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About Ecwid

Ecwid is an e-commerce technology service provider from the USA. Ecwid offers an e-commerce widget. It’s named this because it’s meant for existing websites (such as a WordPress blog). Using HTML, users add Ecwid’s code to their site and have a fully functional e-commerce store to showcase their products, all without having to create a new site. Ecwid allows multichannel selling and POS, product variations, staff accounts, and abandoned cart emails. Ecwid also offers its own branded iOS or Android shopping app for additional fees.


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  • FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Business Solutions, Ecommerce Website, WordPress Ecommerce, Joomla Ecommerce, Squarespace Ecommerce, Weebly Ecommerce, Wix Ecommerce, Etsy Ecommerce, Add Online Store

  • PRODUCT: Features, Pricing, Watch Demo, Buy Now Button, Ecommerce Hosting, Point-of-Sale, Digital Products, Subscriptions, Compare Ecwid

Trustpilot reviews


Apr 11, 2022

Finger weg, weil der Support eine Katastrophe ist

Vor ca. 1,5 Jahren sind wir über eine Empfehlung an ECWID geraten und haben seitdem viel Geld in Schnittstellen und Anpassungen des Systems investiert und waren anfänglich auch sehr zufrieden. Allerdings gab es immer wieder Probleme mit dem Checkout , der MwSt., der Liefer- und Rechnungsadresse. Ich weiß nicht wie viele Tickets wir eröffnet haben. Mal wurde uns erklärt, dass alles einwandfrei funktionieren würde und wir zu blöd seien. Obwohl wir Videos und alles geschickt haben. Jedes Mal sollten wir wieder irgendetwas schicken. Inzwischen haben wir verstanden, dass dies einer reine Hinhaltetaktik geschuldet war. Wir warten seit sage und schreibe 2 Monaten auf eine Lösung des Problems. Inzwischen hat man uns den dritten Monat nicht berechnet und gefühlt eine Million Mal entschuldigt, aber was hilft das, wenn der Shop nicht funktioniert????? Schweren Herzens habe ich mich inzwischen dazu entschlossen ein anderes System zu nehmen. Meine gesamten Investitionen sind damit futsch und ich kann wieder von vorn beginnen. Mein Verdacht, warum die Tickets nicht bearbeitet werden können, liegt darin begründet, dass die Programmierer entweder aus der Ukraine oder Russland stammen.


Jan 24, 2022

Ecwid is the best e-commerce solution for my needs

Ecwid is an amazing product for me, and I don't understand why it received so much bad reviews. For me most of the e-commerce solution are between "OK and awful". Not really user-friendly, not really powerful when you try to dig it. My experience with Ecwid is currently really good. I work on Wordpress, using Ecwid plugin. The Ecwid back-end interface is really user-friendly for the person who has to use it to manage products and orders. And the front-end interface is solid too for the customer of the e-commerce. Ecwid provide most of the tools I need to manage a small to mid-range e-commerce. There are some little weaknesses with the "discount management system" (nothing unsolvable, but not as smooth as the rest of the product). The best part is that you can test Ecwid for free and test most of the features on the Instant Site (a free website generated by Ecwid) or on your own website (typically a Wordpress website). And I've spent a lot of time with the Help Support (usually via a chat, sometimes via email), and honestly, their support team is AMAZING, they are really competent. None of my question remained unanswered. I've found some bugs, and they worked to solve them in days, maybe weeks in the worst case. No e-commerce if perfect. Most of them are awful. And Ecwid is definitely the best choice for me in 2021-2022. Best regards! Jean-Baptiste


Jan 10, 2022

Complete disaster

Complete disaster site would not load properly ended cancelling and going with a different provider

We are using ECWID for last 4 years and…

We are using ECWID for last 4 years and i must say this is the best Ecommerce store in the market. It has very powerful features and very friendly user interface. The mobile app works very efficiently and the most important part is the customer service , they are super fast to respond to any queries by email. I highly recommend ECWID to any start- up or even established business!


Dec 9, 2021

Beware UK sellers using Ecwid

Beware UK sellers using Ecwid. This eCommerce platform charges VAT on Royal Mail for deliveries from the UK and to anywhere else using Royal Mail. This is completely incorrect - Royal Mail is a flat fee. You can't even recover the funds to return to the customer. This is poor for UK sellers, which makes think - are Ecwid committing HMRC VAT or tax fraud in the UK?


Nov 17, 2021

Don't do it!! Address was a parking lot!

Any positive review is probably fake..I ordered something from a seller using their platform..never received anything..only to turn out (from my credit card company) that the address was a parking lot..So buyer beware of a platform that doesn't do any basic checks.


Nov 14, 2021

Für gewerbliche Händler aus Deutschland…

Für gewerbliche Händler aus Deutschland nicht zu empfehlen. Zumal der Kundenservice ausschließlich auf Deutsch stattfindet. Außerdem sind die Theme-, Layout- & Designmöglichkeiten so eingeschränkt, dass jeder Ecwid Shop aussieht wie von 1997, als das Internet publik wurde. Also ganz klar nicht zu empfehlen. Not recommendable.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Ecwid Acquiring with reviews from real users and our experts. Ecwid provides the following services: Acquiring, API integration, Card processing solutions, Card Programs, Marketplaces, Mass Payouts, Merchant Accounts, Merchant aggregator, Payment card widget, Wire Transfer Acceptance, 3d secure payment gateway, US allowed, ACH, ApplePay, GooglePay, Paypal Integration.

At the moment, Ecwid rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 4.1.