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About CrowdProperty

CrowdProperty is a specialist property project lending platform used to facilitate short-term loans. It is a profitable fintech lending innovator that matches demand that property professionals undertaking property projects and supply that is retail investors of capital for value-creating property projects that enable clients to get a better dealfor the borrowers, lenders, the under-supplied housing environment, and increased spend in the economy.


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Trustpilot reviews


Feb 7, 2022

Good experience with autoinvest so far

I invested with CrowdProperty around 3 months ago and so far my experience has been very positive. I have an autoinvest account and my money is gradually being spread across many investments without any problems. It takes a while to get fully invested, but I was told about this at the start and the process is moving along as expected. The staff I have spoken to are very friendly and efficient and I am very happy with the process so far.


Feb 7, 2022

Time to invest funds: more than 6 months.

After reading the warning "It may take longer to get funds deployed" on the CrowdProperty site, I rang them to find out what this actually means. I asked whether this meant days, weeks or months before my money was invested using Autoinvest. CrowdProperty said that they could not answer this! I appreciate that they can't be precise, but they must have some idea. When pressed, they said it would probably take 6 months or more. They should come clean about this on their website.


Dec 9, 2021

I have been investing now with Crowd…

I have been investing now with Crowd Property for almost a year and have only good things to say about this company. There are projects available every week for you to decide whether or not you want to invest.- The auto-invest feature is great and is a way to be sure to spread your investments over multiple projects. Add to this the opportunity to pledge extra amounts yourself and you should be able to build a decent portfolio fairly quickly. The projects do get fully funded quickly ( often in seconds ) so you have to be at your computer bang on 10 am on the day the project goes live - It takes a bit of practice and be prepared to miss out on some if you are not quick enough - but it only adds to the 10 am excitement! On the few occasions that I have called the office, my query has always been answered politely, punctually and professionally - all this with returns of 7%-8% and, to date a 100% payback rate - what is not to like? Thanks guys.


Nov 16, 2021

Market change or victim of own success?

Things have deteriorated at CrowdProperty I feel; whilst this used to be a great offering they are now really struggling to invest the money they hold. Manual investing is disabled on new loans coming on-stream, and the much-hyped autoinvest has not been able to re-invest the money that is coming out of loans that are paid back. Over a quarter of my overall account sits there uninvested now for many months already, and not earning any money. If it wasn't that difficult to switch away I would be gone somewhere my money earns interest long ago.


Sep 22, 2021

If Carlsberg did property P2P .....

they would probably only be the second best in the world. CrowdProperty are probably the best property P2P platform in the UK. Excellent. Quality. Highly recommended. Currently, the only real issues are due to CPs growing success and increasing popularity with investors, i.e. loan supply vs high investor demand, and high speed of loans becoming funded. So, I would advise any new investors to be really very super-duper fast on their keyboards with self-select. Or, use Auto-Invest by first making an initial minimum £500+ deposit. Make sure your funds are actually deposited into or moved to the relevant Auto-Invest, i.e. Standard or IF-ISA. Then go to your Auto-Invest settings and adjust and set as desired. See how things go for you and drip-feed your funds in gradually. My own personal IF-ISA Auto-Invest experience over the last 6 months has been 10+ loans per month at mostly £50 per loan. Drip-feeding to top up my available funds. Approx. £500 invested each month, which suits me fine for now. I'm expecting to be able to continue my plan of investing at my current levels into my IF-ISA for the next 6 months of this financial year. As loans start to mature and my funds begin to be auto-reinvested into new loans, I don't expect to experience any cash drag issues. The number of loans will increase as CrowdProperty continue to grow from strength to strength.


Sep 15, 2021

Keep doing what you're doing!

I would just like to give my 2c here regarding the situation with auto-invest. Yes, it's true that on a majority of projects I am only getting £50 invested on auto-invest - but I would far rather it be this way around, with a well-diversified portfolio, and well-vetted projects, netting 100% repayment, than be allowed to invest £500 or £5000 per project and wind up with losses. Keep doing what you're doing CrowdProperty - don't let the success of your platform push you to lower your standards.


Jun 26, 2021

A year investing so far.... So good

I've been investing in crowdproperty for almost a year now. I use the autoinvest feature as it makes life easy. I just send the money to my isa autoinvest account and they invest £50 into each project. I top up only a few hundred every month which is fine for the auto invest but if you would like to start off with say 10k then this would be an issue. I haven't tried yet to invest into individual project myself as I have read its difficult to get into them as the projects get filled within a minute most times. This is a good sign as people believe in crowd property vision. So far so good. Don't let me down crowdproperty I have faith in you. Thanks

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