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Currenxie (UK) Ltd
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Currenxie (UK) Ltd

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About Currenxie (UK) Ltd

Currenxie (UK) Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on providing global business accounts. Currenxie (UK) Ltd offers business accounts with IBAN, business payment cards, foreign exchange to small-and-medium-sized businesses, large corporates, marketplaces, sole traders, freelancers. In 2019 Currenxie (UK) Ltd had total assets of 501,241.00 GBP. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Currenxie (UK) Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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0.6 EUR

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2.75 EUR

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0.6 EUR

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2.75 EUR

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    (British pound)

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Additional Information

  • small-and-medium-sized businesses, large corporates, marketplaces, sole traders, freelancers

Trustpilot reviews


Apr 26, 2022

The review process is great and fast

The review process is great and fast, with no complication after providing all the documents, transferring seems fast but time will tell and just used it for one day.


Apr 25, 2022

Not for US corporations

I must say that level of Currenxie's security is top-notch, considering the process of verification (plus star for this), and that's the main problem (description below). Website's help center does not show (or at least I could not find it, if I'll be addressed to it I'll change this review to a positive one with my apologies) what countries of incorporation are not supported and only states that ''We welcome most types of businesses'' and only shows the restricted countries for sending and receiving payments. Considering lack of this information it was my understanding that at least uploaded documents will be accepted for verification. After submitting all information for personal verification, we have a menu that lets you choose the country of incorporation. And what you know? After choosing United States we just getting a message that we can not onboard entities that are registered in the US. At least put in the help center information about jurisdictions which you do not accept for submitting or change the steps of verification: first checking company's info and personal info after, so people at least won't waste time for unnecessary checking.


Apr 9, 2022

Asking for a lot of information

Asking for a lot of information, the compliance process is going forever. After that, they will decline your application without providing a reason. Waste of time. Update: That's not true. I've provided address proof (bank statement from the personal bank that indicates my address in UAE), however, I wasn't approved and I asked why - got no response. I spent over an hour with you and you don't have a minute to give a proper answer why the application was not approved. You are also trying to delete the review from Trustpilot: a lot of negative reviews have already been deleted, I hope Trustpilot won't delete mine. Update: I applied to you with UK LLP and provided a personal bank statement as well. However, it has been declined without asking for any further information after 5 days of "checking".


Apr 1, 2022

Best company i've used for this kind of…

Best company i've used for this kind of service! I am amazed. Going to use this service forever! Cheap, simple and amazing!


Mar 31, 2022

Since when did you start charging percentage fee please?

We have been using Currenxie for a while, and is satisfied with the service. However they started charging percentage fee when receiving money without any written notice. Since when did you start charging percentage fee please?


Feb 23, 2022

Receiving payment so slow recently

Receiving payment so slow recently


Feb 9, 2022

Using this service for about a year and…

Using this service for about a year and so far happy with it. Does what it says. Can recommend it.

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