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About Crypterium

Crypterium is a fast-growing digital fintech solution that helps customers in 170+ countries manage their assets with ultimate ease. Store, buy, exchange and cash out the most popular cryptocurrencies in one single app, trusted by more than 450 000 customers worldwide. In addition, Crypterium helps businesses monetize their audience by providing world-class crypto, banking, and VISA card issuance services with its proven SDK program.


Trading Fees

from 8.00%

ATM Withdrawal Fees

3.00 EUR + 1.6%

FX mark up


POS transaction successful


Maintenance fee

2.99 EUR

ATM Daily limit

500.00 EUR

ATM Monthly limit

2 500.00 EUR

Other Daily limit

2 500.00 EUR

Other Monthly limit

5 000.00 EUR


  • BTC


  • ETH


  • LTC


Additional Information

  • 170+ countries served and more coming

  • Get a wallet in 30 secs with access to 19+ coins

  • Withdraw cash from ATMs in 200+ countries

  • Shop online & offline in over 42 mln retailers

Trustpilot reviews


May 25, 2022

Total Epic Fail!!!!

Total Epic Fail!!!! 29.04 after 6/6 confirmations my Ltc deposit (600 usd) was missed!! During next week I just heared that responsible department is working, please wait and ect. Can you imagine how I was surprised, when at 06.05 another one Ltc trans. (200 usd) missed as well!!! And after that total hell started! Without withdrawal my funds - they close my account, ignoring, playing games during 10 days, after they open my acc again, adding my 2 missing Ltc deposits according in new rate on that moment!! As result - instead of 800, I got only 500, because ltc was down on these days!!!!! And its not overed! My balance is still falling, but these idi0ts reopened my acc and froze all transactions! Another 7 days passed - no any fckn piece of explanation!!!!!!!


May 23, 2022

Absolute joke of a company

Absolute joke of a company. Froze our funds out of the blue, asked for documents, we provided, they asked for more, we provided, now they won't respond or release our money....Complete scam and BS company

The worst experience ever

Un servicio al cliente de chat inexistente, te atienden pero son muy lentos, se cambia de usuario que te atiende y debes explicar todo de nuevo, nunca solucionan nada. copia y pega y nada. 600 correos en dos meses y no me dejan retirar mi dinero. te pediran miles de escusas para hacerte perder el tiempo, comprobantes de los ultimos 3 meses y muchas preguntas de donde viene tu dinero, despues de eso pues mas escusas, es una verdadera perdida de tiempo. tengo el k y c listo. dicen que con solo tu correo puedes retirar hasta 150 euros al mes pero es mentira y con la verificacion puedes retirar 10 mil euros. otra mentira. dicen que los costes de comision son gratis otra mentira cada ves que cambias de una moneda estable te cobran el equivalente a 50 dolares. 600 emails in two months and they dont let me withdraw, 1500 euros He trabajando con binance cronos coinbase ftx kucoin y nunguno te pone problemas para retirar. que p[erdida de tiempo y dinero request 283216 request 290379 request 287038 request 285251 request 291358 and i can continue all day with more request.

Worst ever. Nightmare

James Areas wrote this to you. Is the YouTuber that was talking about this project and that I believe. You can see that I’m not the only who have problems. tsarenkoalina19@-gmail-com Hi Alina, Felipe also seems to have a problem withdrawing funds from crypterium. He already contacted the customer service several times but he's not getting any response. That doesn't speak too well for the application. Can you please help him? Best, James After more than week I wrote again to them and without answer. Felipe roberto Ramirez delgado: Hola buenos días. Necesito retirar mi dinero y me aparece que la opción no está disponible para mi. Me dijeron que contactara con soporte y llevan más de 4 semanas sin contestar. A quien puedo acudir. Ya tengo la verificación hecha y llevo dos meses con este problema solo copian y pegan y no me responden 4AEDF6CA-E05D-4109-975F- Size: 145692 (12:12:59 PM) Wilfrid Crypterium Support: Felipe roberto Ramirez delgado, I understand your issue. My teammates will be able to help you with this - I am escalating this ticket to the appropriate department. Please expect an email update from my colleagues soon. For future reference, here's your ticket ID: 291358 (12:12:59 PM) Wilfrid Crypterium Support: Felipe roberto Ramirez delgado, entiendo tu problema. Mis compañeros de equipo podrán ayudarlo con esto; estoy escalando este ticket al departamento correspondiente. Espere una actualización por correo electrónico de mis colegas pronto. Para referencia futura, aquí está su ID de boleto: 291358 (traducido) (12:13:31 PM) Felipe roberto Ramirez delgado: Always your team answer me the same thing like this 2 months . And I’m waiting and waiting (12:13:36 PM) Felipe roberto Ramirez delgado: Please (12:13:57 PM) Wilfrid Crypterium Support: As I can see the issue is being resolved by our experts. We're waiting for an update from them just like you. Once we get any update from them, we'll let you immediately know. Please also note that we (1st line) do not solve such issues. Sorry for the inconvenience and delay! -This is the answer - And after they answered the same things Dear Felipe, Your request has been accepted for consideration. We are looking into your situation. You will receive a response in request 283216 Worst ever


