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About Evo Payments

EVO Payments is one of the leading payment technology and services provider. EVO Payments offers an array of innovative, reliable, and secure payment solutions to merchants ranging from small and mid-size enterprises to multinational companies and organizations across the globe. EVO Payments has business activities in 50 markets and 150+ currencies around the world. EVO makes secure payment processing a seamless part of doing business worldwide. EVO simplifies international transacting by reducing friction, keep down costs, and mitigate risk for their many merchants and partners who rely on EVO for seamless cross-border payments.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 11, 2022

Deceptive Company

My company has processed hundreds of thousands of dollars through EVO and I have never had an issue. Yesterday, without any warning, I received a collection letter from Brown & Joseph on behalf of Evo for $693.75. I certainly felt this was some sort of error I needed to get cleared up because not only did I have NO knowledge of this debt but to find out my pristine credit would be affected was very upsetting. I reached out to EVO rep Kelly today and explained I have been closed down since last year as I could no longer operate as COVID restrictions made it nearly impossible to resume my business. I told her I have many emails to support this and that my business has been non operational for some time now. She first said this is an early termination fee (they have a 3 year minimum) as your account was opened in 2019. I told her no, that is incorrect. I have been with EVO since 2017. She continued to argue with me until I said I have a welcome letter dated 1/10/17 to prove this. After a long extended hold she then comes back with the news I have 3 accounts and one dating 1/18/19 was subject to early termination. I told her I have only ONE ACCOUNT I would have no need for three accounts having one business. She then came back with well it is because you terminated early with these other accounts which she could not articulate what these accounts were and that my contract had auto renewal. I explained clearly that I have lots of emails to support that I advised EVO CSR that I was closing my business and NEVER at any time was I advised via email, phone or regular mail of any early termination fee nor an amount. She was rude, not helpful at all, would NOT escalate the call to her supervisor and said that this call does not constitute a supervisor's involvement. I told her that I had correspondence with Anotnio Richardson (who is no longer there) and she said she didn't have access to his emails with me. Am waiting on resolution from BBB and or EVO


May 6, 2022


Stay far way from EVO payments! They charge outrageous fees even though your salesperson will certainly lie to you and tell you rates that won't actually ever be true. My salesperson told me my cancellation fee would be and I quote "300 dollars, but that is the industry standard". After a year with them I had another company look over my statement and he couldn't believe what I was paying (we did over a million dollars in credit card transactions our first year without a single chargeback). So I asked for a rate review...I couldn't get a single person to actually call me back and finally I got an email saying they would save me $20 per month...LOL. I wasn't even able to talk to the representative to tell her my concerns with the rates and get an explaination for them. I called to cancel....and that 300 dollar cancellation fee is actually 495! I am to blame as well as we went into business quickly and I needed a processer and my bank actually recommended EVO, so that made me too trustful since my bank wouldn't steer me wrong...HA! I should have read my contract with a fine tooth comb because the salesperson lied over and over and over. He took advantage of my ignorance and I was way too trusting. I have learned a lot in the year since I have been in business and one is never to trust your sales person and read everything.


Mar 2, 2022

This company is a joke

This company is a joke, out sources sales once signed customer service is a -5. Took over three weeks to get my machine, lies not returning emails or phone calls when they finally got to shipping me my machine told me would senD it express and five days later finally showed up.


Feb 4, 2022


STAY AWAY FROM EVO Payments. Scammers on hidden fees , High trans fees, no returned calls or emails . Worse processing company !!!EVER!!!! List Is to long to put in this Box read other peoples reviews cant believe there is people like this in business EVO Payments ! This is the only time this company as reached out to me once I gave them a bad business review! Stay away from EVO they do not care about you or your business!! Look at there reviews I wish I would’ve. They didn’t and haven’t returned calls or emails !! Terrible business practices the way they handle customers period . Just look at the other top notch reviews they have received!!


Jan 25, 2022


DO YOU WANT TO GET ROBBED?????? This company HURT my business!!!!! I NEVER wrote a bad review ever in my life. Epos Now introduced me to EVO payment, the scamming company. They will tell you they have the best rates, BUT THEY WON'T DISCLOSE all the HIDDEN FEES. Complete SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you Find out about the hidden fees and want to cancel, they will tell you it's $495 to cancel even though their salesperson will tell you there is no canceling fee over the phone. Be aware this company has $495 in a very tiny line in their contract. They also word it tricky to make sure they take advantage of business owners. I can write a book about horrible this company is, but there are a lot of other horrible reviews. Did I mention that when I told them to cancel instead of taking $495 from my bank account, they took $1300? WHY??? When I shipped their equipment back, they said they got it late, so they have to add a $700 late fee charge. It's funny because I paid $40 for them to get it shipped overnight. I also had a receipt that indicated that. Then the people dared to tell me that they couldn't refund me the $700 for UNKNOWN reasons. I called my bank to file for a dispute, and soon as my bank started the process, the EVO payment "manager" called me, apologizing, saying they would refund me $700 but would keep the $495.EVO Payment is a joke!!!!!!!!!!! If you are reading my review, don't let these scammers get you, and beware of Epos Now because if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be going through all this hassle. I wish I can leave 0 stars because honesty this company doesn't even deserve the one star I'm leaving them.


Jan 12, 2022

Very bad service.

Very bad service. Not happy. So many hidden charges. Did not tell anything about it when selling it. Never buy from them again ever.


Dec 24, 2021


DO NOT USE THIS EVIL PAYMENTS. I want to give zero star and change your name from Evo to be Evil, because it's so terrible company. All the tip l added is not show up on you after l closed the Batch. Your Fuc.king Dejavoo Z8 took payment from customer one time only when they paid same card 2 times. But the receipt came out for them to signed 2 times. The report on POS system is right every time, but report on your Evil's Batch is always wrong! because it does not add the tip. And some of customer payments are disappear often. I keep call you everyday morning. All what you said the manager took my case will call back! because you can't do anything after the Batch is already closed. No one call me back. Next day l called over again and again with sending email to your people with all the receipt that showed how much l made with POS's report. Nothing works! No any call or email reply from them at all. Because they know what is wrong on these reports l sent to them, but they don't want to fix it. Customer walled in and ordered the food over hundred dollars. It was missing with tip. They told me to call the customer and ask to charge them again after they signed on the receipt at night. I don't have their number and l lost that money and tips for a month more than two hundred dollars.

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