONFIRMATION about the items I send and they would be working on cutting a new check. NOTHING so I did a follow up.I had the rudest agent. still not letting me know if my new address verification even reached them. IT'S ABOUT THE PRINCIPLE NOW!!! I haven't ubered in over two years. I received the notice and figured the check was on it's way. Well if I didn't inquire.THEY WERE GOING TO KEEP MY MONEY. They will not try to resolve the issue unless you call. Yes it's only $18 but it is mine. This bank was provide my new address from the USPS and also by me 10 days ago but the agent states they are still working on it. Advice to any UBER DRIVERS if you stop using the platform.PLEASE WITHDRAW EVERY PENNY because this bank sent me through a war and back and still haven't issued me a check yet. No wonder you can't get a live agent. THEY WILL KEEP ANY UNCLAIMED MONEY.


Dec 29, 2021

I cannot reach a human being!!

I cannot reach a human being!!! And there is no email address for customer service either. Very frustrating! So I am tearing up this useless debit card. I activated it for Uber usage and the GoBank system does not recognize my card number or SSN.

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