May 17, 2022

Response to : They're crooks - they lost thousands of my ICO coins and others due to an unauthorized transfer by them

Response to below - there is no way to respond to them after review written - see below My response will be below to Reply from Crypterium Updated 13 hours ago How could we have sent your tokens to Coinbase back 2018 if we just got listed at coinbase pro last month? Also all participants in our ICO provided a ethereum address so we could sent their tokens to the respective wallets. Please Stop with the FUD because what you just wrote is not truth at all ok. Response from me: Obviously you dont understand the magnitude of the problem. As you stated we purchased Cyrpterium ICO tokens using our ethereum addresses in my case "COINBASE" which Crpterium had no problem taking our funds. So at the time we were informed the ICO completed its investment opportunity window and was transferring our tokens to our wallets - we never were given an option to refuse the transfer because at the time our wallet was not ERC 20 compliant as it is today. Yet, despite not approving the transfer and Cypterium knowing that, they still transferred the tokens. I informed Crypterium of what happened and they stated they could not do anything nor could they produce evidence that I approved the transfer. They told me I needed to address it with "COINBASE" at that time; which I did. "COINBASE" said there is nothing they could do because it was not them who initiated the transfer back into my account because the token was not ERC 20 compliant. Now they are and can be moved into "COINBASE", I have my password keys for the original token purchases and still cant claim them on "COINBASE" because they are lost in a cyberspace block chain! Even with their new platform, there are hundreds of complaints so far addressing investors problems cashing out. Question - what does Crypterium do that they can offer a 21% gain on their tokens if the investor uses their platform? Total scam - it did look like a great idea and thats why I invested in the ICO. Over 35 thousand of my ICO tokens are simply not claimable at this time - all because they did not secure our transfers. As stated - thousands of investors lost their tokens just like myself. You want us to stop? Then refund our investments! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I purchased my coins during the ICO and Crypterium transferred all my coins to my Coin Base (CB) wallet knowing that CB is not ERC-20 compliant. I knew it wanst and didnt give them permission to do the transfer because I was looking for a hard wallet which I did purchase. They transferred it anyway and they lost all my coins! Because they are not regulated by the USA, nothing can be done - even reported them to the FTC and FBI who said they were under investigation! I was livid as are 1000's of others who had the same done to them during the transfer of their coins to close out the ICO. Crypterium's excuse was that they transferred the coins to where we purchased them originally. Hence, they had no problem getting our money and they lost all our coins to cyberspace by transferring it to non-compliant wallers - seemed liked a planned event- that is why there are so many coins still circulating because they were never used/burned.....


May 16, 2022

Its a scam site

Its a scam site, dont use it. I had problems in the past also, they solved it. I deposited ltc to my wallet, 2 times, 2weeks ago. Both transaction was succesful , but they dont credited to me. I sent a few emails, my request number is (288362). They always say they fix it and wait etc. But nothing will happening, they just STEAL the money.Dont use this scam site. Update: 1hour after my respomse here in trustpilot, i got the money back


May 16, 2022

Terrible Customer Service

Terrible customer support service! I used my debit card to purchase crypto and the payment from the bank side was successful but I haven't received a single crypto in my account. Contacting support since a week now and no one cares. Zero effort from the support + technical team for customers. Still hoping I get my money back but looks like I will not.

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