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About DMarket

DMarket is an NFT and in-game item platform that enables crafting, buying, selling and trading of digital assets. It helps developers, influencers, brands and streamers to attract and retain more followers and make more money, while gamers and esports fans can earn by getting drops, crafting NFTs and exchanging items across titles and platforms.


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  • Gaming Items, Trading Cards, Art, Virtual Worlds, Utility, Domains

  • ETH Blockchain

Trustpilot reviews

Cool site

Cool site cc fsddfs ds


May 25, 2022

Prev i love CSGOLOUNGE

Prev i love CSGOLOUNGE, but when its gone, i find very good platform to trade and sell my items. So i will recomend u this site if u wanna fast trade or sale ur items <3


May 25, 2022

what can i say just using Dmarket…

what can i say just using Dmarket for sell and trade skins .


May 24, 2022

Pretty good

Pretty good But only for giveaway


May 24, 2022

Nice skin exchnange

Been with Dmarket for some months and i have to say it's the best skin exchange for CS:GO and Rust skins, easy deposits and withdraws, every trader or who wants to buy/sell skins in the market should try dmarket, ;)


May 24, 2022

This site is too bad

This site is too bad, too political and with a terrible owner.If you don't want to find yourself in a situation like I found myself in, then please don't use this site.He's terrible at everything.Starting from the site itself, its lags, ending with the fact that MY skins that I contributed to the Dmarket bot were successfully sold on the site, then I bought a skin, and what do you think?Now he has disappeared from the bot.It just doesn't exist.That is, they wrote: "all skins and balances are safe."What the hell is security?You pathetic hypocrites.3% of good reviews after February 24th from real users, the rest is screwed up.Bad reviews are deleted.And no one will ever help me get an answer to the question why my skin disappeared from the Dmarket bot.Considering all this, the hypocrisy of the creator, based on the fact that one of his sites works with Russians, and the second does not, and the second brazenly steals money from ordinary people, distorting reviews, is unsafe for your capital, it is easier to choose an unpoliticized site that will not block your account because of your nationality.No other platform in my memory has blocked accounts with thousands of dollars without warning.I also note that Dmarket, by mistake, or the owner of the site has little stolen money from Russians, simply blocks the accounts of Europeans who are not connected with the Russian Federation.Therefore, if you need a reliable intermediary for trading skins, then Dmarket is the worst that can be.I was convinced of this myself, having lost $2000 accumulated by pure labor.But apparently I attacked Ukraine. P.S Dmarket, respond to this message in a reasoned manner, and I should not say once again that my country attacked your country, I know this and am categorically against it violence, but I have never voted for the president, why are you blocking MY funds that I earned, and not the owner of the site who stole everything from me

buen sitio de compra y venta

buen sitio de compra y venta, y con las mejores ofertas

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of DMarket NFT with reviews from real users and our experts. DMarket provides the following services: Crypto-friendly Account, Crypto Payouts, Exchanges, Marketplaces, NFT Valuation, Wallets, Crypto exchange, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

At the moment, DMarket rating on Finscanner is 3.6 and on Trustpilot is 4.2.