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Dzing Finance Ltd
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Dzing Finance Ltd

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About Dzing Finance Ltd

Dzing Finance Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on providing payment cards and IBAN accounts. Dzing Finance Ltd offers UK current accounts with sort codes, current accounts with IBAN, debit cards, virtual cards, virtual disposable cards to individuals. In 2019 Dzing Finance Ltd had total assets of 673,267.00 GBP, Dzing Finance Ltd generated net income of -1,470,326.00 GBP. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Dzing Finance Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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Trustpilot reviews


Apr 29, 2022

Dzing is a SCAM!!

Dzing is a SCAM!!! Do not waist your time for it. I registered my account. But I cannot even verify my identity because there is no Slovakia in the list of the countries from which Dzing accept ID-documetns for verification. Imagine, Slovakia is a member of EU but it is not in the list! Although Moldova, Uzbekistan, Mexico and many other countries outside EU are in the list. I spend a lot of time to explain this to Anastasia but it seems that she even does not know how their mobile app looks like. Otherwise she could understand me. Further, I decided to upgrade to Elite Plan. I paid 12.99 EUR for upgrade but this plan does not work. Virtual disposable card is not available for me. So I require that Dzing make a refund 30 EUR back my my VISA card used for the deposit. If I do not my money back, I will send the complaint to FCA. I think that FCA should consider this scam closely.


Apr 26, 2022

Fraud! Stay clear

Had to get the fraud team at my bank to deal with these scammers! Had 7 transactions taken out of my account and I've never even heard of them let alone use them! on top of that they had set up a direct debit on my account without my consent! Fortunately I'm savvy and noticed wonder how many victims haven't


Apr 17, 2022

The card didn't work

I wanted to make a payment and the card didn't work although from my part everything was OK. I will ask for the delition of my account. Update: Thank you for your reply! Update(2): They repaired everything. Now there is hope that the app. will work flawlessly from now on and that they will have a lot of people who sign up. They were at the beginning, but now they have experience.


Feb 22, 2022

Dodgy Dzing

I would like to know why I have been sent two cards! How did they get my detials give them a wide birth


Feb 22, 2022

I have no idea why I have just received…

I have no idea why I have just received a Dzing card in the post and my husband has received 3 cards. I shall not be using this company ever as they seem very dodgy.


Jan 18, 2022

Non instigated Debit Card?!?! For What Account?

I received a non instigated mail containing a 'welcome' document and a Debit Card in my name. I am not at all happy about this unauthorised action and will be contacting them to erase my details - and the associated Account from their files entirely. If they don't comply, I will be reporting them to the FCA.


Jan 18, 2022

This is a scary bank

This is a scary bank, if I can call it bank. To many payments didn't received it. It's calling a multi-currency account buy in fact they have just 4-5 currencies. Scam to much scam. Answers are very late on the app aswell. More than 48h no money shows on my account despite the fact that was a UK Bacs Transfer

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Dzing Finance Ltd Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Dzing Finance Ltd provides the following services: Card providers, Debit cards, Debit cards (virtual), Dedicated IBAN, SEPA Transactions, SWIFT Transactions, Wire Transfer Acceptance.

At the moment, Dzing Finance Ltd rating on Finscanner is 3.4 and on Trustpilot is 2.5.