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Currency Com Bel is authorised and regulated by the High Technology Park in Belarus. Currency Com Gib is applying for a license under the DLT regulations in Gibraltar. trading platform connects the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance – through thousands of tokenised exchange-traded assets. The following crypto exchange platform has never been hacked.


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  • BTC


  • BNB

    (Binance Coin)

  • ADA


  • ETH


  • LTC


  • USDT


  • XRP


Supported networks

Ethereum (ERC-20)Ethereum (ERC-20)Tron (TRC-20)Tron (TRC-20)

Restricted countries

  • ALB


  • BRB


  • BMU


  • BWA


  • BFA

    (Burkina Faso)

  • KHM


  • CYM

    (Cayman Islands)

  • ATF

    (French Southern Territories)

  • HTI


  • IRN


  • JAM


  • MLT


  • MRT


  • MUS


  • MAR


  • MMR


  • NIC


  • PAK


  • PAN


  • PHL


  • SEN


  • SSD

    (South Sudan)

  • SYR

    (Syrian Arab Republic)

  • UGA


  • USA

    (United States of America)

  • YEM


  • ZWE


Trustpilot reviews


May 25, 2022

Very good with updates

Very good with updates

Surprised by the service provided by…

Surprised by the service provided by Currency, i got a few private lessons with an experienced trader Vitaly absolutely free of charge! And a demo account where i could try my new knowledge. Big thanks to Currency team. Wish you only the best!

Great App

Great App, but sometimes stuck and some data missing.


May 23, 2022

Excellent platform

Excellent platform


May 23, 2022

Perfect platform.

Perfect platform.


May 23, 2022

Все хорошо

Нормальная биржа.


May 22, 2022


THIS REVIEW (Judging by the estimates, they paid well for the reviews) I recommend thinking 100 times to get more than $ 1000 there To withdraw money you need: 1. You will need to take a picture with a card and a piece of paper in your hands and certain numbers 2. You will be asked for income contracts, or something that will confirm the income 3. You will be asked to send bank statements 4. You will be asked to send how you replenish their exchange, let the whole. In total, it may take 5-10 days. The maximum withdrawal is up to $ 2000. But the adventures do not end there, the support itself will look for any option to catch on and get to the bottom of some little thing, although you have confirmed everything a long time ago, they will ask you to send some information, in the likeness of how I confirmed my income through freelancing with the help of contracts and bank statements and it seems now I have to get the money, but they noticed another statement from the crypto exchange and wanted me to confirm it as well, or I can refuse, respectively, if I confirmed my income through freelancing, why should I confirm crypto income, I refuse and they tell me that you cannot withdraw money IN ANY convenient way for you, only by card in the CURRENCY in which the money was transferred. The next day I sent all the same freelance contracts and I was able to withdraw money.... There were also a lot of situations where support laughed at the fact that I was calling them and telling them about the income and that I had provided everything to them and wanted to withdraw money. Or when they say you can withdraw money to the card, but then they reject the request, saying that you have not confirmed the income and this is almost after 1-2 withdrawal requests, although they initially said that withdrawal to the card is available and they do not withhold funds. They blocked my card so that I could not replenish their platform and withdraw money to it, saying that it was a financial organization. Also, at the moment they have changed my payments, I want to replenish the BYN currency, but the bank accepts them in PLN, respectively, I lose a lot of money on conversion, no one reimburses this money, although I used to transfer money to BYN and everything was fine

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