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About Empower

Empower is a mobile app that has a comprehensive set of personal finance features and is perfect for people who want only one app to manage their finances. Users get access to a mobile app that monitors their spending and helps them stay on budget each week or month. There are some useful features of Empower app: the AutoSave feature, which automatically sets money aside for users each week only when they can afford to do so. The budgeting feature, which made it easy to set targets and know when users get close to reaching them. Empower Cash Advance which gets users access to up to 250 USD when they need it. There’s no interest, no late fees, and no risk to their credit.


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Trustpilot reviews


Mar 1, 2022

I have had an account with Empower bank…

I have had an account with Empower bank for several months now, and I should have read all the reviews on Betting Business Bureau and Negative reviews at that . I would have never banked with them . So this is my issue I had my income tax refund deposited into this account with absolutely no problems at all , well I had my Covid disaster loan from the SBA deposited into the account, well 2 days later they put a freeze on my account, I called them I spoke to a very rude customer service agent was hung up on twice, and was told that there Supervisors weren’t taking calls at the time and there was no Corporate phone number for me to call either, for me to just wait for an email from them . I have absolutely no access to my money at all, the only money that I have. So I send several emails and finally receive one stating to verify my identity and asked what the money was for from the SBA and why I had it deposited into my account. I obliged with everything quickly. I emailed them after I finished verifying my identity and they told me they would have an update for me by the end of the day, well that day goes by no updates , at this point it’s now Friday morning I emailed and called and chatted with a live agent only to be told to continue to wait and I’d get an update by the end of the day. Well I emailed again no update for me so now I’m being told that I have to wait until Monday morning for an update, I called an emailed again Monday morning , once again mo updates for me , I was told to continue to wait. Well here we are at Tuesday now, still no updates for me , my account is still frozen so therefore I have absolutely no access to any of my money at all and no updates on my account. I don’t understand how they can put a freeze on my account and lock me out of the only money that I have to my name, because I also had money in my account before I received the money from the SBA, and I have no access to that either , and the money from the SBA is from the same IRS Treas that sent my income tax refund just a week before that . I have taught for over a year to get approved from the SBA , and was finally approved and now I can’t even access it, we get those funds from the SBA for economical disaster meaning you need it. I do not recommend this bank at all , just absolutely horrible!


May 30, 2021

Horrible bank

Horrible bank. Not to be trusted with anyone's money. They froze my account pending proper documentation. Even after providing it continued to keep my account frozen and wouldn't speak with me about anything on the phone, only thru email and it was never the same person. Nobody had any real explanation for anything and they continue to have my money in a froze account even though I closed it.


Oct 31, 2019 is an online banking service… is an online banking service that advertises a high rate of return on your balance with little to no fees. All of which sounds amazing, but they’re not only incapable of doing this they’re dishonest and don’t even follow their own terms of service. This isn’t a company that should be in any kind of business, let alone be trusted with someone’s finances, large or small. Nearly four months after requesting an ATM fee credit, a refund of $126 and an ongoing Federal Reserve investigation, I’m still left without a written reconciliation of my account. Instead I’ve been left with 4 months of bank statements that are still wildly incorrect and customer service just telling me “You gotta do what you gotta do”. Do not use Empower. They lack the resources, both electronic and human, to be in charge of anyone’s money. My correspondence with them in its entirety can be found at which is unedited and shows a complete picture of how they run their business, treat their customers and violate their very own terms of service.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Empower Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Empower provides the following services: Asset Management, Card Programs, Card providers, Cash withdrawal, Debit cards, Debit cards (virtual), P2P, Safeguarding/Custiodian Accounts, Savings Account, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance.

At the moment, Empower rating on Finscanner is 3.6 and on Trustpilot is 2.8.