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About Cosmote Payments

COSMOTE PAYMENTS - ELECTRONIC MONEY SERVICES S.A. is an electronic money institution focused on providing a PSD2 payment environment. Incorporated in Greece, COSMOTE PAYMENTS - ELECTRONIC MONEY SERVICES S.A. is authorized and regulated by the Bank of Greece.


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  • providing PSD2 payment environment

Trustpilot reviews


Apr 28, 2022


The wifi is just terrible, don't buy this


Apr 27, 2022

The worst company ever

The worst company ever. 3 Times Upgraded and Downgraded from 24Mbps to 50Mbps because they told me it was possible. Their own technical staff in my region were laughing at me because I trusted the company! I needed to speak with 10 Agents in order for me to apply for a Speed Booster. They did it after I ask a whole week for that. I received it 2 weeks after the supposed delivery date and after I had complained 100 times about it. Latency problems is the most frequent issue, falling apart of the whole system not rare either. I was even unable to use their App because the verification number was being sent for six months automatically to the Speed Booster! Customer service totally unqualified to fix anything. Only saying sorry and other general phrases without a real meaning or information! Supervisors just don't exist at all!


Apr 20, 2022

Terrible company

Terrible company. Using scam tactics. I bought a USB stick to have internet connection on my laptop. Unfortunately, as a dozens of cases in the past, they prove themselves that they are inadequate. 5 months later I realized that USB was working only with 3G protocol and they updated the network and disable 3G protocol. I would say that a tactic like this is dishonour for them but for Cosmote tends to be pathetic. Disappointing, should be avoided.


Apr 18, 2022

Μου πήραν τα λεφτά 2 φορές για…

Μου πήραν τα λεφτά 2 φορές για λογαριασμό τηλέφωνου μέσω app από λάθος τους και τώρα μου λένε ότι θα πάρει 2-3 εβδομάδες να μου επιστρέψουν τα λεφτά. Χρησιμοποιούν τα χρήματα ταμειακά χωρίς να μπορείς να κάνεις κάτι. Ληστεία κανονικά. Ούτε η τράπεζες δεν το κάνουν αυτό. 2 εβδομάδες τόκους ξέρεις τι λεφτά είναι για αυτούς σε επίπεδο εκατομμυρίων.


Apr 8, 2022

Terrible company

Terrible company. Started our procedure to get away from satellite internet to 4g in October 2021. Now April 2022 and still no sim. No return calls, I have two contracts with them for 5 years. Suddenly they want a residence permit. I run a rental villa business. What’s changed. Useless


Mar 31, 2022

I agree with a lot of the other…

I agree with a lot of the other reviewers about not being able to get responses from the phone line and about promises not being kept!.........BUT I would like to say how brilliant Chris in the Nafplio office was. THANK YOU. He helped us two 'oldies' who are not 'techo savvy' to sort out our internet/ Wi Fi/ and phones. He gave us excellent advice and nothing seemed to be too much trouble.


Mar 23, 2022

Worst company I have ever dealt with

Worst company I have ever dealt with. They are the biggest liars, promise and never deliver. First call, tech will be here in 4 days, second call a week later, tech will be there in 4 days, another week has passed and still working. Unprofessional and dishonest are the two words that come to mind. They have got such bad review and obviously don’t give a damn.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Cosmote Payments Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Cosmote Payments provides the following services: SEPA Transactions, SWIFT Transactions.

At the moment, Cosmote Payments rating on Finscanner is 3.4 and on Trustpilot is 1.2.