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Credit Sesame
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Credit Sesame

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About Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is a financial company launched in the USA that offers loans, credit cards, saving accounts, and insurance. Credit Sesame also provides its own branded checking account, Sesame Cash, which is designed to help customers in building credit using only a debit card.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 15, 2022


I signed up for a trial ....I canceled it and 2 days later they billed me anyway. they have ignored phone calls and emails ....sorry company with sorrier customer service AVOID AT ALL COST


Apr 17, 2022

You deserve a good credit!!!

I’m a testimony of Karl’s work. My husband and I started working with Fixbit Credit, the 1st week of March 2021 and closed on our house June 18, 2021. In April my husband’s credit score jumped 127 points. Our credit score went from low 500s to almost 800 in  3 months. From the time we did our loan application and closing was less than 2 weeks (VA benefits) Karl removed everything negative off of our credit report. Fixbit Credit is definitely the Credit Plug!!! Contact him via INFO at FIXBITCREDIT do COM  or (440) 252-6818


Mar 28, 2022

Signed up and immediately got locked…

Signed up and immediately got locked out of my account. Didn’t even get a chance to review the site. The verification codes were not sent to me in a timely manner and my attempts to access the acct were exhausted. Customer support will not get back to me and inlock my acct until 30 days. This is bull and smells of a scam. They have my info and I can’t see what is happening in my acct


Jan 29, 2022

They are complete scammers I keep…

They are complete scammers I keep getting spam from them Someone has registered an account with them in my name using one of my email addresses they wont delete my account or acknowledge my request to STOP illegal and they should be fined


Dec 23, 2021

You have to contact support to cancel a…

You have to contact support to cancel a subscription, its hard to find and not automatic while they sit with your card info. Companies that do that arent above board and can't be trusted with your personal information.


Dec 5, 2021

I got such a great service from…

I got such a great service from CreditMason after i tried two different companies that didn't help but i never lost hope. I found CreditMason on Trustpilot, ever since my score has increased tremendously and my credit report is clear of negatives. Finally i can consider moving into a new home next year.


Dec 2, 2021

This company is bs and here’s the…

This company is bs and here’s the reasons: 1. What they analyze is not accurate especially with the pre approve 8 of 10 times it’s wrong according to their data. Moreover there sesame cash is just a prepaid card they lock after you deposit my money.

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At the moment, Credit Sesame rating on Finscanner is 4 and on Trustpilot is 2.9.