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About eToro

eToro is a general trading platform. It comes from the United Kingdom and launched as early as 2007. One of the best brokers in the world for trading cryptocurrency and social trading is eToro. The platform enabled cryptocurrency purchases/sales in January 2017. The trading platform is also available in 16 different languages. eToro has a wide variety of trading options available to its users.The brand's crypto exchange, eToroX, is regulated by the Gibraltar FSC and registered in the US with FinCEN as a Money Service Business.


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Additional Information

  • Supports +120 cryptocurrencies

  • Change crypto to crypto

  • Social copy trading

  • 20+ million traders globally

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  • UGA


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  • VUT


  • VEN


  • YEM


  • ZMB


  • ZWE


Trustpilot reviews


May 25, 2022

Blocked from posting on Etoro feed after the honest review

After posting my honest review here at TrustPilot about Etoro's poor communication and complete lack of updates on essential investor's questions, as well as manipulations with opening/closing markets for trading on their platform I have been repeatedly blocked from posting on Etoro feed. Can't really see any sense in doing so, but not surprised anymore... As previously mentioned in my past reviews about Etoro please be cautious about this platform. There are a lot of shady actions they are performing at the background while trying to keep their reputation look clean from aside. Main recent and current issues go to Russian companies stocks and crypto coin $Luna. 1) $Magnit shares sold to investors while Etoro never bought/had underlying assets to do so (later initial investment returned by Etoro as an excuse; not accepted as any kind of fair compensation by most of investors and further ignored by Etoro) 2) no updates/support from Etoro to the existing owners of Russian companies shares. Despite the fact many other brokers are performing steps towards exchanging/transfering their investors' shares to MOEX. All we get is typical answer for months and no real info from Etoro about the actions performed. This fact does lead to the question if they actually bought shares they have sold to investors! (check point 1) 3) $Luna crypto market trading was locked by Etoro for a week after they have sold coin for the minimal price available at that point. As a consequence of this investors lost loads of money while were blocked from selling $Luna with big profit (as coin gained a lot of value in the next 24 hours). Trading resumed after a week by Etoro when $Luna was trading at much lower levels so investors mostly found themselves at 99% loss for every opened position. Etoro keeps making pointless statements about liquidity not being available, but the fact is that Terra blockhain was only halted for a few hours and resumed trading successfully after. So Etoro again caused a loss to their investors by their incompetence and poor attitude to the customers. Refund of initial investment requested, but denied by Etoro. As a matter of fact their T&C do allow them to open/close markets at any time without prior notification; the same goes to closing and evaluating your investment positions at their own consent. All this and more Etoro abuse is covered by their understanding of "volatile market conditions". Which does not make sense especially in current situation when every market is extremely volatile; and Crypto market is just extremely volatile since it does exist and every investor does know and accept it. Pure abuse by Etoro so be informed. You not gonna be supported by the platform as soon as they have got your money. As well as they should not trade assets they can't really support instead of manipulating internal market and making senseless statements after while denying to compensate their customers fairly as a minimum.


May 25, 2022

Extremely shameful support about Russian shares

Extremely shameful support. Doesn't even know what to do and they're telling me " Oh sorry we don't know so you have to wait ". Seriously? Once my issue is resolved I'll go to another broker. Scammers !!!!


May 25, 2022

They should of already exchanged our…

They should of already exchanged our russian shares on MOEX the same as every other platform yet They have ignored thousands of customers for weeks! No communication at all. Just sending copy and paste messages. Really dissapointed in their services


May 25, 2022

Melina un gran asesora personal

Melina un gran asesora personal, gran visión de mercado y sobre todo informar sobre posibilidades de mi cartera y opiniones sobre mis preferecia persona de 10


May 25, 2022

I am glad to have Vinh Vo Dinh as the…

I am glad to have Vinh Vo Dinh as the account manager. He assists me whenever in need. He gives good advice to help me to avoid the loss and always tries his best to support along. Thanks, Vinh for being on the ride with me.


May 25, 2022

professionalità e competenza

sempre disponibile, professionale e competente .grazie Giovanni Spizzichino Account Manager


May 24, 2022

contact précis et utile

contact précis et utile

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