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Emirates Islamic
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Emirates Islamic

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About Emirates Islamic

Emirates Islamic is a bank from Dubai, UAE, that was established to deliver banking services in line with the highest standards of Shari'a principles. Emirates Islamic offers a broad range of products designed for individuals and small businesses as well as large corporations. By utilizing Islamic financing tools like Murabaha, Ijarah and Takaful, Emirates Islamic reduces the uncertainty in transactions and provide solutions that are right for their customers, whether they are an individual looking to save or a large corporation searching for a long term partner.


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26.25 AED

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94.5 -105 AED

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Trustpilot reviews


May 11, 2022

The customer care service is very…

The customer care service is very poor.The complaints are not sorted out quickly and putting the customers in trouble.


Apr 26, 2022

A big NO

I would not recommend dealing with this bank. They are giving excuses instead of doing their job. I applied and got approved for the credit card. Everything was supposed to happen in 10 working days. It has been now 2+ months of "IT issues" and i have not yet received my card. You cannot reach them on the phone as they all give out the automated reply phone number where you cannot talk to an agent or anyone. Awful awful awful experience!


Apr 25, 2022

Bad Service

Bad Service. Always slow


Feb 13, 2022

My debit card has been blocked and was…

My debit card has been blocked and was asked to update the EID. Uploaded it online but nothings happened. Called them again and was asked to send thru email. I did, but nothing happened. Follow up emails have been done but no reply. Shi** customer service! No customer care at all! It’s been almost two months. Also, have checked the branch timings online but was closed when I visit, to close my account. I will close my account and will not recommend at all to anyone to anyone. This is not my only concerns. There are many!!


Feb 3, 2022

Worst customer service and online…

Worst customer service and online banking experience. online account gets locked every now and then due to app error and it takes days and hours of phone calls to unlock it.


Jan 12, 2022

The worst experience ever

The worst experience ever. Superbad customer service, always technical problems in the call center, and mistakes in the application. I was using ADIB before and my experience there was a million times better than EI.


Dec 8, 2021

Emirates islamic Bank Branch in Barsha…

Emirates islamic Bank Branch in Barsha mall worst customer service ever I experience. People working there always looking first their personal needs like 3 pm out they don’t want to assist the customer at 2.40 pm . Better close the branch in this mall. I went for my EMIRATES ISLAMIC CREDIT CARD service first day who assist me cannot complete the work because his on hurry to go the agent advise me to come after 1 hour with passport . After 1 hour I went again a Indian or Pakistani agent assist me with updating my KYC details . Then I request for CC limit increase then he told me needs salary certificate address to my bank dubai Islamic bank . After a week I went with my Salary certificate at 3 pm. only 1 Agent at the customer service I waited almost 3 hours then the bank assistant manager Srilankan talk to me and apologize for delay . Then I met with the agent and I told him what the purpose. After checking all he told that needs bank statement for 3 months . The previous week other Agent did not mentioned any of this only salary certificate only . I ask the agent why not telling the proper documents needs at one time so I should bring all the previous week ur agent did not ask this . Then after 3 days I went with bank statement , check , passport and the time I went 2.40 pm .There was a Indian agent ask the purpose of visit I told everything then he told that his just form vacation he don’t have access to do the system, to wait till the next guy coming . Bank agent don’t have access nothing to with customer. Then he told computing my Liabilities that I have 47% DBR not possible to make credit increase . But can apply and try if the Credit department approved ok . I ask him why no one told this before the first time I came here. Asking 1 by 1 and I spend money for the fuel and Bank statement just for nothing. I just wasted time coming and waiting 4 Th time in this Barsha branch and I leave from there . This how Barsha mall branch assist customers . Never experienced anything like in any Dubai Banks . Very much disappointed . The management should take any action those staff not assisting the customer well . It should not happen to anyone .

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Emirates Islamic Banks with reviews from real users and our experts. Emirates Islamic provides the following services: Card providers, Cash deposit, Cash withdrawal, Debit cards, Mass Payouts, Multi-currency Account, Payroll Cards, Prepaid cards, Savings Account.

At the moment, Emirates Islamic rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 1.4.