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Global Migration Services (GMS)
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Global Migration Services (GMS)


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About Global Migration Services (GMS)

Global Migration Services (GMS) is a migration consultancy service from Dubai, UAE. GMS helps its clients whether they are local resident looking to make a fresh start in a new country, or foreigners wishing to explore the many business and investment opportunities that the UAE offers. GMS has been operating in the industry for 22 years with offices present worldwide. GMS has helped thousands of individuals and families move permanently to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. GMS also helps to earn citizenship by investment in some of the world’s prime migration locations including Canada, USA, UK, Europe, and the Caribbean.



  • AED

    (United Arab Emirates dirham)

Additional Information

  • SKILLED IMMIGRATION: Australia, Canada

  • CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT: Bulgaria, Cypru, Dominica, Grenada, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, St. Lucia, ST.Kitts & Nevis, UK, USA, Canada

  • VISIT VISA: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Schengen, Turkey, Brazil

Trustpilot reviews


May 11, 2022

If you give this Company Money then God…

If you give this Company Money then God save you the money will be gone for good You will get no Visa, no updates and no communication the Company is a complete con and should be closed down


Apr 11, 2022

This company is a fraud

This company is a fraud , you will waste your money and time I applied with unsuccessful status express entry in Canada. They took money and after that no update. I applied in 2018 till now nothing happens. Every month they chng their staff , plz stay away from this company


Mar 19, 2022

Hi everyone

Hi, fyi all viewers don’t waste any of our hard earned money in this Fraud company, just to take your money they ll call you 100 times but once you get involved you have to follow up,wasting time,money.. they ll keep on saying someone will call you but no one.. 10 friends of mine including me we applied and given 2100 per person ended up with nothing. Thnx to god that I came to know early.. it’s been 8 months nothing happened to all of us.. despite they keep on telling someone will call but no one..


Mar 16, 2022

Global migrate This is a con company they are…

This is a con company they are fraudsters it’s a big money making scam stay away they take your money and don’t do anything! They lure youngsters into contracts and than threaten legal action stay away from this cheating company!


Mar 9, 2022

this is a fake company I give my…

this is a fake company I give my brother case to this company and paid £2500 for malta work permit they did took the money And say you will have the Visa in three months I waited six months their is no visa now not giving me the refund and I trust them because i see so many positive reviews on trust pilot and they were all fake now i don’t have any option they not refunded me my money i am still waiting plese be aware its a big scam and fraud company don’t waste your money they names are fake on phone all fake


Mar 8, 2022

This company is a big scam,Ms Geeta…

This company is a big scam,Ms Geeta M.her name to whom I communicate in Email she's a big liar. 2 yrs ago I applied and I paid them later on theg don't do anything about good news in my application. People working hard to earn money and thus company is a big mistake they are liar people.You guys will curse what you did will happen to your whole family. I will fight for my rights to take back my money you guys wait I'm gonna file a case in this idiot company.


Mar 3, 2022

Members of global migrate company…

Members of global migrate company promised to help me to find a job in Canada within 8 months. Already two years have passed but job hasn't been found. And no one even offered an interview. I graduated from two universities but wanted to work in a store and live temporarily in Canada for about 2 years. For a new experience and also learn the traditions of an interesting country.At the beginning of the contract, they promised to help and asked to sign the contract and as soon as possible to pay. I paid for the service but no one even said about the interview. I turned to them with a request to refund my money because I did not get a job and viza.They answered me that they were looking for but could not find any job even in store and they deserve this money because they made my CV. But I sent my CV to them and they didn't change it much. And also who will pay big money for CV. Therefore, there is nothing honest. I tried to contact them on Facebook and wrote that this company is not able to help as promised. But they blocked me immediately. Although I was polite and only wrote that the company could not keep the promised words.Therefore, I do not see anything honest and I want just to return my money or get a visa. I love the country where I live now and I asked the company global migrate to help me with a work visa just for a year or two. But they are not able to do this. I always politely waited for an interview and talked with them with respect. But they are only blocking clients when received money.

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