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About ExMarkets

ExMarkets is a crypto exchange and crypto crowdfunding platform based in the British Virgin Islands that launched in 2018.


Trading Fees

0.12%/ 0.12%

Withdrawal Fees

0.000051 BTC


  • BTC


  • ADA


  • ETH


  • LTC


  • USDC

    (USD Coin)

  • DASH


Trustpilot reviews


Apr 13, 2022

The fee for USDT (ERC20) transaction is…

The fee for USDT (ERC20) transaction is way cheaper compared to other exchanges. But it has a minimum withdrawal of 100USDT. Trade is not functioning well, often got internal error.


Apr 9, 2022

Used extensively

Used extensively. Never any issues.


Apr 2, 2022

This exchange is scam

This exchange is scam . I have invested on Admonstar coin.. which they never list for trading and keep saying waits and it’s been 7months now..never use this exchange or u will end up losing your money


Mar 13, 2022

I got banned for arbitration

I got banned for arbitration. For the first time I see this in the crypto world, to be banned for this. Did not use any vulnerabilities. Just buy coins and withdraw. With this approach, they will not have customers. Zero liquidity. 99% of the turnover is driven by bots.


Jan 1, 2022

bad exchange

bad exchange, I am accused of suspicious trading. and they don't release my funds. I got more than I invested by trading adax / usdt for 4 months. and they accuse me of suspicious trade. don't use this exchange


Dec 29, 2021

I've been using them for about six…

I've been using them for about six months, when I first started to really invest more into crypto. I have had no problems with them. At the beginning, I've read bad reviews about them not responding, so when I had an issue, I sent a message via their chat/email. They replied back with an answer in a reasonable time period considering new listings traffic. All I hear is a lot of complaints, but I have not seen any 'real' evidence to some claims. People say keep saying DYOR, but when you ask questions they just keep saying DYOR. Part of research is asking questions, but those people complaining never cite sources. Maybe they found some underground blog with all that info. I put in a small amount that the beginning, and it almost 10x from people pumping, but I kept with it and did not sell becasue I believe in the project. It has come down since, but stablelized, and I'm still at leas 4x what I had invested. I've transfered and traded on the site, and I have not seen anything that seemed suspicious or malicious. The take a small fee when you transfer out, and that's very small. I've staked with them from the begining, and they have paid out every 7 day's. I've transferd more than half of what I have with them, and I paid the small fee, and it when to it's destination within the said time period. I have had no problems with transfers, they say it can take up to two hours, but I had transfers take about 5 minutes maybe a little more, maybe a little less. The largest transfer took some times, and thats the one that took a lot longer, but within the time frame they stated. Some people keep bad mouthing and calling things a scam, but never give their citations. They claim several other projects are a scam just because they're affiliated, and more recently I seen a claim that, oh, their logos look the almost the same. Wow! Did it occur that maybe they liked the Cardano logo, so much that they wanted something like it, it's clean, has symmetry and looks professional. Maybe they had the same graphic designer. They keep bad mouthing ADAX.Pro just because they are listed on Exmarkets, claiming they're the same people, or that they are anonymous. There are lots of other projects that are anonymous, yet don't garner all the badgering that ADAX has been getting from the past several months. They say they haven't produced anything, yet they had been held back by other issues not to their own making. To me they are professionals, and won't put something out before they should because they don't want a flop, unlike other protocols that flop and then they complain, and then everyone else complains because it's a flop. They had their security audit started in October, and they had completed v1 of it in Nov/Dec. Now they are doing a testnet with select people, but they will have it for the public in Jan22. That's called professionalism. As a graphic designer, I wouldn't show a client the proof, until I'm done with the proof no matter how much they may want to see it. Wait for the proof, wait till I'm done.. So, with all these complaints I'd like to see more evidence, like cite your sources, maybe you have access to information that others don't and when someone is 'DYOR,' part of that research includes, Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How, these are all questions. So when people ask, please answer them in a professional manner, and don't shut them down by saying DYOR. What do you think they are doing when they ask? If you don't want to explain yourself or you have some anonymous source, at least direct them to the block or news agency where you get your information from because all I hear is a lot of hot air. Saying 'they are involved in some scandal,' isn't good enough, you have to give your citations, otherwise it just hot air, gossip being passed around from one twitter account to another.


Dec 26, 2021

Avoid Ex Markets

Avoid Ex Markets, I have been using trading on that “stock market” for several months now. I traded on a daily basis with SOLD, AVAX and earned a much larger amount of investment. When I placed an order to withdraw funds to an external wallet, my account was stopped with a reason to use BOTS (honestly, I don't know how I can use bots towards a stock exchange user)! It’s been months now and they say every week they’ve “handed over” the case to audits. I have a feeling that ExMarkets is run by children and not responsible business people. I waited, I wrote to them on a daily basis, nothing has changed by ExMarkets. At this point, I contacted the Ministry of Finance in Lithuania. Either they release the funds to my default address or ExMarkets becomes a failed stock exchange. Mostly get off that stock market so you don’t experience the same as me.

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